Dakota Fanning NEW BOYFRIEND?

Likely New Moon star Dakota Fanning spotted leaving Pinz Bowling Alley in Studio City last week with a new boy. Dakota on starring as Leah Clearwater:
‘I really hope it works out. It would be so much fun.

I think that the actors are amazing. It would be really cool to be a part of that. I’m a big fan.’ She will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Wednesday, January 28. Credit: Lovely Dakota.

  • Anonymous

    i do not know what you guys are talking about, he is really hot and so is she,
    i would do anything to be her so i could be famous, have a older really hot boyfriend, and look cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ohmg he is fine she is lucky

  • Idiot

    JANE not LEAH. Idiot. and he may not be a boyfriend. Jeeze.

  • Anonymous

    She is soooooo ugly but he is really cute!!!!!!!! although He seems to old for her,
    but i would gladly date him!!!!

  • Alexis

    Whenever I think of Dakota Fanning, I can’t help but think of a little girl.

    She’s really a great actress, though

  • Leahh

    Yes. She is. When Billy is having that party thing, when shes getting friendley withjake. She won;t give up the ponee.

  • Katie

    when the fuck did leah clearwater turn pale?
    great job messing that one up oceanup

  • bernard

    Qhahaha ethan reed watch your back in the hallway faggot
    Cuz you are gunna get lit up

  • Anonymous

    true!!!!! but at least she is able to date a good looking older guy,
    i would have never thought she could have pulled that off lollllll!!

  • sweetgirl

    He isn’t dating Dakota! He just hooked up with her for fun. His girlfriend is a senior. He did way better than her-she still looks like she’s 12. What would a 17 year old want with that. Nothing.

  • Anonymous

    they are so cute together and he is hot x 10!!!!
    they are so cute together and he is hot x 10!!!!
    they are so cute together and he is hot x 10!!!!
    they are so cute together and he is hot x 10!!!!
    they are so cute together and he is hot x 10!!!!
    they are so cute together and he is hot x 10!!!!
    they are so cute together and he is hot x 10!!!!
    they are so cute together and he is hot x 10!!!!
    they are so cute together and he is hot x 10!!!!
    they are so cute together and he is hot x 10!!!!

  • cougarMAGNET

    candy girl is a clear jealous skank….dakota is NOT a slut and has only dated one guy (logan) you give failure a bad name you piece of shit bottom feeder, wanna-be sand nigger scrotum sausage

  • Anonymous

    NOOOO!!!! That is Logan Markley and he left his old girlfriend for her…
    I go to campbell hall and I know who he is, he is a jerk

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  • sigh…

    then stop going on it!!

  • Anonymous

    hes obv. just in it for the fame, hes so much hotter then dakota

  • the KlAn

    Ethan you are a little al quaida looking fucking towel head
    Sand nigger, we hate fags like you go back to your own country
    Camel fucker. We will hurt you.

  • Anonymous

    She is playing jane… An he is kinda cute, I hope she is happy!!

  • VideoGirl

    God shes so grown up now.. I was just watching uptown girls (good movie)
    and wow big difference..

  • Anonymous

    K the freshman girl logan went out with is 1234567897653234567 times prettier then
    dakota she looks like a fucking 10 year old little bitch

  • Anonymous


  • Christina

    lol on starring about leah clearwater? hmm… does she look indian? cuz i couldve swore she was supposed to star as jane :p

  • Lacey

    It’s JANE from the VOLTURI
    not leah clearwater.
    It’s JANE from the VOLTURI
    not leah clearwater.
    It’s JANE from the VOLTURI
    not leah clearwater.
    It’s JANE from the VOLTURI
    not leah clearwater.
    It’s JANE from the VOLTURI
    not leah clearwater.
    It’s JANE from the VOLTURI
    not leah clearwater.

