David Archuleta: ‘Management Let Me Go To A School Dance.. The Girl I Went With Was Awesome.’

David Archuleta Myspace blog: Adele, Senior Ball and Miranda all in 3 days!

Hi all. David here with another blog. So this week I got to go to the Adele concert!! Adele is amazing amazing amazing amazing, and she sounds so good live!

James Morrison opened up for her, and he sings with so much soul. It’s so weird to see him perform because white people usually don’t sing like that haha. But anyway, I loved how Adele didn’t move around a whole lot when she performed.

She was all about the voice, and didn’t try to change that. What’s also cool is that it was at the Murray Theater in Murray, my home town! A few of my friends came with me too, so good times haha.

This Saturday was another extremely exciting day, because I got to go to Senior Ball at my high school! I didn’t think I’d ever get another chance to go to a school dance, but I asked management and they gave the ok and made time in the schedule for me to go. I had soooo much fun!
For our day activity, we had breakfast and then played games. We fit
in a lot of them too. We played dodge ball, basketball, musical chairs,
apples to apples, and crab soccer. I got a good work out from the crab
soccer too haha. We rocked at the dance too, and even though I
sweat so bad it was worth it.

The girl I got to go with was awesome too. After the dance we all
watched Mall Cop, but I kept falling asleep lol. I was so tired.
And I had to wake up early in the morning anyway for a flight.
So yesterday, we flew back down to LA, and I did some things for
Nickelodeon with Miranda Cosgrove.

It was something that involved more
lines to say, haha. So I was really nervous before we started, but once
we got going I had so much fun!  It felt like Miranda and I just hung
out all day long, and she’s such a nice girl. But yeah, the lines were
for Crush Night that’s coming up on February 7th!

The day of my acting
debut.. when the episode of iCarly I’m on airs. It really is
so much
fun working with all of them on that show. I wasn’t sure if I’d get to
work with them anytime soon, so when I heard I was going to be working
with Miranda Sunday, I was pumped! haha. But yeah, I’ll stop talking
about that and save it for the week it comes on. But keep that on your

It’s a big day haha. Well for me anyway. But yeah I wrote an
awfully lot in this blog. But it was a big weekend! Adele, the school
dance, and Miranda all in 3 days. But I will post some pictures for you
guys. Bye bye.
Song of the week: Adele ‘Best for Last.’ Her album is my favorite right

  • Anonymous

    bored but first

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    haha XD he’s so enthusiastic about everything XD
    like a little kid :)
    it’s cute

  • Anonymous

    loveeeee him ! <3

  • Shelby

    It kinda seems like he’s got a crush on Miranda!

  • Anonymous

    he seems like a nice kid.

    Don’t be rude, guys!
    He’s talented, too.


    is he a female? im pretty sure he is…
    did he really take a girl to the dance?


    but youre right he is cute and talented =/

  • Maddie

    Are you kidding me he’s not gay!
    Hince “The girl I got to go with was awesome”
    You all are just fat, jealous haters!

    Sorry to get all in your face but seriously gay? You’ve GOT to be KIDDING me!

  • Anonymous

    He’s adorable.

  • David is a little rascit kids

    Sorry But david is rascit

  • Anonymous

    davids awesome, i love him :)

  • Anonymous

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    marry me ?
    hes soo cute.

  • Anonymous

    i wonder wat that would be like with him

  • melissa

    to person january 27 at one thirty eight and others
    i woder wat that woud be like with him!?

  • Anonymous

    it was about to the 21 or 22 comment

  • Autumn


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  • dena

    hes so cute i love him!!!!

  • Anonymous

    LOL/// cuz he said

    white people dont sing like that

    …. i think hes cute… acts like a kid which i sawesome

  • i lovee david archuleta =)

    if yopu thinkkk hes gay then why are you wasting your time reading his blogs huh?? just cause someone is nice doesn’t mean hes gay cause hes not ightt !

  • sasha

    all you guys who think he’s gay are just jelous stupid bitches

  • Anonymous

    LOVE HIM!! hes honest!!! love him
    love him
    love him
    love him
    love him

  • shelle

    seriously i cant wait for the day
    i go to my grocery store
    and see a people magazine with him on the cover
    headlining “im gay”

  • amberJONASS

    aww he is soo adorable.
    i love him..lmao.
    i love how he is soo excited about almost everything it’s soo cutee.

  • LOVEato

    wtf is wrong with people? just because he talks really adorably, people think his gay? oh that’s logical :S
    like srsly, he’s just a shy/quiet type of guy. give him a break! and clearly, he’s not ; he said the girl he went to the dance with was great.

  • LOVEato

    wtf is wrong with people? just because he talks really adorably, people think his gay? oh that’s logical :S
    like srsly, he’s just a shy/quiet type of guy. give him a break! and clearly, he’s not ; he said the girl he went to the dance with was great.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I thought he was gay..as in likes guys. And no I’m not jealous I just seriously thought he was/is

    I’m not hating because I do like a couple of his songs..I was just saying that he seemed like he was

  • Taylor

    He’s so so sweet!
    Oh and,
    Everyone is open to say their own opinion, so all of you that want to say he is “gay” go ahead. No one cares. haha.
    He’s incredible. <3


    i love you (lll)<3

  • M

    I don’t have anything against this dude,but what he said about white people was unexpected from him…

  • http://t blackskittles

    love him(:

  • Meee

    Is he seriously not gay?
    He really looks it, and his blog makes him really sound it… I don’t mean to be rude, but I think he might be hiding something from us…

  • Anonymous

    i hope he lost his virginaty.

  • asdafefefefefefefefefefe

    he said ‘ white people dont normally sing like that’
    thats a weird comment…thoughts?

  • http://t blackskittles

    i dont care if hes gay or not.
    i love him either way(:

  • Shelby

    Doubt it
    In an interview he said he hasn’t even kissed anyone yet
    Cause he’s waiting for the right girl!
    He’s so adorable!

  • Samrah.

    hahaha. he’s awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    lol. i love him.

  • Mrs.DavidArchuleta

    he voted for Obama.
    ohhh yeahh,. he said
    the word white people..
    RACIST, grow up. if your
    calling him gay,, then
    you guys in high school will be
    screwed for calling someone gay,
    (happend to my friend)

  • Youve got Maillll <3

    No… its like an in the closet gay guy.

  • Tru

    He is so cute! Much Love David!

  • Anonymous

    WTF? Just because it’s hard to find sweet guys, doesn’t mean they’re gay. Yeah, you call the Jonas Brothers gay cause they’re grounded. STFU haters! David’s awesome, and talented! Not to mention a total cutie =] I just can’t help but smile whenever I see him ?

  • lol

    his face looks like a pinched asian.