Singer/ actress Malese Jow updated her Myspace blog with pictures of Daren Kagasoff and Shailene Woodley: ‘I play Gail and my scene
was with Shailene and Daren back at ‘Band Camp.’

‘I’m currently in talks about making a music video for one of my songs! Can you guess which one it would be for? My episode of iCarly will be airing soon. The episode is called “iLook Alike’.

  • Anonymous

    damn all you bitches who saying you don’t like her when you dont even know her. LIKE WTF shut uup!

  • gabby

    these hate comments are coming from people who hate her out of jealousy and when she actually becomes famous theyll be the ones being like, oh my gosh malese i love you! ive been a fan all along! you guys say she thinks shes cool when you dont even know her. malese is so sweet. ive talked to her a few times, and she does have fans. and i hope she doesnt have fans like you guys, she doesnt deserve that. she is pretty and talented and not known because everyone is soo into hannah montana, twilight, and everything else. shes had quite some works out. unfabulous, bratz, wizards of waverly place, now icarly and tsl? she needs to become famous. and in a way, she already is. famous doesnt have to be making millions of dollars and having crap rolling around in hollywood having paparrazzi following you everywhere. she is pretty well known by unfabulous fans and fans who actually pay attention, and shes on tv. thats all she needs.


  • Monique Montoya


  • lorraine.

    Lol, Daren looks like Edward Cullen.

  • Anonymous

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. I wish she had more success, she deserves it.

  • Taylor

    I don’t like her.

  • Anonymous

    why don’t you like her?

  • aly

    Malese is awesome!

  • lorraine.

    Yeah, I don’t like her either… I think she’s pretty and all but there’s just something about her I don’t like.

  • Anonymous

    why do u post about shes nobody just some girl trying to make it, but shes not actually ffamous

  • Anonymous

    Darren is so hot and I love the show :]

  • Anonymous

    why the hell would you base a stereotype off of 1 ignorant fan?
    that is what it means to be pathetic.

  • stef

    He is so much hotter than Edward/Rob.

  • Anonymous

    dont know her

  • Anonymous

    She was in unfabulous

  • Daniella

    I don’t like her either….i think she just thinks she is sooo cool for chillin with the jobros’ and all! she thinks she has sooo many fans….but u know…she doesn’t really! she is pretty though!

  • Carol

    I LOVE that show. It’s getting so good now :)

  • Anonymous

    totally totally agree!(:

    plus she’s said repeatedly how this is just because she loves it, and she’s not in this to get famous. [although she should cause she definitely deserves it!]

    i love her, she’s super sweet and majorly talented.

  • Anonymous

    I love Darren he is so hot

  • Anonymous

    the seocnd one looks photoshoppped.

  • Jane

    i don’t know her but she’s pretty. shailene is soooo gorgeous though!

  • Anonymous

    he is really really really hot(:
    hahaha and there both really pretty!

  • Tru

    He is so freaking sexy! I love that show( don’t feel like spelling the whole thing out)……

  • wowww

    umm she sucks.
    wannabe famous much?

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahhaha boyssssssssssssLIT.

  • give her a bone or 2

    please…no he does not,he looks better

  • rosh

    She was off Unfabulous.

    hahaha all you jealous people hate her for no reason.


  • jh

    omg i went snowboarding yesturday
    its so hard
    im soooooo sore

  • Anonymous

    god, i love herrr. (:
    she’s so cutee.

  • Fiona

    Amy and Ricky in the show (biological parents) of the baby should really get together! I know they constantly argue with each other but they just so cute :)

  • Anonymous

    WHo is she??

  • Anonymous

    theres gonna be a ‘band camp’ scene?

  • Joanna

    she’s really pretty :)

  • Rose

    how can you say you don’t like her when you don’t even know her?? and plus she doesn’t think she’s cool for
    hanging out with the jonas brothers she’s friends with
    them and even dated kevin back in 05′ 06′

  • V


    People Malese does NOT think she’s cool cause she knows the jo bros and you jonas fans ARE SO ANNOYING. Malese is talented and sings awesome, she’s not some unknown trying to make it she stared in a show and I’m a fan of malese so yeah people to care about her

  • patricio

    Who deserves fame? No one deserves anything really, fame is just a fickle mistress. Do you deserve to be born in America over someone who is born in Somalia?
    My point: no one deserves anything more than anyone else really, stuff just happens , timing is everything. I happen to be a commercial photographer who knew Malese before I photographed her. There was no reason for her to be nice to me. I can tell you everything about her is a class act, her actions, how she doesnt bad mouth others, etc etc, and i know she could have a lot to say about a lot of people. Its the way of small minded people to tear down the giants among us, especially when they arent as petty as we ourselves are.
    Malese will be the same person whether she has to work at Burger King or has a number one show. I will support her either way, but i hope she continues to be able to do what SHE loves.

  • ally

    malese jow did not date kevin jonas.
    and band camp scene?