Emma Roberts ‘I Love Chuck Palahniuk’


Emma‘s USA Today interview excerpts. On celebrity misbehavior: ‘It’s all played out. There’s not a lot of original ways to get attention in the press. Everyone has used up all the good ones, DUI, eating disorders, getting pregnant.

On her free time: ‘When I’m not working, I don’t do lots of
glamorous things. I do schoolwork and hang out with friends. I read a
lot. Right now I’m reading A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. I liked the title and it’s a period book.

And Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. I love Chuck Palahniuk as an author. I love Invisible Monsters. It’s really twisted but really cool. I think he’s amazing. My favorite book is The Perks of Being a
Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.’

On college: ‘I just sent out all my applications. I only applied to three schools
because I figure if I don’t get into my top choice, I’ll defer and
apply again. I
want to study photography, literature and
On the future: ‘I’d love to have a really nice boyfriend. I would love to have been to
Paris. I’ve never been. I’d love to have my own photography
coffee-table book. And I’d love to get my license. It’s
been a catastrophe.

I got my permit the first try and went to get my
license and failed. Then my permit expired. I just got my permit again
a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully
I’ll get my license soon.’

  • Anonymous


  • Samantha


  • Anonymous

    oo coolio

  • Elise. <3

    waiit whatt??!!

    shes old enough for college. when did this happen?

    and how is she older than me. isnt she like 16?


    I think she’s 18.

  • aila !!!! :)

    LOL i heard she’s a huge bitch.

  • Linda

    Well, you heard wrong. ;)
    She’s awesome, love her

  • Oh so now shes tryin to be like Selena by tryin to be like Miley!

  • Anonymous

    she seems annoying

  • Anonymous

    i dont know why stars both applying to college; they know their not going.

  • anon

    i loved the perks of being a wallflowerr.
    and she seems more honest than most celebs
    i hope she does go to college

  • Anonymous

    Oh so now shes tryin to be like Selena by tryin to be like Miley!

    People can’t acheive the same dreams?
    What is wrong with you people?!
    Many people have the same interests with each other. Why can’t people accept that instead of automatically assuming people are copying each other?? This world does NOT revolve around those Disney Girls. Everyone has their own goals in life they would want to follow, why can’t she? I don’t even know who this Emma Roberts girl is, but people who point these things out are annoying.

  • m


    i doubt she even understands Palahniuk.

  • S lala

    i hate the stupid whiney people on here that have to accuse celebrities of copying eachother and comparing them .seriosuly how old are you? grow up
    you don’t know her
    & many people have the same intrests. i love photography and literature too. doesnt mean im copying emma.

  • Anonymous

    I like Fight Club and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” too…great movie/books

  • Anonymous

    whoever says shes copying miley/selena is retarded she had her own tv show before any of them even started! i love her! the world doesnt revolve around disney!

  • Anonymous

    She’ll be eighteen next month I think. If she’s a fan of Palahniuk I hope she likes Fightstar. They named a song after him.

  • elle

    waiit whatt??!!

    shes old enough for college. when did this happen?

    and how is she older than me. isnt she like 16?

  • talor swift, you go girlll

    wow i think that emma needs to stop reading.
    thats the problem with stars nowa days
    they need to focus on whats really important…………..
    love you emma,
    peace joy and love to you and yours
    and remember, no matter what anybody says,
    i believe,,,,, no i BEILEVE in you
    i hope you conyinue to thrive

  • DeMi=BeAuTiFuL_PrInCeSs9845

    o dude i totz agree with you taylor swift, you go girl!
    stars really do need to stop reading though…
    there are such better things they could be doing with their time!
    and she just sounds so smart when shes talking about all those fance books….
    i mean, that just makes me feel bad…
    emmas a babe though. gotta love her.
    i know i always will. and hotel for dogs rocks. man i just love movies about dogs.
    and emmas in it and she just is beastly at acting.
    rock on emma!!

  • julie.anne <3

    i love the perks of being a wallflower too<33

  • Olivia [ahhah]

    you knwo what?
    people saying emma copying her?
    this girl [Emma] is so much more honest.
    she tells it like it is.
    i laughed when she said all the celeb attention tricks.
    however selena, no way man.
    she’d be a good lawyer. she’s good at lying and hiding things. well sorta good. she can only fool those weak minds [cough*tweenies..*coughs]
    but i know she’s fake. and a bit of a famewhore.

    i mean hang out with FTSK. and post it up all over myspace. and then is she going to say that she didnt expect being paired up with one of them?


  • Anonymous

    she is now really annoying..she dont want to be hersesf like selena look what she do to nick