Twilight beauty Kristen Stewart yearbook pictures. Credit: paris_style @ ONTD.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like that kid from jack frost

  • Anonymous

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she’s ssssssssssssooooooooooooo cute but the whole short hair thing is……….. not her best look but i m her biggest fan EVER i luv u kristen even though u hate ur female fans

  • Takako

    Okay, to all the dissers. Please note the following:

    1. This would be a yearbook photo, and those things are pretty much on a par with passport photos. I don’t think anyone thinks anyone, including and especially themselves, looks good in them. Be impressed she escaped without braces.

    2. This would be a yearbook photo from when she was, what, nine or ten? I don’t think anyone thinks anyone, including and especially themselves, looks good at that age. It’s a cringe period for us all.

    3. If so many of you hate her, then why the heck are you going to the trouble of finding pictures of her online?

    Finally, considering some of you love the book so much, it might be good if you could spell “Edward”. Ordinarily I would roll over and accept that I was picking holes going for spelling errors, but let’s be fair, it is very basic English that you’ve seen printed a million and ten times in your favourite novel.

  • aly

    We all have our fair share of ugly school pictures. She is much prettier now. That hair just doesn’t work.

  • sally


  • rockstar

    No offense ( I REPEAT, NO OFFENSE) but she looked like a boy. Still love her and she’s super pretty now but she looked like a guy back then
    definitely agree with you!

  • Anonymous

    she’s prettier now :S

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday, Kristen:) You are my hero and an awesome actress! Looking forward to seeing Eclipse:) Cute photos by the way.

  • anon

    butterz… im sorry but look at her hair and her everything… :(

  • Anonymous

    to all of the people who use there time to write bad things about people and judge them on the way they look
    just one thing to say.
    get a life!

    kristen is gorgoeous

  • Miley


  • Anonymous

    to all of those who say she is ugly
    please SHUT UP!
    no one cares!!!!!!
    she is an amazing actress

  • Kat

    She looks the same here as she looked in panic rooom.
    shes really pretty

  • Anonymous

    not really
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  • Anonymous

    i know her eyes are freaky!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think she did a very good job as bella. sure some parts she should have acted differently but overall it was good. the only thing that really bugged me was bella has big brown eyes while she has kind of small blue eyes.

  • Anonymous

    you people are pathetic
    i bet more than half of you
    who are saying that she is ugly
    are worst looking
    so please shut up.

    it doesnt make you prettier
    for saying that someone is ugly.

  • Anonymous

    she is not ugly!!! shes prettier than me!! her hair was just too short. alice is like the only one that can pull off short hair look.

  • Anonymous

    looks like a tomboy. She’s prettier in long hair,though.

  • yeah


  • Anonymous

    did stewart reallysmoke pot???

  • Robert Rocks

    Ohhhhhh xD!!
    I love the last comment.. she is an mazing actress
    and she is incredibly beautiful, so please all the worst looking girls ( uglys for sure) stop criticzyn her cuz you wont be prettier doing this sorry… but its true..
    Kristen is the perfect Bella.. and if you dont like her.. stop looking at her!.. Que !·%· son xD..
    Ay mi maadree no la miren y ya.

  • ~Yasso~

    this totally not how i imagined bella swan
    bella supposed to be average beauty shes not there yet
    im so disapointed with the pick of bella and carlisle
    i wanna see what theyre gonna do to her when she turns
    into vampire !!
    but they made good choice with jacob and edwad though both
    as described and alice and emette and jason too and
    rosalie :D

  • Anonymous

    Hehe. She smokes pot now. Look how much she has grown. :):)

  • Cynthia

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW! she looks like a guy! not that she looks really better today, but that?! omg!

  • kamilah

    kristen looks pretty now so it doesnt matter what she looked like when she was younger. not everyone looks gorgeous when they are younger. its something you grow into. most of you are probably still in middle school or lower class high schoolers so you wouldnt know about that.

  • mar

    she looks like a boy… :S

    she is more pretty with long hair

  • maar

    she looks like a boy

  • Lizbeth

    These are her personal pictures, no wonder she gets so pissed off with the internet.
    Yeah she is pretty, prettier than half of you lot (inculding myself)so stop the bashing. no one really cares what anyone else thinks..

  • Anonymous

    i would fuck the so hard it would never be able to sit again

  • anonymously yours

    that hairstyle makes her look like a guy. she’s not the best bella actress. i believe other actresses can act better than her, because she can’t act during the cheesy parts. i like her longer hair now because she actually looks like a girl.

