• Anonymous

    the tizz does everything better

  • PrettyInPink758


  • PrettyInPink758


  • Anonymous

    Go to upoc.com and join hannah montana fans.

  • jess


    and lol i used to love that song… now its stuck in my head haha

  • Anonymous

    Ashley takes the cake.

  • reah


  • Mandy

    Ugh Selena Gomez

  • Anonymous

    wtf? she has nothing to do with this

  • Kimberly

    i want that shirt.. does anyone know where to get it??

  • h

    i like it better on Audrina
    and who cares if u hate the person or not it’s about the shirt not the person

  • Anonymous


  • JPF

    Joey Page bithez!

  • v

    i love her style

  • LOLA

    Audrina wears it better! There is no way Ashley did. The jacket and boots are so tacky and ugly.

  • Anonymous

    Ashley wears it way better. I hate that biitch, Audrina.

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