  • Anonymous

    he is great in the sac. trust me i know

  • Ethan Reid Sam Dreyer

    Dude Logan is a cougar faggot who thinks he is tuff. Fuck him and fuck her. He can suck a dick that faggot and he shaves his eyebrows like a bitch.

  • ash duhhhh

    word hes cute but hes probably like 16 or 17 hes might be on the football team eww jocks damn dakota hips look wide i dont mean that in a mean bitchy way either

  • Maryyy

    He is so hot!!! I love Dakota and I would do
    Anything to be her and get that guy!!

  • Not Max Ma but sorta

    i know its you commenting that you have a big penis
    fuck you

  • Anonymous

    wow, i guess its impossible that this guy could be just a friend rite?

  • Max Ma

    I agree with not max ma

  • melissa :|

    You become even more stupid as the days past by :/

  • Mr. Crosby

    Hey theree

  • Anonymous

    ye if dakota played leah it would be baddddd cuz leah is nothing like her at all. Jane she could possibly do…..

  • Logan

    this is retarded

  • Anonymous

    is he not a virgin?!?!?!

  • Collin Schwartz

    thats logan ray markley omfg. He is in my marine bio class.


  • Not Tyler Johnson

    Ugh, i dont wanna talk about it

  • asdfjdsakljf

    everyone can just chill out about the jane and leah things its just a typo

    and who cares if hes older?

    i love her

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t look that old
    She looks pretty
    And i thought she was going to be Jane

  • Alex Firestone

    I dated him!!

  • not alex firestone!

    Justin dalzell ruins everything!! im so upset that him and my best friend are going
    to formal!! it sucks that he is going to love her more than me!! it is alright though,
    do not feel bad for me because i am a whore!

  • not emmie d.

    Yes you would usually wonder what a 17 year old would want with a girl that looks like she’s 12. But then again remember. She’s Dakota Fanning. And there’s your answer. It’s not her age, it’s her name.

  • Mr. Crosby

    whats up?

  • Anonymous



  • Logan


  • Anonymous

    she’s 14.. he looks so old.

  • http://www.coffeerama.com coffee

    she’s gonna be out of anybody’s league

  • Not Josh Schwartz

    Logan raped me….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    leah clearwater?
    i thought she was supposed to be jane!

  • Anonymous

    what’s with stars and old boyfriends?

  • Anonymous

    dakota > twilight

  • Christina


  • JaTuck

    His name is Logan
    He is 17 she is 15
    Dakota is now going out with new guys

  • Anonymous


  • :)

    you mean jane?

  • cecili


  • Anonymous

    oceanup is such fucking trash.

  • Anonymous

    Really? Weird I still think of her as the little girl from uptown girls. Growing up so

  • Anonymous

    she would be starring for JANE, not LEAH

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    dakota’s playing jane, she’s the wrong skin pigment and age to play leah clearwater. duhh

  • random

    hahahhahahah that kid is such a faggot

  • Anonymous

    The only reason logan EVER went for Dakota was because she Dakota Fanning….
    he has a reputation for being an asshole..
    1. Logan does not want her
    2. their just “BFFLLS!!!!”
    watch it hoes

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/rosemarycynthiaoffic rosemary cynthia

    maybe maybe not its her life it should stay that way ok

  • number one nick j fan

    okay i hope you all realize that when your a 14 year old girl most of the guys your age are hitting puberty and getting taller and stuff like that. this doesnt mean he’s older. just be happy if shes happy and they might just be good friends.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    collin ur not welcome to participate in this blog b/c u r gay

  • Anonymous

    collin you are gay get out

  • Nikki

    stupid OceanUp!!
    she might be Jane not Leah!!
    and she would be a horrible Jane!!

    Dakota < Twilight

  • leighton meester rox my sox

    they could just be friends

  • Anonymous

    yeah who is this collin nazi faggot get the fuck out

  • Violet Hill

    Nastiest girl I’ve ever known. At least she was nice before I Am Sam, but she was doomed with Joy for a mother.

