Jackson Rathbone Smokin’ Hot Shoot

Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone new photo shoot. Credit: Jackson-Rathbone. 8+

  • Anonymous

    OMG, Talk about the love of my life. i don’t really care for his hair to be like this, but gooooodddd dammnnnn, if that isn’t the hottest guy alive. Ya’ll are insane. I want to have his babies!

  • Judy

    ooooh baby ;)

  • decoder

    ok, jackson rathbone does not smoke in real life. he only did that for the photoshoot. i mean c’mon, when your an actor you have to do everything to be that character you are trying to act, even if it means smoking. otherwise critics will say that you are a bad actor.

  • immacupcakexo

    ahh!!! i saw this on his fansite
    that i check religiously.

    i lovee him soooo much and i’m sooo
    proud of everything he is doing with
    his career, because he is sooo talented
    and deserves every bit of fame and recognition
    he is getting:D!

    loveed him since beautiful people<3.

  • Elaina Cullen – Hale

    *drool* he is sooooooooo hot ! omG i love him soo much !i like jasper more than edward. hes like my life !! :P <3 so gorgeous. alice greene is one lucky girl

  • Anonymous

    wow; so im pree much in love with him;

    but the smoking is really not cool,
    but i guess its whatever since he is of age and all that.

    but he is extremly fine,
    especialyy with his hair strait!!


  • Anonymous

    Love the guy. He apparently co-owns (or at least regularly performs) at this hipster club not far from where I live. I get invited to go when his band plays but it’s too… I don’t know… not for me. Heard he’s a great musician and a cool guy. But, yeah, I agree that the smoking will give impressionable fans the wrong idea.

  • Jessica

    hes lyk a young johnny depp!
    he;s very hot!!!

  • Anonymous


  • noone

    First it was Kristen Stewart then Robert Pattinson now Jackson Rathbone?

  • ChloeRathbone

    Jesus Christ that man is beautiful, the cigarettes, oh my my! The things I would do to spend the night with that!

  • Anonymous

    yea he is ugly! but his clothes are nice! i love twilight though! And he is really good as jasper!! his soo cute in the movie in the baseball scence when he twrils the bat!! :)

  • bb

    it’s just a shoot ! and if he smokes in real life, who
    cares? it’s his life :) smoking is bad but how i said,
    just a shoot. he’s smoking hot, anyway

  • ChloeRathbone

    Jesus Christ that man is beautiful, the cigarettes, oh my my! The things I would do to spend the night with that!

  • sara

    he’s hot shit & he knows it.

    …. and supposedly his parents live in my city.
    preetty coollll.

  • Anonymous

    um… he is SO ugly, and the whole smoking thing makes it worse… i hope i don’t sound dumb asking this, but is it pot or regular cigarettes?

  • Fx

    Ooh, he’s gorgeous!
    I lovee Jackson :D
    he’s an amazing actor, and super cutee :)
    and he’s an AWESOME Jasper Hale!
    Hahaa. I love these pics.
    I don’t like the smoking ones as much…
    because it’s kinda bad for you..
    But whatever, I still love him :) x

  • Kelsey

    EWW NOO! your FREAKING discusting if
    you think smokers are HOT!
    they are sooo NOT!
    there the opposite of HOT
    well then again, pot/marijunana isnt sooo bad.
    i just HATE cigarettes.
    thats why i hate twilight!
    it seems like every star form that movie,smokes ciggarettes! YUCKK

  • Anonymous

    smokers are cute.
    cancer is not.

  • http://myspace.com/hilmersgay hilmer

    is it just me or does he look gay?

  • Anonymous

    so hot!

  • Daniyah

    1st? :)
    EEEEEEWWWW hes ugly!
    but i love twilight! lol hes cool as Jasper! :)

  • Anonymous

    ew , WHO ?

  • alyssa

    he looks a little like jonny depp

  • Anonymous

    omg! i was the fiiiiiiiiirst! *-* who cares? :P

  • Anonymous

    omj….hes sooooo CUTE!


