David Henrie ‘Why Guys Kiss And Tell’

David Henrie dished to TWIST why guys can’t resist talking about who they kiss! ‘Guys want to impress their friends and look cool in front of them.’ Has David ever spilled personal kissing details? ‘No, I don’t do it! I don’t share
my love stories because they are personal to me.’

Why does his relationship with Lucy Hale work so well? ‘Being honest and truthful is most important, those things will keep anyone together.. I love her!’

David also told Popstar! about his very special Valentine’s Day last year: ‘Last Valentine’s Day I told my girlfriend that we were going to a nice restaurant so she came over and dressed up all nice. That day I spent the whole day wallpapering my balcony, I put rose petals on the floor, got a table..

..and spread a cloth on the table and put rose petals on the table with candles. I made a whole three-course meal. I put my brother in a suit and tie and he was our waiter. She came over to my place and I said:

‘Hey can you come up my balcony real quick because it’s hot in here.’ She opened it up and saw everything that I had set up. My brother was out there
with a camera and he filmed the whole surprise. It was sweet.’

  • justme

    ugh,why can’t JB talk about their love lives as David.lif..

  • ellie

    i hope it goes well for them and thats like the sweetest thing ever!

  • Jane

    they’re so adorable together! lucy is really gorgeous and she has an amazing boyfriend…i’m jealous of her!

  • Ashley

    Awww thats soo sweet:) i wish he was my bf:)) he is so cute!

  • Anonymous

    he seems like a douche

  • Mary Ranna

    fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst !

  • Anonymous

    Hes so hot

  • http://myspace.com/lc234 lisa :]

    aww that’s so sweet! :]

  • raccheel

    that is the sweetest thing ever.

  • meghan


  • steff

    aww. cutie :)

  • Anonymous

    sweeeeeeeet. he’s awsum!

  • nat.

    im so cool, im at the top.
    and hes sexy.

  • stephaniee

    thats sooo sweett.
    i’d love to have a boyfriend like him.
    instead i picked assholes.

  • Anonymous

    aww so sweet! hes so hot!

  • Anonymous


    That’s so adorable.

  • oh.hale.no

    uhh. no :|

  • Anonymous

    sooo cute.

  • =)ME(=

    awww thats sooo nice!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    aaawwwww! that is soooo sweet of him
    “i love her!” .that is so cute.

  • michelle

    He’s hott and seems very sweet. She is absolutely gorgeous.

  • aila !!!! :)

    AH. he’s like the perfect boyfriend.
    I wish i can find someone with looks and great personality like David.
    Lucy is sooo lucky :(

  • hypocrite

    he just said he doesnt kiss and tell and that his love stories are personal to him, then he spills it all out to a magazine?

    are you joking?

  • sami

    your an idiot

  • asdjf

    he needs to get with selena.

  • Anonymous

    Logan Noh and David Henrie fucked each other up the ass last night

  • maar

    they look soo cute together!!:)

  • i love kevin!

    awweee hes the sweetest thing ever:]!

  • maar

    how old are they??

  • maar

    no way … they woldn’t make a cute couple

  • sara

    he didn’t KISS and tell….

    he just told a valentine’s story.
    there was no kissing involved.

  • Jaamiee.


  • aaaandreA.

    hah, true .. .
    but hes still a cutie

  • Anonymous

    at least he has the balls to admit to a years-long relationship.

  • Anonymous


    almost as cute as Nick & Miley ;)

  • Anonymous

    Very true. I’m not a fan, though.

  • Marabellee,

    true say. unlike other people i wont mention.

  • Anonymous

    he seems like a douche


  • Anonymous

    awwwwwwwwww so sweet i love him

  • Anonymous

    They’d be way cuter than Nick & Miley. Fo’ Sho’.

  • Anonymous

    since the first time that i see david and selena
    i hoped them to get together!
    and of course david h >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> nick j
    dalena ftw!!!

  • lauren


  • andrew

    omggg he is so hotttt i want a boyfriend like hee hahaha

  • b.

    jonas brothers! those pussies.

  • omgee.

    Nice one.That had me lol-ing.

  • meagan

    but sadly only 2% of guys are like that.

  • Anonymous

    how cute is he

  • Anonymous

    let’s call it a tie.

  • brazilian hot

    essa menina tem sorte de ter ele como namorado *-*

  • Anonymous

    he needs to get with selena.


    um, YES.

    I still want the pics she has of them on her dressing room door. They look a-fucking-dorable.

    But sadly, I don’t think they’d get together…at least not anytime soon.

    I fucking love their friendship, though.

