Kellan Lutz ‘I’m A Big Truck Guy’

Kellan Lutz talks about his parties in the mudflats of the Midwest, his dream car, one piece of fan mail & how much he loves working with 90210 friends.

  • Emily

    OMG! Lol. I had a feeling he was gonna say Ford Ranger as his first truck! That’s my first truck too! lol. I don’t even have my learners permit yet, but I have a ruck, lol.

  • RAwRR_itzEM(ily)

    hez soo hawt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kamilah

    i was thinking the same thing
    he has a strong likeability about him

  • tina

    sex on legs

  • ..

    he’s a nobody..

  • Victoria

    He’s cute. :)

  • Anonymous

    he’s a nobody..
    how dare you!?
    hes soo hot!

  • LOVEato

    Ahaha aww. he’s the cutest teddy bear ever <3

  • Anonymous

    he’s a nobody..
    how dare you!?
    hes soo hot!

  • Anonymous

    aww he seems really sweet and down to earth. i would love to meet him.

  • me

    He’s so dreamy haha. aww. he’s so cute. I wanna meet him!
    He’s got a HOT bod too! woo baby!
    Yeah, he does seem really sweet and down to earth. love himm

  • YouKnowULoveMe

    SOHOT! lol he seems really cool. and hot :P

  • Anonymous

    love himm :DDDDD

  • Ali

    MY sister works for!
    check her out on
    her name is Jill!
    she has blonde hair!!

    i love kellan

  • ash

    kellan is my quiveration preference…him and cam gigandet…woooh sexy

  • Anonymous

    haha i loveee kellan.<3
    hahah. :)

  • rfe284

    I LOVE HIMMMMM! :) quack.

  • sara

    that is EXACTLY what i was going to say.

    kellan = Love.

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