  • Anonymous

    first pic before the cut

    he looks like a young Bob Dylan

  • immacupcakexo

    honestly people, you can’t
    tell if he smokes from one photoshoot.
    because cigarettes are [wrongfully]
    used as props for models.

    audrey kitching, for those of you who
    don’t know who she is, she’s an alternative
    model. they’ve done shots of her with cigarettes
    and on her official sites she says she doesn’t smoke.
    so yeah, it’s been done, just because the cig is in
    his mouth, doesn’t mean he’s smoking it.

  • Olivia

    fyi Jasper Hale doesnt smoke so he cant be doing it for the “character”
    i used to like rob but then smokes
    i moved onto jackson now ladeda he smoke
    im pissed off now is there ne hot famous guys that dont smoke.. o yeah before rob there was daniel radcliffe then he started!!!!

    man is it me or something?
    am i jinxed?

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  • amile

    hes gorgeous!
    jasper hale :)
    my fave character.

    love him

  • LaLa Land

    WOOO :)

  • Anonymous

    almost everyone on the twilight set smokes.

  • Anonymous

    who still uses cigs for photoshoots? I thought that you couldn’t do that anymore.

    smoking is bad kids.
    very very bad.

  • Anonymous

    well the cigarette ain’t so attractive,
    but he sure is (:

  • Bella

    JACKSON IS AWESOME!!!!! he is so amazing as Jasper. I love him!!!!

  • ;l

    my god i love jackson and jasper!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    he’s super hot!

  • Anonymous

    ahh i love him! and i love jasper :)

  • crazy girl

    smoking is bad ass and i like bad asses he is so hot if he smokes than oh well its his life god its not like its weed or something and if you smoke cause someone else is doing it your just a naive child who needs to get your own life seriously and if that was the case younger kids shouldnt watch tv i just think y’all are making a big deal out of nothing

  • british bombshell

    he is pretty fit
    and little kids should know
    alot of people smoke
    just becuz he is famous people expect him not to smoke
    but yeah maybe this is my opinion becuase i smoke

  • M;)

    He’s quite hot !!!!
    but i’m gonna have to be the annoying ant-amoking person who says he should NOT be smoking in the photoshoot – young twilight fans might try to copy him and it’s NOT cool! it’s disgusting!! xx

  • Anonymous

    rob Pattinson did. just saying

  • megan

    who still uses cigs for photoshoots? I thought that you couldn’t do that anymore.

    smoking is bad kids.
    very very bad.
    and gross…

  • jacksonrathbones lover

    omg he is soo hot! i love him! i am obsessed!!!

  • Anonymous

    i dont like his hair

  • Anonymous

    i know he shouldnt be smoking in the shoot but it looks really hot lol! we both were born the same day:) different years but same day lol

  • me ;)

    ARE YOU PPL BLIND?! he’s ugly!!!

    but i love as jasper

  • megan

    i agree;
    i dont understand why they think smoking in photoshoots is soo cool.

    its not. its disgusting.

    But, i am a very big fan of him and rpattz.
    so im not hating, i just dont agree with the shoot.

  • Natalie

    HES SO HOT I LOVE HIM <33333 yay jasper

  • Anonymous

    ewwwwwww this guy is GROSSSSSSSSS

  • Anonymous


  • me ;)

    ewwwww!! how can you think he’s hot?!?!?!?!?!
    but he’s cool as jasper (hale yes!)

  • Anonymous

    he’s really sexy.

