Shia LaBeouf BAG OVER HEAD Video

Shia LaBeouf stalked by paparazzi with a bag over his head & broken hand.

  • Anonymous

    aww my babyyy.
    why cant they just leave him alonee?

  • Anonymous

    you know it`s SO MUCH BETTER if he doesn`t wear a bag over his head , cause that`s waaaaaaay more embarrassing than just not wearing one at all , cause everyone KNOWS it`s you when you`re in disguise . . . i guess it`s just a paparazzi thing :P

  • sarah

    i love shia but this is a bit strange…

  • Anonymous

    “slip one under my gate”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i like how he hides his broken hand with a bag, too. lol. :)

  • Anonymous

    i love him,
    but i think he’s a bit cracked out.

  • shiahott

    i love shia but this is creepy. it reminds me of the strangers.!

  • Jesse

    hahaha! “im not me dude!”

  • cookiemonster

    I don’t think it’s creepy. I think it’s funny and cool and awesome…and a bunch of other adjectives that are similar to those three! haha

  • Anonymous

    lmao im not me dude

  • Anonymous

    haha He’s awesome. “Slip a note under my gate.” “I’m not me.” haha

  • Heather :)

    hahah awe he’s adorable.
    not like, having a bag over his head is adorable
    just how he walks and like what he says.
    yeah, i’ll shut up now.

  • Anonymous

    its clearly meant as a joke

  • Anonymous

    he did it because if the paparazzi can’t see a celebs face they get less money so they might leave him alone

  • sophieeee

    paparazzi just need to leave the celebs alone and let them have their own livesss

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