  • anonymous
  • Anonymous

    lucy hale is freakin GORGEOUS.
    idk how anyone can deny how pretty she is.
    she’s sooooo pretty.
    and that boy has some pretty hot muscles.
    pretty hot? who am i kidding…
    they make a hot couple.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, Lucy Hale is the luckiest fucking person alive.

    David Henrie<3

  • Anonymous

    yeah, so that nick can get with miley again =)
    but no i like david + lucy.
    they’re both reallyyy attractive.
    like, i’m not lesbian.. not even close (no offense to anyone who is) but i can see why guys think she’s hot. she’s gorgeous.
    there are some girls that guys say are hot and i just can’t see it.
    but she’s a really pretty girl.

  • JENA



  • Anonymous

    sexiest person ever

  • Anonymous

    I love her!


    awwww! i love how he admits to the public that he loves her.
    i mean, some guys don’t say “i love her” in a public interview.
    SOME just don’t even admit they’re dating someone.

  • Anonymous

    i know. so retarded how they don’t even bother to think of the term ‘double standards’.
    but he’s still hot. and miley’s still amazing. so it evens out in the end.

  • jul!a

    aw cute [:
    i would love for someone to do that for me!

    btw, are you creepin’?

  • Sarah Lee.

    aw, yes. They’d be adorable, yo.

    They should realize this already. “I’m hot, baby your hot. So why not?”

  • brendds

    aww they re so cute <3
    ihope they get together again … (:

  • bianca (form brazil)

    david, marry me?

  • jena

    Hahaha yess he is hot
    and miley is AMAZING
    oh well shes crushing ocean up anyways :P

    something about the article now:

    so so sooo cute lol
    he seems liek the sweetest guy ever

  • awww

    aw he has to be the sweetest guy ever, not to mention hot! whoever ends up with him will be a very lucky person.

  • Anonymous

    he does have that douche-like essence.

  • _______________

    that is just awesome..
    happy for them : )

  • taylor

    he needs to get with selena.

    he is WAY too good for selena

  • LOVERgirl

    how long have they been dating?

  • LOVERgirl

    there cute together

  • Giih

    They’re so cute together

  • selena90210

    that was the sweetiest thing i seen all day

  • Giih

    They’re so cute together

  • Anonymous

    since 2006
    they broke up for quite a few months but are back together :)

  • Anonymous

    They would undoubtedly be the hottest Disney couple.
    Unfortunately, they have a brother/sister type relationship. Sigh.
    But it’s cool. They’re both so goddamn AMAZING.
    I just love getting pictures of the two.
    They make pretty icons.

  • Jasmine

    Loved his Ray-ban Wayfarer sunglasses

  • Kristen

    he needs to get with selena.

    he is WAY too good for selena


    Sit down, child.
    You’re not his momma.

  • LOVERgirl

    since 2006
    they broke up for quite a few months but are back together :)

  • :)

    mmm, those are some hot muscles on that boy.
    i lovee him(:

  • selena90210

    that was the sweetiest thing i heard today

  • Anonymous

    ew, why are people saying that he should be with selena? he and lucy are perfect together, whenever you see them with each other you can tell they’re in love. (: and they’ve been together for so long, even though they “took a break” for a while.

  • Natalie

    he is WAY too good for selena


    lmfao. you’re nobody to decide that.

  • valerie

    thts soooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish someone would go through that
    much trouble to do something that sweet for

  • Anonymous

    im lucy hale and ilove david so much and he loves me

  • Anonymous

    Because they’d be cute together? And they’re already comfortable with eachother and have a good relationship. People shouldn’t get all butt hurt. jeez. Everyone always says “he/she would look cute with her/him.” Not a big deal.

  • Anonymous

    lol. i love all the hidden references in these comments “SOME people don’t..” lol. its so funny.

  • Anonymous

    awhh i love him, he’s so adorable.

  • Anonymous

    aw cute!

  • abby jonas :)

    thats the cutest fucking thing I have ever heard.
    david, marry me?

  • Anonymous

    Finally, a celeb who admits who they’re dating.

  • lindsey

    david and lucy are the cutest!

  • krissyy

    aw that’s too cute

    raybans + david henrie = love

  • Janelle

    awuh. he’s so sweet..
    and incredibly hot!!<33

  • no

    he needs to get with selena.

    anyone who thinks Nick > David like selena does, does not deserve someone as good as David. Selena isn’t good enough for David.

  • A

    Aww. David’s such a sweetheart!
    Gahh! There needs to be WAY MORE guys like him.

  • Anonymous


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