Demi dished to Popstar! that she’d possibly like to study directing at film school.

  • alyssa

    I love her…

    you guys can’t do anything else
    than to hate on someone…

    don’t judge a book by it’s cover..

    you never know her seriously..gosh

  • Anonymous

    hope she becomes one and leaves the tv screen 4 good

    oh hey heather?! u still havent decided wat u wanna do with ur pathetic life? lol

  • Anonymous

    i love her!

  • Jennifer

    That would be interesting. Best of luck to her if that’s the career she chooses. I thought that she said her music came first?

  • Anonymous


  • Kay

    Director of what? The next disney channel “original” movie?

  • Anonymous

    do you know demi personally?
    you can’t claim that she doesn’t do “normal 16 tear old things”
    truth is, nobody on here can justify who’s the realest.

  • michaelfaraday

    I love Demi.

  • Anonymous

    she’s become mature and growned up. (:

  • Anonymous

    lol to who said don’t judge a book by it’s cover, thats really hypcritical because you just said you loved her… ? I personally don’t like Demi, & am so confused at that whole “I was bullied” bs. But Whateverrrrr, disney stars all around bug me, except Miley seems the most real, yeahyeah call her a whore whatever, atleast she does normal 16 year old things.

  • gah!

    she looks soo pretty
    i think she would goo so much futher
    in music thou but w.e directing
    that would be effin awesome
    movie created by demi lovato
    haha that would be cool=)

  • crs:)

    Demi’s so cool :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Trying to hard…?

  • heather

    i hope she becomes one and leaves the tv screen 4 good

  • Anonymous

    She seems kinda pissed off right here.

  • ……

    Demi’s so cool :)


    sorry but she is as cool as a broken fridge =)

  • Anonymous



  • andrew

    that a stupid carrerr -.-

    demi sucks!!