Sonny With A Chance THEME SONG

Sonny With A Chance‘s theme song ‘So Far So Great.’ Do YOU like it?

  • Ellie

    this song is NOT DEMI

  • lilili

    i love demi
    but i really dont like
    the theme song
    like thats not the way she sings

  • sarah

    i think its cute
    nothing beats the best of both worlds hahaha its a disney classic
    no but it will take some getting used to for suree
    why does demi sound like that though?? kind of nasal-ish??
    ahhaah w.e idc i like it.

  • l


  • kaity

    i agree…wizards has the worst theme song. i dont really know which show has the best theme song though
    i really like the proud family theme song (but dont like the show lol) and thats so raven is pretty good too.
    hannah montana’s okay.
    sonny with a chance’s theme song i think is pretty good because it actually sounds like a tv theme song lol not just a song used as a theme song..if that makes any sense lol its such a happy song!

    i think it woulda been cool if they used la la land but they didnt =(

  • alyssa

    demi is an amazing singer!
    i like the song becos her voice makes it sound good..if someone like dakota or whoever will sing wouldn’t really sound as good as it is

  • Olivia [aahhah]

    i like it.
    stop comparing it to hm theme song.
    i hate it, on this radio my mum listens to , they made their own version advertising themselves but with the same beat. i want to die when i hear it.
    >.< anyway, it’s alright. i dont like the wizards song to be honest. it’s just so ughh…corny? no, but something. hopefully, my friends are right. they went to see it live. and they said it was good. but what they put in the comercials makes it seem bad. so iunno.

  • Brigid

    I love Demi Lavato! I love ALL her songs. This one rocks! If only I could find the

    By the way, she was PAYED to get on the show.She didn’t ask,but she thought it would be nice. So what? She can have her own show too!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hopefully they’ll do some poll or something, and realise that the song isn’t getting good feedback and they’ll use a different song.

  • naee.

    owhh, my ears hurts.
    can she stop yelling when she sings?

    … seriously?

    and this show is gonna suck[‘:
    and the cast mates are ugly.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha they used her camp rock pic for that decoration on the set when she’s like WOAH! and sees her pic on the wall LMAO!!!

  • Ada

    seems to me that there will finally be a somewhat good show on Disney Channel.

    and why are people comparing this to HM’s theme song?
    they’re probably not supposed to be alike.
    and anyway, Hannah Montana sucks, i wish they would hurry up and cancel it.


    Umm, honey, don’t get your hopes up. They’ll probably be doing A LOT of reruns after HM’s cancelled. Just like they did tonsss of reruns for That’s so Raven, Lizzie McGuire, & Cory in the House.

    Anyways, this sounds really weird but I love Demi!
    Idk, what Disney did, but they BETTER fix it.
    HM has the best theme song fo sho’, let’s see about J.O.N.A.S :D

  • Anonymous

    wtff…… why does she have to make a show too? cant she be happy with her singing career and her movie camp rock especially since theres a sequil coming soon.. and id shes going on tour as well.. does she have to have everything? i bet this show is gonna be crap. just because her best friend has a show and her other disney rival miley with hannah montanaa.. this show is gonna be total crap that shouldnt have made it to t.v

  • xoWelcomeToMyLifeox

    she’s a REALLY goos singer, this songs…ok I guess…not one of her best…but I still ? her!!!!


  • Carol

    “Her voice sounds soo weird in this song! Very deep,like shes sick and trying to sing.. D:”
    I think it’s because she’s used to singing on a much higher key, that’s all :P
    I like this song. And I think this show will be so amazing, it looks really funny.

    Please don’t put it down so soon.

  • jucie

    she sounds like a man!!

  • Taryn

    it’s okay…first.

  • 25


  • shayna.

    people who say first are so annoying,

  • Anonymous

    who cares about the theme song i wanna see the show….but um yea her voice sounds deeper…but love her!

  • 25


  • Anonymous

    of course its corny
    its disney

    thats y demis album is amazing cuz its all her.

