Paris Hilton OLD BFF Lady Gaga

Paris Hilton met up with old friend Lady Gaga to discuss music, fashion and collaborations, backstage at the launch of the Nokia 5800 at Punk in London. Plus, Gaga recorded a Dear Mr. President video for Barack Obama under!

  • Mackenzie

    She said uhh and umm several times

  • Anonymous

    sjldifhiusdfguwoer :P

  • Old Ave

    Paris looks like an EMUU

  • Anonymous

    i thought they HATED each other
    like gaga said in a interview

  • Anonymous

    NEWS this was posted on OhNoTheyDi’int
    3 days AGO!
    oh and

    BURN to all da comments

  • Anonymous

    My IQ went down after watching that first video.

  • Anonymous

    is paris trashedd????

  • Natalya

    ummm… k wow they both sound retarded!! That was like a waste of 5 min!!

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  • anon

    hmm these two are so thick. Paris makes me ill especially when shes posing ugh!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ahhahahha paris is sucking up to lady gaga like crazyyy… lady gaga sounds smarter. naming random stuff lmao

  • silly joseph, socks are for feet!

    actually, paris and her sister did NOT go to school with lady gaga…

    nicky hilton graduated three years before lady gaga, and paris was kicked out and never graduated.

    FUN FACT: nicky hilton skipped school every friday! (:

  • Anonymous

    i love lady gaga’s hair :D

  • Anonymous

    lady gaga rockssssss <33333

  • Lady Gaga Wig

    Yea it’s so bizarre how similar those two are. It’s only natural that they would be friends.

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