Dakota Fanning PUSH PREVIEW

Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans & Camilla Belle‘s new movie PUSH. +2! The action packed sci-fi thriller involves a group of young American ex-pats with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities, hiding from a US government agency.
They must utilize their talents together to escape the agency forever.

  • Gina

    This looks pretty good, but i’m kinda stuck… I’m going with my friends to watch a movie, but i’m not sure what to watch… its either this, the unborn, or the uninvited. Any recommendations? i know the uninvited doesn’t come out until this friday, and i’m not sure if the unborn is still playing… is it?

  • Anonymous

    when does this come out?

  • whatever


  • Alex

    saw it today and was dissapointed it was really bad but dakota did look like a skank in it. See for yourselves:

  • Lauren2

    You don’t have to post the pic anyway, a-non, because the arm in the pink top has a ciggy in her hand, and there’s alcohol on the table. So yeah. That’s all the proof we need. But that top is a terrible choice.

  • candygirl

    Skank fanning!


    who loves that?

  • meagan

    shes just like “shit” .. “damn”
    hahah she is such a good actress!

    when is this out?

  • mojo

    I dont get it, whats so bad about the pic?

  • E

    You guys are so dumb, that could just be a apple cider bottle or something
    grow up
    shes awesomee

  • mojo

    Push is a good movie. I watch it every week when its called “Heroes.”

  • Andiee

    That is a skanky pic of her! Miley wannabe hrmf..

  • http://youtube.com/user/paramorefan122 stephanie


  • mojo

    I dont know why but i get a kick out of hearing sweet little Dakota say “shit” and “damn”

  • http://youtube.com/user/paramorefan122 stephanie


  • lewie

    you honestly can’t see her entire bra hanging out? she couldn’t even get served at a restaurant wearing that trash. It’s called underwear for a reason!

  • Buffe

    Well she isn’t so “sweet and innocent” anymore judging by that picture posted here.

  • Marcus

    Wait…in that pic candygirl posted..Dakota’s with a wine bottle. WTH??? Bad Fanning. Not so perfect, huh.

  • Susan

    That storyline is a rip-off of Stephen King’s “firestarter”

  • meagan

    even if it isnt apple cider who cares if its a bottle of alcohol. no one ever said she was a disney princess. i know a million people who drink. cooool.

  • Anonymous

    awww poor fisheys in the tank

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Umm okay?

  • Anon


  • Anonymous

    it’s going to be SO good
    I can’t wait!!

  • racheel

    this looks so tight. i can’t wait to see it.

  • AnaLove

    I actually kinda want to see this movie!

  • Lauren2

    Yeah cuz underage drinking is totally cool and not illegal at all…psh. Not to mention even being at a party like that can get you arrested.

    Forget the alcohol just look at that top. Skanksville. See through and showing half her skin and entire bra to the world. Real classy for a 14 year old. For anyone really.

  • Anonymous

    it gonna be good!

  • sara

    i cant wait to see push.

    but i’m not understanding why dakota is being called a skank? she’s completely covered & drinking/smoking dont make you a skank…

  • Ellen

    Dakota is fab in this movie !!! I LOVE DAKOTA FANNING !! No.1 fan 4ever !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    whoa, i was never much of a dakota fan, but this movie looks good! but chris evans is definitely the one that pushed it for me…love him!

  • a-non

    Yeah. I know those people. That party had alcohol. There’s another pic somewhere of her friends smoking and drinking with beer cans and bottles but I won’t post them here.

  • Anonymous

    it kind of seems like a rip off of Jumper… Samuel L Jackson, escaping from some government agency, mysterious powers…
    i don’t know, maybe it’s just me :P

  • http://google.com MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    Ok i’m definitely seeing it

  • candygirl

    Do you not see that she is okay with wearing nothing but holey leggings and a see through top that exposes half her skin and her entire black bra? That is skanky for a 14 year old. I’m sorry if you cannot comprehend that.

    And drinking and smoking is illegal for a 14 year old. Even being associated is as well.