Taylor Swift DOES MUCH

Taylor Swift on Much Music’s Much on Demand. Part 2 under!

  • cristina

    i love her
    she was sooo nice and i got some amozing pix with her!

  • :)


  • Anonymous

    ugh i can barely hear what shes saying cause those people wont stop screaming
    its sooooo anoying

  • :)

    Aaaw , i love her … so sweet

  • katie

    during the taping of her “white horse video she had to cry for 3 hours.

  • Diana

    taylor is really cool. I love how down to earth she is, and how shes just a typical teen girl.

  • duh im mexican

    where’s the third part?
    i wanna know what made her cry for 3 hrs!!!!

  • abby jonas :)

    well…. outside in the fucking freezing weather.
    but still, I was there (;

  • Kayla


  • Anonymous

    I can’t even hear what she’s saying! The fucking screaming is so annoying.

  • teamdisney:)

    i mean i love taylors music.\\

    but i would love to go there and just start yelling


  • hahaha

    the lighting in there is terrible!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE HER!!!!
    shes so nice and adorable.
    what made her cry for three hours… ?

  • Anonymous

    i was there!
    i won a contest and got to meet her backstage!!
    shes sooo nice!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Taylor, but in Canada, JONAS PWNS U!!!!

    They had to close off streets and there were
    THOUSANDS waiting for them!


  • Anonymous

    Love her <3

  • Coffee Cup

    I don’t like her hair some reason. She should straighten or put it up. It’s always the same. I love her though but she needs to change it up sometimes

  • rachel

    shes awesome.

  • clem

    yeah because jonas brothers have some super obsessive crazy over the top ridiculous fans who dont even really care about their music and stuff they just care about their hotness
    taylors fans are really truely appreciative of her music and i dont know about you, but id rather have thousands of fans who really love what i do than millions of fans who just love what i look like
    im not bashing ALL JB fans here, I know there are loads who love their music too (Im one of them :) ) but I’m just saying you cant say that jonas PONED taylor just because they had more people waiting outside to take pictures with them.