From 4TNZ: Could YOU be the Jonas Brothers new BFF? See how some wannabes fared on the first episode of this BRAND NEW reality show!

  • lawreign

    LMAO hahahhaha
    and maybe spoon!

  • Natalie J

    gazing into eachothers eyes…… loved it. awesome lol

  • Tru

    That was stupid….No disrespect…..Much Love JB!

  • Jenna

    Um- yeah.
    That “guy” AKA girl, is totally creepin’.


    P.S. – Those boys are amazing. ;] (jonas brothers.. the people in the video are.. i’m not even sure..)

  • taamy

    copy of the paris hilton show

  • Nicholas.

    So- I’m a guy & I find this video hilarious. I’ve met the jonas brothers on multiple occasions and I’m 100% sure they would find this HILARIOUS.

    P.S. – Jenna, I’m totally creeping. See you on Jonas Secrets part 6. (;

  • Anonymous

    hahaha i really love that!

  • Meredith

    Is this for real?! Or is it just a joke? lol
    Cuz if it was real I would REALLLLLLLYYYYYY love to be on that show:D :D :D :D
    Joe and I could be reallllllyy good friends(;

  • alyssa

    okay, i loooovvveee the jonas brothers…but only to an extent…and this is going overboard…

  • Anonymous

    plop!, the jobros rules!

  • rochelle


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    haha, not a fan of the jonas brothers but this was hilarious

  • Anonymous

    dude, i love bromance.
    brody jenner.
    BJ. haha (:

  • a

    Huh wtf?

  • a

    very confused

  • Tiffany

    HAHAHA….that was good! “How old am I? Uh…30?”

  • Megan

    on the real bromance, chris purcell like went to my grade school and stuff.
    and im friends with his family and stuff.

  • lo

    ha, funny.

  • kuj

    wait waht interview of the jonas brothers was this?
    cuz they were like “uhhh no” haha so i wanna see what they asked them and stuff

  • living the dream

    that wasnt funny at all sorry

  • kuj

    wait waht interview of the jonas brothers was this?
    cuz they were like “uhhh no” haha so i wanna see what they asked them and stuff

  • cass

    ha ha ha….love it…this would be sooo cool if it really as a show….i would totally dress up as a guy and audition!!!! :)
    ~Peace, Love, Jonas~

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  • h


  • Abby

    ha i just watched this on youtube.. so funny..

  • Yvonne

    WTFuckery is this? Its so wacked

  • Anonymous

    Wtf lmao

  • kirs

    lmao. Loved it.

  • xoWelcomeToMyLifeox

    haha, wow….

  • Anonymous

    is this supposed to be funny??

    cause personaly…i didn’t think it was.

  • jonas4ever


  • Anonymous

    “i could make you SOO HAPPY… you know… in a not creepy…dude way.”

  • Anonymous

    umm, if u didnt get it, they are making fun of the MTV show, “bromance” but im guessing it was made by a fan…its not an actual tv show, lol…but i love how the girl says, me and nick can like..spoon and stuff haha

  • Anonymous

    hahah thats was kinda of funny :p

  • Anonymous

    This is like paris hiltons new bff.