Ali Lohan PRETTIER THAN Lindsay?

Ali Lohan was spotted out shopping with sister Lindsay and Mommy Dina at the Kirna Zabete store in downtown Manhattan on Friday evening. Photo: INF.

  • Diana

    Um yea right. Ali looks like she’s 25 years older then Lindsay, and she’s definitely no where as pretty as Lindsay.

  • LH

    GO DINA! haha

  • blah


  • http://sfA akl

    first? idiots

  • Anonymous

    lol where is the none of the above option

  • Anonymous

    ali looks so much older then what 14?15?16?

  • emily

    No “NONE” option?!

  • Anonymous

    all three of them are ugly sorry

  • Anonymous

    i agree,
    i want the
    ‘none of the aboove’ option :P

  • Anonymous

    there both hot.

    logan noh should date them both at the same time

  • Anonymous

    enough with the logan noh obsession, he’s a nobody and he’s not even cute

  • Team-me

    out just them 3?? um linds 4 sure!

  • Anonymous

    whats with all this annoying logan noh talk??
    face it…no one knows him!

  • Anonymous

    out of them 3??? ugh! um. then linds 4 suure! and thats even a stretch

  • Jamie



  • Anonymous

    obviouslly everyone know’s who logan noh is, because you idiots keep on
    talking about him lol

    and i love Lindsay Lohan. when is her movie labor pains coming out?

  • Team-me

    and i see Ali has her magic bra on again! hahaha (no hate) whatever works for her . . .i guess

  • Anonymous

    they are all ugly and pathetic…

  • Livy

    yaay you guys finally posted about her! idk why i just love the lohans lol. and haters need to peace out.

  • shannon

    ali is pretty, but lindsay has natural beauty.
    she doesn’t have to try.
    she is gorgeous with no makeup on.

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  • samantha

    i really hate how ali wears blue contacts…fake…she has BROWN eyes..she wants to make herself look prettier….shes actully kinda wierd looking

  • hater


  • Anonymous

    Lindsay was cuter as a kid.

  • Anonymous

    OMG LINDSAAAYY looks just like michael jackson

  • Miley Cyrus

    Ali is DEFO better looking than Lindsay

  • Anonymous

    Ali looks like the little boy from willy wonka and the chocolate factory(the newer one i think), the mean one always playing video games! She’s ugly!!

  • Anonymous

    lindsay is prettier,
    but i like them both :D

  • kat

    i hate how ali wears contacts. she looks much better
    with her natural brown eyes

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay was pretty before she start taking dorgs.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay was pretty before she stars taking drugs