Emma Watson has accepted a place at Cambridge University studying English at Trinity College, reports Daily Telegraph. A friend revealed: ‘Emma likes the idea of moving away from home, but is reluctant to move to America.’

Emma, who lives in Oxford with her mother, achieved four A grades in her A-levels at Headington School, in Oxford. And she’s currently on a gap year.

According to the article: ‘The prospect of moving to Cambridge will help take Emma’s mind off her romantic life. She fell for Tom Felton, 21, who plays Draco Malfoy. However, he is said to be really passionate about fishing and the friendship floundered.’

  • http://www.youtube.com/bellatrixcrucioyou Harry Potter PONES Twilight!!!

    I love Emma!!!! She is awsome and really pretty!!!! I cant wait for H-BP!!! Oh and Tom felton has a girlfriend so….ya.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Watson is a GORGEOUS woman :)

    Anyways, what does his fishing have to do with their friendship? Super weird…

  • Anonymous

    They totally photoshopped the hair off her arms in that picture….wtf

  • naty

    She’s so right in not wanting to come to America!
    Emma is too classy, lovely and well educated to be a part of the Hollywood “it girls”!

  • Alaina

    OMG YES! 1st COMMENT!! lol cool :DD

  • Alaina

    YAYAYAY 1st comment!2!! cool :D

  • Susie


  • Anonymous

    he is said to be really passionate about fishing and the friendship floundered

    lol wtf does that even mean
    and extra lol @ “floundered”… get it?


    5th!!! SWEETTTTTTT thats cool hope she can make it tho in a school as tough as cambridge…yikes!

  • Olivia

    Why is she so pretty?

  • Anonymous


  • ali.

    she fell for him ? :|

  • Kyla

    Tom Felton?

    Bull Shit!
    OceanUP needs to read up on their Harry Potter celebrity gossip obviously!

  • bridgett

    tom felton?! what?! hahahaa

  • Anonymous

    oceanup you are so messed up,
    come on emma and tom felton yeah right,
    just like the article of emma roberts teaching selena gomez to surf you messed up, was jake t. austin the one in the interview not emma roberts gosh that’s why i like more just jared

  • uh huh

    oceanup post this
    its hilarious

  • Anonymous

    She’s gorgeous, classy, and smart
    That’s a REAL role model

  • blahh

    Woah, Tom Felton? Obviously oceanup, doesn’t know
    anything about Emma LOL. That’s really off…

  • Anonymous

    at the tom felton thing

  • Anonymous

    Why would she have to move to america is cambrige university is in england??

  • Jane

    she fell for draco? gasp!

  • Samrah.

    I love Emma too!She’s sooo pretty!where’s Cambridge?

  • http://omg.com omg

    shes sooooo clever!
    caimbridge is the best uni in the UK
    shes going to meet my cousin cos my cousin is going to study there!!!

  • ariane?

    gosh TOM FELTON? what did he do to you emma? sheesh.


    I LIVE IN CAMBRIDGE!!! rumours have been flying she is coming so lets hope!!!

  • Natasha

    I love Emma!

  • Karla

    I love them Both, If only there ahd been a way Draco came to the good side, and he and Hermione felt in love , that would make my christmas forever

  • Joyce

    if shes going to Cambridge for sure, why would she take the SATs this saturday.
    that would be a waste of 4-5 hours.

    i dont believe this until she confirms it.

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