  • Anonymous

    her voice.. WEIRDDDD
    just here though. other than that shes an AMAZING singer.
    but in this song..ew.

  • matt p

    i love demi! and i cant wait for this to come out! but i think they could have done SO much better!

  • Anonymous

    its alright.. nothing spectacluar. but i sitll love ya demi!

  • Jen

    Her voice is not good in this song. She sounds like she’s pushing everything out and trying too hard.


    well its not better then wowp theme song she sounds weird
    but better then bobw

  • Kristen

    it’s okay….

  • Anonymous

    that crap scene is like hananh montana:the movie.

    the theme song sucked? i think the best one is hannah montanas and worst WOWP.

  • Anonymous

    demi sounds great, as always!

    of course its not going to be as great [like the lyrics] as her others. its for her show, someone else wrote it. its her job to sing it.

    the showdoes look kind of stupid tho :( this made it look a little bit better, but not by much.

  • demifan4life

    this songs’ okay, but nothing really amazing like the theme song for ‘drake and josh’ or wizards…

  • momo

    hate the song,
    love her

  • sanna

    Uh, sucks. The whole idea with this show sucks, it’s gonna SUCKSUCKSUCK! Lol, Demi can’t act.

    She should stick to singing, even though she screams most of the time.

    Hannah Montana has the best themesong, no doubt

  • Anonymous

    fuck hannah montana
    this one’s better

  • Kelly

    ehh . . its alright. her voice sounds weird

  • Anonymous

    Ah, i like it I can’t wait for the show

  • laurennn


  • gabb

    demi sounds really great, the song is cute, but the song isnt her. and its not her becasue she didn get to write and the lyrics are for Sonny not Demi. but its still a cute song. and as always demi sounded awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    who over the age of 12 with a life
    is going to watch this corny shit?
    NOT ME.
    and what do you know,
    the theme song is gay too
    and she sounds really…
    i just don’t like the way she sings
    always screamy it’s so unnecessary,
    and NOT GOOD.

  • Teresa

    Her voice sounds soo weird in this song! Very deep,like shes sick and trying to sing.. D:

  • Anonymous

    the show usually is a lot different from what you see from the commercials

  • Jessica

    i didn’t really like it
    i don’t really like many of the disney shows cause they seem to copy the idea’s for the other ones…i like hannah montana’s theme tune (now its kinda annoying thou) and no im not a huge miley fan and a demi/selena/jonas hater…i like all of there music mostly jonas brother’s and demi and miley…but i just don’t know if they keep making these shows they can’t all be a hit…
    i don’t understand this one and the J.O.N.A.S one…the plots don’t seem clear to me…
    still love Demi thou <3

  • Zanub

    aww they could of done so much better!
    cuz she does have a good voice, but that sounds kinda bad, and i know imma get annoyed of it..

  • Demi is awesomeeee

    her voice is so amazing.
    seriously no one can sing like her@

  • Kayla

    I think that Demi sounds amazing.
    of course, its not the same as the other songs she sings.
    thats because she didnt write this, but i still think her voice is amazing! and this show looks so good. i cant wait.

  • Anonymous

    ahahaha and to think i thought the demi AND her show was an epic fail,

    she proved me wrong, THIS SONG fails even more..

  • Anonymous

    that crap scene is like hananh montana:the movie.

    the theme song sucked? i think the best one is hannah montanas and worst WOWP.

    not crap i meant crab lol.

  • Anonymous

    this show is gonna be a FAIL!

  • Anonymous

    This sounds so ….


  • Miranda W.

    Disney always changes demis voice, I dont know, makes it more annoying?!?
    I really like her, but ehh i dont really like this theme song..
    Im just crossing my fingers that the actual show doesnt make me feel really awkward watching it..

  • :)

    This song isnt really a demi song. Her voice sounds werid in it. I love demi and all but… dont like this song.

  • Tru

    It’s alright! I Love Demi though! Much Much Love Demi!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like it.
    It’s not catchy at all.

