Daniel Radcliffe DIRTY HARRY

Daniel Radcliffe interview with The Daily Beast. Have you contacted Robert Pattinson to give him any advice? He was once quoted as saying that if given a choice between himself and you, that girls would choose you every time.

I don’t have his number, so haven’t spoken to him.

But I can safely say that his insisting that girls would choose me over him that they would not. That they do not. He is the much prettier and can be much more charming. And he can do that thing of being sultry and sexy.

Yet in Equus you have a nude scene eight times a week? But I don’t know how to be sexy. Rob can just sort of stand there and look at something and start to smolder. And I just can’t do that. I’m a natural fidget. Full interview here.

  • taylor

    i love rob wayyy more and hes cuter (:
    but daniel is okay too.

  • Anonymous

    shit, i’d fuck them both…well i mean, either or, not do one and then do the other…

  • fff

    rob is ew, dan is cute i guess

  • Anonymous

    harry potter > twilight

  • Joyce

    i like Dan a lot.
    i feel like he can actually hold a good conversation. plus, he knows his stuff.

    & Obama’s inauguration WAS pretty amazing. i was in awe.

  • Fla

    Daniel is not sexy…Robert can be, and daniel have something that meke me think that he is kinda gay sometimes
    but i dunno who is cuter, i mean in the third movie Daniel was just wow so Harry with his messy hair, and robert in twilight was really hot …but i’ll keep Daniel, because when i first saw Robert in the 4th movie i didn’t think he pretty…so that make up and his eyes and his charm and his look in twilight made him prettier… so i think that Daniel is prettier … xP

  • Anonymous

    haha thats funny

  • Diana

    It really sickens me, the girls who choose Rob over Daniel are dumb , Daniel is sexier, and has the most amazing eyes,not to mention Rob is a bad actor, he sucked in both Twilight and Harry Potter.

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/01/daniel-radcliffe-dirty-harry.html taylor

    miley is a piece of shit!! Got to hell miley

    i bet her email is Whore@yahoo.com.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    god i love him!
    harry potter > twilight!

  • Anonymous

    i love him :)

  • ash duhhhh

    lol i saw daniel’s pic of him naked …hes is not packing small ass nuts

  • Anonymous

    um i think both are okay

  • riyana:D


    harry potter will always be first to twilight.

  • Lo

    Robert is amazing! He is an amazing actor& he is charming… But Daniel, I don’t know much about him but I’m not gonna diss him just b/c of his looks unlike some of these immature bitches on here.

  • Anonymous

    um i think both are okay

  • Moll


  • Anonymous

    “Rob can just sort of stand there and look at something and start to smolder.”

    Damn straight.
    Rob is the hottest thing since Rudolph Valentino!
    I don’t know how he does it.

    I just love the scruffy humble nice loner type of men!
    Rob is that! Met him 4 times. Very very sweet man.
    He remembered me all those of 4 times!
    :D i felt special.

    Dan is pretty charming too!

  • Anonymous


  • Emma


  • julia =)

    first! <- hopefullyy!

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  • Anonymous

    rob isnt that cute.


    I ROOL!

  • Adalae

    awww hes so cute
    i want to meet him really bad

  • Tru

    Awww Thats so sweet…..He remembered you everytime he saw you……Awwww…..Well anyways I think there both cute…….Dan in Harry Potter he is that nerdy cute……Rob is just that evil cute but not that evil……Hard for me to explain…LOL! Yea Rob is sexy to me though……And for the movies I can’t choose which is better because I love the both of them and when they come out i’m going to see both of them on the first day…….Harry Potter=Twilght! Much Love Dan!

  • Anonymous


  • loraaa

    Mmm. Dan takes the cake.
    He’s sexxxxxy.
    Rob is cute, but Dan is just wow. =]

  • mal

    This shit came out like a month ago.

  • em

    eww. robert pattinson all the way.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hmmm,this is boring.
    im meeting JB!

  • susanna

    daniel is better than robert.i saw equus and daniel’ acting amazing.definitely hp crew don’t know how use daniel’ act.other hand robert never good actor or handsome and cool man for me.especailly when his fans try compare to james dean and johnny depp with him.im huge,huge,huge dean and depp fan and i must say robert never can’t be dean or depp.