From Stephanie: ‘So the FUNNIEST thing happened. While we were waiting in line for Demi’s new Disney show, 10 girls in this van kept waving at us, and we’re like who are they waving at? They kept waving.. and later when they saw us, they thought my friend was Demi Lovato.

AND SHE’S ASIAN! We were like WHAT THEE..they asked for her autograph too was the funniest thing. So we were retelling the story near Demi and she laughed at what my friend said.. so funny.’ Natalie also went to a Sonny With A Chance taping last Friday. The cast of PPP was there as well as Honor Society. Pictures and videos under!

  • Tamil

    Can anyone or whoever posted this let me know how to get to the live taping of Sonny with a chance?

  • Anonymous

    sam droke

  • fas

    uhh, who cares if she’s asian?
    there are sometimes races that look like different races.

  • yuck its miley

    i hat how ppl all of the sudden like demi because miley talked about her
    wow miley wannabes i would never wanna be that snob

  • natalie

    i’m the girl in the pictures my youtube is and i wasn’t
    the one that got mistaken for demi. That wasn’t even at the same taping

  • ?


  • Dumm Blonnd


  • jess

    demis so down to earth! i love her shes so cute! demi love!

  • Anonymous

    who is ppp? and the girl in the 3rd pic? who is she? pls reply!

  • Anonymous

    oh look braceletes! is she really a cutter or no? i love her though

  • Anonymous

    I actually saw all those videos awhile back.

  • Kim

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    pretty cool site! I loved the polls!

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  • Anonymous

    I want to see the girl who looks like demi.

  • rachelle

    how du u get tickets to the tapings

  • Ayumi

    Those are my videos :)
    Wow..they actually got on Oceanup.

    Okay, if you want to see what my friend looks like..just go to and see Meeting Demi pics + more. You’ll see her.

  • Anonymous

    ok the one in the video does i would mistake it too
    but that girl that constantly is in the pics has no resemblance

  • monica

    interesting. but cool.

  • Jessica

    In the first video, she like turns arounds& starts laughing.
    It was out of no where, lmao.

  • Mariii


  • Nicole


  • jonaslover


  • joanne.


  • Anonymous

    That girl’s eyebrows… omg.


    hahahaha werid she doesn’t look a thing like demi at all weridos

  • ashh

    ohh you guys are frineds with demi thats why ur always so mena to miley! w/e

  • Jennifer

    Interesting story… Demi has a good sense of humor.

  • Anonymous

    aha. demi’s cool.

  • Ahahah

    lmao ew that girl is fugly :P

  • Leslie

    Haha sweet. I’m happy my friend’s videos made it on here finally. And the girl in the pics are not the girl who got mistaken.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha…..demi’s cool :)
    and yeah theres proff that like she actually wears a lot of em too…

  • alyssa

    Demi is so COOL!!
    deal with that…

  • Anonymous

    its impossible, nowadays unless you no people

  • lilmscaseyjonas

    lols thats funny

    ps: luckyy
    i love how Demi lafed at the story too

  • gabb

    whos that girl in he second picture?? shes really pretty but she has like no eyebrows!! lol who is she??

  • mileyfan4ever

    haha that was really funny! :P
    so bad it wasnt recorded! :P
    & demi is super cool! =]

  • Kara

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