  • Anonymous

    o my god kristen stewart was in my 6th and 5th grade class at a.e. middle school. she was my best friend! i cant believe how famous she is now. twilight really gave her a good shove into hollywood. i so wish i could get in touch with her!! she was and is not ugly! i went over her house all the time and guys were always all over her!

  • Anonymous

    i honestly didnt think rosaile was pretty enough. but only caused her hair looked really fake and her pasty makeup looked bad, because the actress who played her is prettier in person. i think the bella and carlisle choices were okay, you can only get so close to a description in a book. and they have to be able to act decently. bellas supposed to be plain looking, and in the movie she is plain looking.
    here she looks like a boy though.
    the other thing that bugged me was jaspers hair. lol.
    emmett and alice were perfect though.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol i wonder what theyre gonna do to her to make her look like a vampire, considering shes suppossed to be strikingly beautiful and supermodel-ish. and the fact that shes supposed to look and sound COMPLETELY different doesnt help either. but maybe they wont make the fourth one into a book.

  • Jane

    she looks a lot better now. you can tell its her, but the long hair is definitely better

  • Anonymous

    aw so cute! she is beautiful

  • Anonymous

    dam she aint so good with short hair but dam!! she is hot!!

  • Anonymous

    real wishes – this is amazing

  • Anonymous

    well maybe she’s not gorjes but i still think she looks good and she looks hot now and she is one of the best actress ever and she played Bella better than anyone else would so deal with it she’s awsome i love her soooo much

  • !!!!

    OMG! seh was so ugly!

  • aonymous

    she was very veryyy ugly … i hate her :) .. not is tru but . i love rob pattinson!!! XD

  • Twilightfan

    I don’t care wut all of u guy think she is ugly!!!
    I think she is amazing actress in “The Messenger”.
    I think she is perfect match for acting of Bella Swan.
    If kristen stewart read this all stuff…it would hurt her felt. Kristen, If you read all this mean comment.
    You are so pretty when you were young,your short hair look okay. But all those people were jealous of you.

  • Anonymous

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  • rosemary cynthia

    beauty? wth she looks like a boy dude

  • Anonymous

    No offense but she aint pretty, she sounds weird too, dont want her to be bella =(

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s a wonderful actress and she did a great job as Bella. She’s beautiful, both inside and out=)
    STOP talking shit about her!!!

  • brigi

    why ugly????why lesbian???? idiots.

  • Anonymous

    hello? can any one comment back to me who ever owns this website should like erase these every few days how will people ever read to the bottom???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she is so shy alll the time. bella in the movie is even worse. she doesnt like to do anything and wants to be “alone” all the time. who would want to do that? her character seems like she’s been raped

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    OK, for one, learn how to spell. and secondly, i think she looks beautiful, even with the short hair! She is an extremely talented actress and i LOVE the way she looks.

  • Anonymous

    what the hell? what does where you live have to do with anything? you are so retarted

  • Anonymous

    all in for that novie sucked?

  • reginna

    you can tell hes a man!!!
    he looks like one SO much! :O

  • Anonymous

    i didnt read it at first and the first pic i thought it was a boy! haha
    but cute

  • mojo

    omg she even looks stoned back then! I’m starting to suspect she’s not really on drugs, that that’s just the way her eyes always look.

  • sarah

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  • Kai

    No offense ( I REPEAT, NO OFFENSE) but she looked like a boy. Still love her and she’s super pretty now but she looked like a guy back then.

  • Anonymous

    she went to A.E.Wright Middle School in 7th grade! Thats where I go! I saw her year book picture and she looked
    like a boy !!!!

  • Vic

    She was so cute <3

  • Anonymous

    She has nothing doing for her.
    She looked sooo butch! lol
    plus her acting is terrible. Poor poor girl!

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO @ that kid that said he’d fuck her.
    she’s not like super skanky or extremely “sexy”, she’s a different kind of pretty. and honestly? she was kind of perfect for bella. and i like how people are saying they could have had someone better, yet NONE of them have suggested anyone else. i think she was perfect. and um hi has anyone heard of makeup? they can definitely make her look different and if even necessary a LOT better when she becomes a vampire. and uhh in regards to how people are like dying and saying she looked like a boy, i looked like a damn wolverine in my 6th grade picture…give her some credit, she was just a kid.

