Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz PUSH

Twilighters Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz hit up the Push premiere together. +3!

  • ally

    kellan lutz is the hottest guy i have ever seeeeeeen!
    i’ve loved him since stick ittt :D

  • Amy

    Shes pretty and everything but she looks like Micheal Jacksons daughter

  • Anonymous

    That ahley green has a fked up nose and kellan is just soooooosooooosoooooooo hothothot

  • khjk

    no vampires alowed in laPush jks…

  • Maca

    They look so cute together
    i lovee them

  • Anonymous

    first hes a hottie

  • Anonymous

    the picture of the shoes isn’t a close up of ashley greene’s feet.

    and i’m not sure if it’s the resolution, but her face looks awkward here. usually she looks gorgeous.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Those are Dakotas shoes

  • Anonymous

    aww they look so cute together. I wonder if they went together as friends..or more?? haha.
    Well Kellan and Ashley are amazingg :)

  • Fx

    Awhh, they both look amazing :)
    Ashley looks seriously beautiful.
    I LOVE her dress, and shoes.
    And Kellan looks super hot :) hahaa!
    Love them both x
    They ROCKK! :D

  • vee-roh

    not the most flattering pictures of her but shes usually beautiful.kellan is sooo frekin hot wooo

  • =(

    Poor guy, he got food poisoning that night :(

  • jaydee

    i agree with vee-roh ;)

  • Anonymous

    the shoes are dakotas…

  • Anonymous

    i like ashley’s dress and love dakota’s shoes

  • Anonymous

    They went just as friends. They’re working on a movie together right now so they went after filming. Both of them look great!

  • Anonymous

    *woof woof*

  • aww they are so cute together..

    but in my twilight mind… alice & emmett?

    haha, jk… :]

  • Grace

    no vampires alowed in laPush jks…
    that was funny!!

  • MrsEmilyLaunter…x

    doesnt look like ashley – i know it is – its just doesnt look like her! x