  • Anonymous

    I thought she was playing Jane. Shes perf but doesnt Jane have like light brown hair?

  • Anonymous

    collin has a tiny dick

  • Bonjour

    Uhm we need to get some thing straight here. She will not be playing Leah, she is being considered the part of Jane. And that dude looks about…18 and she’s what 13, 14??? I’m not feeling it…

  • skeetmo

    fuck you not josh schwartz

  • Carolina

    Dakota Fanning is actually getting pretty now.
    i remember in war of the worlds. she looked pretty akward.
    shes pretty now
    YAY DAKOTA hehe

  • Brooke Chavez

    Yeah collin, stop walking around school like you are so cool with your different
    color eye brows than your hair. You belong in the sewers I cant even look
    at you in school….

  • trisha

    im not the girl who spams all the time. but after i saw him on his live chat,
    i think logan noh is hot and really funny.

    so oceanup should start posting stuff about Logan Noh

  • Dakota <333!!!

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! its so cute dakota has a cute bf!!!!

  • Eeek

    He has the weirdest eyebrows I have ever seen!!!

  • Anonymous

    how old is he??????

  • meagan

    That is so not her boyfriend. He’s her hookup boy on and off since fall of 2007. He is a football/baseball jock and brags about being her first real kiss. He is two years older than her and in other pictures he thinks he’s hot but really isn’t. They fit each other. And it is not Logan NOH it’s Logan Markley who goes to her school. She is a slut now and not that pretty at all.
    She’s a secret skank.

    how do you know?!

  • hadley

    okay he looks just as old as justin and she is younger then miley so of course ocean up is not making a big deal out of this they only like to pick on miley


  • Anonymous

    people actually care about dakota fanning wtf really????

  • Anonymous

    ummmm oceanup its supposed to be jane not leah clearwater

  • Anonymous

    She’s going for JANE. not LEAH!

  • Anonymous

    Ethan is just upset because he has never got to use his tiny indian cock on
    A girl. He shouldn’t be upset that no girls like him, he is just jealous collin sucks
    On brookes titties, And every guy has gone out with girls likes.. But not him :(
    Maybe India has more to offer for you sad friend!!

  • Rachel

    She looks pretty!!! But I thought she looked really pretty in Hide and Seek with the dark hair!!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s 14, gonna be 15 soon.

  • Anonymous

    he is beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Logan Noh looks like a pretty boy.

  • Anonymous

    she’s an amazing actress and deserves more credit.
    She should be on here more than someone else (not saying any names)
    dakota deserves a lot more credit.
    she’s famous for being in movies… for actually WORKING… she’s not famous from a rumor and a feud… (once again not naming any names)
    She actually works hard on her movie career, and some people don’t even look at her.

  • Anonymous

    okay so we can agree josh schwartz has a super d duper big dick and who really cares about this picture. I mean everyone knows i once sucked six in row. But here visit this site it changed my shitty life. http://www.roundandbrown.com.

  • lil ms casey jonas

    stupid oceanup.

    lols she looks kinda young for her age
    (but i prob do too)
    i think she’s a good option for Jane

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She’s gonna be 15 in like 3 weeks.

  • Not Sean Lee

    it’s soo funny to see people who are not from campbell hall who think that they know it all…hahaha

    oh hi!

  • emily (:

    he might be the same age as dakota. i know 9th graders that could pass as 16 year olds, or he could just be an older friend.

  • marsh

    she is going to be jane.. oceanup is ALWAYS so wrong!

  • Anonymous

    justin dalzell has a small dick, is secretly gay and he ruined my life. fuck him and jordyn.

  • Anonymous


  • lauren

    team logan noh!!

    and it’s suppose to be Jane, or that’s what I’m guessing. A simply mistake, people. chiiillll.