  • Anonymous

    he’s so hot<3

  • kelsey

    cigarettes in photoshoots aren’t cool. hahaha

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    Ok yeah yeah smokings bad and all but man does this boy look freakin HOTTTT!!!
    Yes I think he looks really sexy smoking…..would I ever smokee? NO!!
    So these pictures would only effect a weak,very low confidence person with no mind ! LOL

  • gsgsv


  • Giulia

    he’s sooo sexy,hot and cute…i love him…
    he’s gorgeous!Jasper Hale= hot

  • carol

    love jackson *-*

  • Giulia

    he’s gorgeous!he’s hot,sexy,cute, my love…
    i love him soo much….
    Jasper Hale=hot,sexy

  • karina

    He looks so hot!! I love Jackson!! Can’t wait till New Moon

  • Jacky

    Gosh hes so sexy and hot.
    Hes friggin gorgeous!
    I love him <321

  • Anonymous

    i think he only looks hot i twilight
    not really feelin these pics

  • Anonymous

    ow ow!

  • Anonymous

    i’ve met him!
    he’s really nice :D

    him & rob are my favorite people on twilight :)

    i dont smoke.im not a fan of it myself.
    but he’s hot so whatever.

  • jess


  • Anonymous

    I think it’s unattractive when guys smoke, it makes ur breath smell bad and ur teeth yellow

  • Anonymous

    love him
    hate his hair

  • M:)

    i know he shouldnt be smoking in the shoot but it looks really hot lol! we both were born the same day:) different years but same day lol


    Exactly my earlier point – people now thinks smoking looks ‘hot’

  • Karina

    he’s so hot!! I love Jackson. He’s my favorite character

  • Me

    1. He is a sexy beast.
    2. Smoking makes is delicious and smells good.
    3. Smoking makes you look cool… It is a fact the
    the only more cool than a picture of someone
    smoking is someone smoking with a beer.

  • Anonymous

    eww no. hes good as jasper in twilight but yeah no.

  • sophieeee

    i just dont like the long hair part, other than that woahhh hottieeee

  • tay tay


  • Anonymous

    I’m in love with Jackson!!! <3
    He is so cute!!!!
    I love his eyes and smile!!!!
    ; )

  • Brandy

    Ooh la la.

  • Anonymous

    Jackson looks so cute!!!

  • Jazmin.

    Amazzzing! lovin it

  • Amy

    i fucking love him, he’s lovely :)
    and he’s insanely gorgeous, too.

  • kara

    hes sooooooooo hot i think who ever is not in love with him is a total retard thats true he shouldnt smoke but still hes soooooo hot Alice is sooo lucky i would die for him.My who lifes dream is to be in one of the movies my favorite people are my life Jasper and alice but i still love them all.When i look at pictures of jasper and alice i feel like i could cry:( Kara Gorman

  • In Love with Monroe Jackson Rathbone

    He is so cute!!!!
    I’m totally in love with him!!!!
    Love his eyes and smile!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He looks so much better with Blonde hair when it’s styled, but hey, No guy wants to spend time of there hair haha

  • Eve Cullen

    I agree with Jess!

    He is sexy!

  • http://www.adultjonasfans.com Crys

    I hate the smoking, but holy hell that is one gorgeous man.

  • Anonymous

    to anyone who says hes ugly… shut up!

  • Georgie-Rose

    OMG who cares if he smokes hes outragesly Gawjus…i love him…and anyways smoking aint gross…its normal…
    so shut up bout him smokin and who eva think hes ugly can shut the fuck up hes lovely : )))))))))

  • Anonymous

    he’s too cutee.

  • qwertyuiopol,fghjk

    he is soo hott! i love those pictures.
    i agree with the smoking part.
    i dont think he really smokes, becouse i have seen like
    every picture of him on the face of this earth! and none of them have him smoking.
    i think the photographer thought it would look cool! but he
    defently looks hotin every picture!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He is sexy!!!

  • Anonymous 687

    uh, y’ all need 2 calm down bout the smokin thing. its his life anyways u shouldnt get all pissd off bout it, u dont even no him. get pva urselvs

  • Anonymous

    i swear he is drop dead fucking gorgeouss <3333333333333333333

  • LeoCubby

    Jackson has this swarthy hippy look thing going on and it fits his personality to the tee!!! He’s sooo fucking sexXxy, hot, artistic, creative, all of the above and more…I bet he squirms in bed when he nutts…lol