  • lawler


  • reginaaa:)

    panic-room-hair :)

  • Anonymous

    I remember seeing her in the Panic Room and thinking ‘Aww, what a cute boy’ LOL

  • Anonymous

    Really? i found bella in the book to be a miserable person – she hates partys, having fun etc..

  • Anonymous

    She looks prettier now. The short hair doesn’t work for her.

  • Anonymous


  • :) yay kristen


    shes great shes a good actor she works hard
    & i support her
    this photo proves shes just a normal person
    go and F***k urself if u have nothing else better 2 do than talk about how she looks!!!

  • yoyo


  • Anonymous

    seriously….why are you haters looking her up so much? every KStew site Ive been to has a mixture of love her/hate her comments…but why?? You must not hate her that freakin much if you took the time to find the site and take the time to comment. Anyway, she really cut her hair for Panic Room and such so obviously it takes time to grow back out. And, for those of you who think she is a bad actress, watch the movie speak, or the cake eaters. When she plays a girl with a terminal illness it is quite possibly the greatest performance i have ever seen. I’m not obsessed with her, so i’m speaking subjectively here. Also, If she made such a horrible Bella, how the hell did she get the part in the first place? PLUS, why the hell would catherine hardwicke say that she “was sending ‘thanks’ to the gods for having Kristen in this movie.” People come on, this attention bit is a little old and immature. I know that i NEVER look up the people i hate. Twilight affected millions of people, and after the movie, even MORE fans are impatiently awaiting the release of NEW MOON. Just look at the facts. When turning a book into a movie, it is simply impossible to please every single person who read the book; but obviously Kristen as Bella has pleased the majority…and thats what’s important. Now, go to a hate blog if you truly just wanna bash on her. Kristen’s fans obviously do not appreciate the comments and the pre-teens really don’t need to hear some of the language. Just my humble opinion…

  • dfasdfasdfasdf


  • anonymous

    Come on people, Kristen has a lot of very young fans. If you truly hated her, you wouldnt look her up in the first place. But if you must bash on her, go to a kristen hate blog….i’m sure the thousands of twelve year olds who visit her sites would appreciate more acceptable language and being able to read comments from actual fans of Kristen. This is a little ridiculous.

  • nikki

    she’s definitely no beauty..

  • blaster

    back off!!!! this photo was like 6-7 years ago!!! she played a lot role as a tomboy, like in The Safety of Objects, Panic Room, thus the hair….

    she’s cuter than zac efron or jonas bros is she’s a boy!!!

    She may not YET be that pretty here but definitely CUTE!!!!!

  • amy

    i just got back from watching twilight..

  • Anonymous

    she looks ugly
    (wow shes ugly inside&out)

  • http://hrrp:// svana

    yeah sure she looked like a boy back then do u think she still looks like a boy now? No! shes beautiful.

  • Alaina

    I’m so jealous of her. She got to meet Jared Leto. I am in love with him!

    And she has grown so much. She’s gorgeous now. When I was thinking of Twilight casting I was thinking that she should be Bella because of how she looks in these pictures. And luckily for me, my dream Bella was chosen.

  • Anonymous

    she probly cut her hair for panic room.
    why does everyone hate her, its pointless, shes the best bella there probly could be.

  • lisa :]

    I like her hair longer better. As far as her being bella, I thought she did a really good job although the bella in the book smiles a lot more & seems happier.

  • rj

    ugly childd

  • Anonymous

    her face is soo much like my friend’s it’s not even funny

  • Anonymous

    So now I know whys shes so pissed off all the time…
    Oooooh your cruel oceanup LOL

  • Anonymous


  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    Well atleast we all know why shes soo pissed off all the time LOL
    Ooooooh your cruel,amazingly bitchy for a guy!!

    Well shes really very talented for a actress her age!

  • Jesse.


  • Samantha Ayres

    ewww..i thought it was a boy at first xD
    yeah she’s weird looking and that acting thing isn’t working out for her…horrible bella.

  • Madeline

    if you think she’s pretty you have issues

  • sweet_innocent_smile


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  • JonasDreamers

    KRIS!! I LOVE YOU GIRL!! my dream is to make a movi with you!!
    you are so damn pretty!
    haha i just saw a comment it had a pic of the person who wrote it.. in it she meant t osay krisy id ugly but hahahahah dude look at yourself in a mirror then you can talk anout beauty!

  • Anonymous

    she went to my school…trippy I was a grade younger

  • Anonymous

    i want to be her and have that haircut.

  • Anonymous

    thats the school i go to i wonder if she had the same teachers that i have now

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