Caitlin interviewed Chris Koon in Chicago recently.

  • truth

    Aw I’m glad to see you featuring newer artists. Thank you!

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  • Anonymous

    who’s he?

  • kkrissyy

    first? :)

  • anonymm

    coooooool :D

  • Xojd4lifex

    yo i hope im first :) or second

  • Anonymous

    Chris isn’t that great, but he’s a good guy! And he’s funny. This interview is cool!

  • Anonymous

    Aww. A Friend of Jonas!

    I saw him wandering around the lobby at the Ryman in Nashville. No one knew who he was of course. I wanted to say hello – recognizing him from old Jonas videos – but I felt dumb. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    who cares? really?!

  • anonymous

    who cares? really?