  • Anonymous

    you mean like MILEY CYRUS or SELENA GOMEZ.

    heh, the only reason anyone cares about her now is because she’s going to be in ~*twilight*~
    which is a crappy book/movie anyway

  • Anonymous

    ugh he hurt!! ew

  • Anonymous

    thats funny….. boysfirsttime.com CHANGED MY WOrLD!!!!


  • Anonymous

    no i just meant Selena Gomez.
    Miley has been doing three seasons of a tv show, and had a sold out tour..
    she deserves all the fame she gets.
    Selena does not.
    and no i’ve liked dakota since i was a little kid, i don’t give a shit about retarded twilight.

  • Anonymous

    YOUR wrong, dakota is so much cooler than her! i bet you are just a freshman
    little wanna be slut that feels bad for Alexa because she sucks and got dumped…

  • not logan

    who is this picture of?!??!

  • anonymous

    it’s Jane! i simply couldnt imagine if Dakota playing a werewolf girl. and good for you, Dakota!! he’s hot hahah

  • ~Yasso~

    not lesh clearwater its jane !!!!!

  • Kristin

    She is playing Jane.

    Not Leah.
    Leah might not actually be in the film.

    get your facts straight.

  • Not Justin Yoo


  • Sav

    He’s hot! Go Dakota!

    And she’s going for the part of JANE, you IDIOTS!!! Does she really look like someone who could play a Native American.

  • Anonymous

    some racist shit on here. real talk.

  • Anonymous

    you mean jane, not leah

  • Anabel

    Leah Clearwater? LMFAO I don’t believe Leah Clearwater was white anytime in the story.

  • yo

    shes getting the part of jane! not leaf. leah has to be bigger and darker.



  • Anonymous

    if you did your research, you’d know she’s being considered for Jane, and not Leah. if you were smart, you’d know Leah is a Quileute. Jane is a pale vampire.

    and, he looks old.

  • Tru

    Jane! That might not be her boyfriend…..Wateva! Much Love Dakota!

  • Anonymous
  • Morgan: )

    Its supposed to be Jane not Leah CLearwater

    God get it righht

  • Anonymous


    She is so lucky to play that part!! She is all grownup
    With her older Bf and her new look



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  • craven

    this is old news she has moved on now onto Freddie Highmore they were out on the town last week at a posh restaurant in Los Angeles i wish them both well good for you Dakota even actors deserve to be happy

  • Anonymous

    yeah exactly… she was chosen to play jane not leah dude…. they say leah is not even in the script… you always give the true information… but what happened now?

  • Anonymous

    i heard josh schwartz has a super big dick….
    i mean, im not gay or anything, i just think it would freak me the FUCK OUT.

  • Anonymous

    i love dakotaaa. she’s wicked cool. :]

  • Anonymous

    i go to campbell hall and all i know is dakota is WAY hotter than that stupid ugly
    freshman he used to date… props to him for dumping that ugly girl

  • Anonymous

    He is really cute!!! So is she!!

  • schoolperson

    hahahhaha his name is logan also
    hes 16 as far as i kno hes in 11th grade

  • victoria

    uh….good for her i suppose….

  • cougarMAGNET

    dakota is like so hot omfg…
    her bf is like so hot too
    collin is a nazi jew, and ethan reid has a tiny dick

  • Anonymous

    JaTuck is WRONG!!! Logan is only 16 i think!!!
    He is cute but he should not have gone for that
    freshman because she was really ugly compared
    to dakota!

  • Beanster99

    shes might play Jane…not Leah.

  • Duh.

    shes supposed to play Jane, not Leah.
    Leah isnt in new moon.

  • Hallie

    He’s pretty cute! Dakota is like a freaking goddess. I wish I looked like her, she’s crazy beautiful!!!
    Hey, does anyone want to tell me if Bella ever turns into a vampire? Cause I’m on Eclipse and she’s still a human…

  • TeamDemi

    how old is she?

