Megan Fox, at 16, before she was an international star. +4! Credit MFOnline.

  • angie


  • race

    before the surgery, she looked pretty like a girl next
    door. these pics are not so clear, but in other close-
    up pics (before some freckle removal), she had
    pockmarks in her face and freckles. surgery made her
    look hotter, but i’m not sure if i’m up for that kind
    of manufactured beauty.

  • jess

    shes friggin gorgeous

  • jtmikee


  • nick jonas is mine

    first yay! hahaha i think she looks pretty shes got a weird personality though. i think shes really self concious. :)

  • sara

    she was prettier then. b4 all the botox and crap

  • http://4:39 MANDY

    she pretty but DISGUSTING!!! IS SHE A PORN STAR??

  • http://4:39 MANDY

    ya hers eyes are really pretty too

  • Anonymous

    so prettyy

  • IJ


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i didn’t say she didn’t have work done. but the girl hasn’t had botox. her skin’s always been flawless.

  • Anonymous

    She’s prettier now after all that work done.
    she has a fat face here

  • Vicci

    As far as im concerned, she’s still gorgeous.

  • jenna

    shes ok, but nothing special here: Look what botox does to you! lol

  • Lizzie! :P

    Haha, she’s okay, but not THAT PRETTY. Now she’s alot prettier!

  • bridget

    i love herrrr.
    shes gorgeous and hilarious.

  • o

    woah i love these pictures

  • Lorraine

    She had her face done? Wow… didn’t know. Lol, she’s sooo pretty!

  • Anonymous

    OMG the eyebrowwS!

  • lisa :]

    she looks prettier before in my opinion but she’s still pretty now.

  • Anonymous

    if she was this gorgeous, what the hell did she do to her face?! and WHY?

  • Anonymous

    ewww ugly shes prettier after da workkk she had

  • jasminne

    “before the surgery” blah blah blah!
    shes probably has only had her lips plumped and thats about it! she was younger in these photos! people grow up and so does their face!!

  • Anonymous

    damn shes always been HOT

  • Jane

    i think she looks great here too

  • Anonymous

    uhh, she defiantly got work done on her lips and eyes!


    bunny teeth.

  • Anonymous


  • aila !!!! :)

    LOL, she looks 20..

  • Lauren

    She looks so pretty here! She looks so young!

  • Anonymous

    i dont know why she is so self conscious. shes gorgeous.

  • breathe

    In the last pic!
    IDK what it is but replace her hair with taylor swifts and they look so much alike.


    DO IT!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    her teeth are huge

  • Anonymous

    she looks kinda sexual .


  • Anonymous

    don’t like her for some reason.
    but i read one interview where she said something about miley and vanessa having to apologise over nothing blahblablah and how they’re lives were controlled by disney bosses and i agree with her on that

  • Anonymous

    she was so pretty before she was orange.

  • lC duBB

    oh dear! that cheating skally wag needs to go

    oh crusty looking bit.

  • Anonymous

    so pretty!!

  • karina

    kinda creepy …

  • mai

    wow. she looks prettier here than her pics nowadays… after those surgeries.

    really… she looks really pretty here. so sad why her decided to underwent those surgeries.-.-

  • Anonymous

    I think she is a tranny.

  • Anonymous

    um, she’s like 21. she hasn’t had botox. she looks the same as she did in holiday in the sun, just more makeup.

  • rosemary cynthia

    all i have to say is if this was miley cyrus u would be calling her a slut or a whore instead of beautiful

  • Anonymous

    she’s still gorgeous. her having cosmetic surgery just made her look even more stunning.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she was pretty even when she was 16!
    Shes a sex god

  • Anonymous

    shit. i’m 17, and i would be estatic if i were HALF that pretty.

  • tati

    shes a naturally beautiful gurl…yall are just is in the eye of the beholder…so say what yall wanna say..guess what …she still famous despite the haters

  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeous, and still is.

  • Anonymous

    she was pretty before,
    it’s so sad that people get surgery
    to reach what they believe is perfection
    i’m grossed out.

    um, she’s like 21. she hasn’t had botox. she looks the same as she did in holiday in the sun, just more makeup.

    haha, yes she has, she’s gotter lip plumper and a nose job too.

  • A

    she’s gorgeous, i can’t imagine being 16 and looking like that…

  • Lisa

    Wow! She was gorgeous then and now! I wish she wasn’t so darn tan and got back her natural skin color, it’s much nicer! She has one of those names that absolutely suit her…Megan Fox IS foxy! lol

  • Anonymous

    and she calls herself manly looking…


    She looks kinda Taylor Swift xD

    Way cute!!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like audrina patridge

  • Tru

    She still was pretty…….

  • jul!a

    i am creepin

  • Anonymous

    You can see she’s gotten a boob job and made her lips bigger. She’s so fake, she was way prettier before!

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does the last picture make her look
    lik taylor swift ?

  • Anonymous

    Her eyes are not pretty, you people are biased because you like blue. But what’s important is the shape and size of the eye and her eyes are small and have no particularly pretty shape. And the rabbit teeth! Wow she has had a lot of surgery, she doesn’t look like herself anymore!