Drugged out Mischa Barton flashed her panties and chilled with Kanye at Paris Fashion Week. More under of Mischa at the Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring/ Summer 2009 runway show. Fame. 10+

  • Anonymous

    she died.

  • natascha

    in the last picture, the women behind her back is looking dirty!

  • valeria

    hahaha i noticed that

  • mandy

    that could happen to anyone.
    people just dont have cameras taking pictures of them 24/7. like seriously.

  • Annie

    at least she had panties on

  • Anonymous

    she was on Orange County later known as the OC… DUH!

  • Anonymous

    this was on parez hilton..

  • Anonymous

    Wtf who is she?

  • Anonymous

    *perez hilton my bad..
    hmm was i firsT??

  • jane

    shes a model :)

  • Christina

    Yep. She’s on drugs. WHY MARISSA =( lol

  • Anonymous

    cmon you should know this!
    mischa barton from the oc?
    the world doesn’t revolve around selena gomez and miley cyrus even though they’re great.

  • zoi

    Oh come on!!!!
    couldn’t she whear black ta least???
    Nadia you have t make a comment!

  • cami

    sorry but i just know miley cyrus and selena gomez, and demi, and Jonas. lol kidding.
    who cares, she’s just one more stupid actress trying to appear a little more! :]

  • Miffy.

    actually she’s incredibly talented.
    and does alot more mature roles than the actresses you must like.
    and it’s not her fault, do you think she flashed you on purpose?
    she’s not stupid.

    she’s dating Luke Pritchard, lucky bitch, aha (:

  • yay

    wtf she looks high and weird..she is actually rlly pretty but she has this talent to make herself look awkward…
    but I would love to hang out with ppl like kanye and dita!!!

  • Anonymous

    why is she even famous, she acted back in what? 2004

    shes boring and lame

  • yay

    some people are famous for nothing, like it-girls
    lucky bitch
    she used to be my favorite actress I LOVED marissa :(

  • choleeee

    hey Kanye heyyyy:)

  • sophieeee

    ohh poor girl this shouldnt be shown, i feel embarrassed for herrr

  • bree

    don’t even know her but gross
    and omg ocean-up tryna be like
    perez hilton witht this blogg lmao ?

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a mess

  • urmom

    She looks incredible!
    she really does look like a model, looking GREAAAT!

  • retrs

    i love her i think shes fucking beautiful

  • b

    tore up.

  • Anonymous

    yep, shes on drugs

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  • kittykat

    omg shes wearing christian loubotin ! <3

  • Anonymous

    wht happened 2 marisssa :(

  • natalie.

    Oh my gosh i love Mischa Barton!
    the o.c is my favorite showwww!

  • Lily.

    She is so pretty.

  • zadosecwl

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