  • Anonymous

    SHE’S BACK ON BARNEY!! the slide could not remind me more of the purple dinosaur.

  • blah blah

    anonymous i think u shud shut up at least demi lovato and hannah montanna r doin
    something with their life instead of sitting at a computer and picking at some1 eles
    flaws! TIME 2 SHUT-UP!

  • Rachel

    She has an AWESOME voice but she shouts a lot in her songs and sometimes it’s hard to understand what she’s saying.

  • Anonymous

    i love it!
    what the heck is wrong with you guys
    the hannah montana theme song is better,
    but that shit is for like 6 year olds.
    this one is more real and more demi.
    and you can tell, give her cred for that/

  • Anonymous

    the best theme song is hannah montana
    and the worst is wizards of wavery place.

    i hope they change the theme song to something more upbeat, and demi has an amazing voice but in this, it doesnt sound so great.


  • Anonymous

    miley sounds like a dead cockroach , demi has a real voice!
    so suck on that

  • donkeyyy

    heres the line up
    1. hannah montana theme song expessaly the new one for season 3!!
    2. this one for sonny her voice is kinda deep but its okay
    3. wowp! she likes screeches every other word example- wells You know everything is gunna be a BREEEEEEEEEEEEZEEE no doubt justify the MEAAAAAAAAAAAANNSSS cuz everything is not what it seeeeeeeemssss! its terrible!

  • Anonymous

    ehh…its alright.
    i think disney couldve done better.
    i mean even hannah montana songs are better than that.
    and yeah dmi sounded weird in it.
    she usually sounds amazing but here.
    again. ehh.

  • Anonymous

    lmao. dead cockroaches dont make noise.

  • jlajsdf

    wtf was this?

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, I love the song. As soon as the full song is released, I will be putting it on my iPod.

    There’s only like 1 theme song on Disney that I like. Hannah Montana’s “Best Of Both Worlds”.

    They’re both (Demi’s and Miley’s) very catchy, in my opinion.

  • Ashley

    Idk why but I think of Love Song by Sara Barellis(don’t know how to spell it).

  • anne.

    fuck hannah montana
    this one’s better

    stop comparing shows to shows you
    havent even seen, idiotttt.

  • Cheyenne

    They are not showing her potential in the song. She has a fantastic voice.
    Just like Disney to somehow take away the talent of great people.

  • Anonymous

    uh no
    love song >>>>>>> this crap

  • ashley

    I know thats why i said idk why lol. it sounds nothing alike but i keep wanting to sing love song when i hear this for some weird reason haha

  • gaby

    I love it!!!1

  • Anonymous

    i love demi and all
    but i hate the theme song
    they make her voice sound forced
    this song doesn’t fit her. at all.

  • Anonymous

    song sounds like pooo…. stop yelling when you sing!!!

  • gaby

    I love it!!!1

  • kamilah

    im not gonna 18 and i think the show looks kinda cute. i watch disney every now and then so if its on ill watch it. i like demi so why not give it a shot.

    i have to agree
    the song isnt really catchy though

  • brittttt

    its not as catchy as the other disney channel theme songs, yanno?

  • gah!

    The song susk
    i love love love dmi and think she has an amzing voice
    but these lyrics are fcking retarted!
    and y is she singing lik that.
    grrrr this show is gonna fck ur up=/

  • Anonymous

    seems to me that there will finally be a somewhat good show on Disney Channel.

    and why are people comparing this to HM’s theme song?
    they’re probably not supposed to be alike.
    and anyway, Hannah Montana sucks, i wish they would hurry up and cancel it.

  • Anonymous

    it doesn’t sound like a theme song…just an annoying so song.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, her voice sounds really weird at first. Like she has a lisp. But then it gets better later on in the song. :P

  • ur lover

    hi.can u tell me the theme song i mean by the way how r u.

  • ur lover

    hey,don’t be worry.i am a name is sapna,i am from india ,but a die herat fan of american shows and movies especially (horror, romantic and comedy )