  • julie loves dakota!!

    he is really cute and she is beautiful!!!!! He seems like a cool kid if he is
    with Dakota… she is perfect

  • J DeEzel

    OMJ this is sooo dumb
    obviously josh schwartz has a super big dick

  • Anonymous

    ewwwww hes sooo uglyy…like what is that face

    and she is playing jane

  • Kayla

    She’s Jane not Leah Clearwater. duh…..

  • xxlive.or.diexX

    -justin d.

  • avery!

    hes sooo using her for the fame. just because shes wicked famous. i hate how guys do that

  • Anonymous

    She is supposed to be Jane.
    Not Leah Clearwater.
    They have already said this like a million times.
    Wow..stupid you Oceanup.

  • Anonymous

    He might not be older.
    She just looks young cos she is so tiny




  • ashley

    Not leah.

  • asdfghkjl

    she is playing jane you noobs

  • neil patrick harris

    im out.

  • Get Your Facts Straight, Kay Thanks.

    she’s 16 so if he’s 18 he’s only two years older. she isn’t a baby anymore even if she still has a baby face. at least she’s not out being skanky like miley cyrus.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna be 15 on Feb 23

  • omi

    umm…it’s not Leah Clearwater.

    it’s JANE!!

  • Anonymous

    that’s not necessarily true..
    they go to school together.
    i’ve seen him in pictures.

  • http://adorability.wordpress.com Friend of Ed

    Ummm friend. She wants to play Jane. Her boy is cute. =) He looks a bit like Kullen Klutz!

  • Anonymous

    Wrong Alexa is way prettier and has a personality y

  • CandyGirl

    That is so not her boyfriend. He’s her hookup boy on and off since fall of 2007. He is a football/baseball jock and brags about being her first real kiss. He is two years older than her and in other pictures he thinks he’s hot but really isn’t. They fit each other. And it is not Logan NOH it’s Logan Markley who goes to her school. She is a slut now and not that pretty at all.
    She’s a secret skank.

  • Cassie

    that’s her friend!!!

  • Anonymous

    He is kind of hot ahahahahah i dont know why he would go to her

  • Dr. Fegosky

    twilight is the gayest movie ever, it blows like a girl with braces

  • Anonymous

    He is not that much older shes in 10th hes in 11th everyone needs to chill out.

  • Anonymous

    she is supposed to be jane not leah… and she looks perfect for jane, but i think she is too recognizable

  • stevie

    ive got nipples focker, can you milk me?

  • Anonymous

    She’s suppose to play Jane!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    But he looks about 18 and she looks 13. But she’s almost 15 and he’s probably 17. That’s a bigger age difference for now.

  • Bree

    Seriously, girls like her need to be careful if i looked like her i would be skeptical because she looks like shes in middle school really small and the guy looks pretty big and high schooly so i wonder guys who are attracted to little girls seem kinda like pedophiles…

  • Diana

    I agree with you, Dakota is an awesome actress, I loved her in DREAMER, is my favorite movie of hers. She is an amzing actress, I think she is way too good for Twilight, the books are bad,and the movie was worse,I really hope she makes the best decision, (and that they don’t take Tom Felton to the wrong side)

  • Anonymous

    If you go there, thats really cool btw, who is that dark haired girl dakota is with in EVERY picture?

  • Anonymous

    the character is Jane

  • Anonymous

    Hey since you know logan, I’ve heard of him too, do you know that dark haired girl that aalways in dakotas pics??

  • Anonymous

    leah clearwater?! dakota fanning is practically albino! way to fail oceanSUCK

  • Anonymous

    She is suppose to be trying out for JANE! not Clearwater deeerr!!!!

  • momo

    he is georgous
    he is georgous
    he is georgous
    he is georgous
    he is georgous
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  • Anonymous


  • yFCHApg


  • Anonymous

    logan is a complete douche bag and has been to all my friends….

  • Anonymous

    Okay shes not that young. Shes 16. Old enough to have a boyfriend or a friend, we dont know.

    And its Jane not Leah.

  • EUNEmm