Clique Girlz BREAK UP

Ariel Moore is leaving The Clique Girlz. It’s rumored that she had a fight with the other girls [Paris & Destinee] and that she wanted more spotlight. Now, she’s going out on her own. Thx Anna!

  • Anonymous

    the clique girls remind me of like 3 little hannah montanas……well now 2…lol

  • Anonymous

    omg.i feel so sorry for ariel.she was my favorite in the group.the sings so much better than paris and destinee!

  • Anonymous

    i knew they’d never last.
    i hope she becomes famous and stomps on the clique girlz’s asses

  • Kristen

    um i never even knew they were together.. haha.
    but wow that sucks..

  • Jesse

    Destinee and Paris’ parents were so cntrolling of the group,
    notice how ariel is never in the middle of the pictures, it’s always
    destinee or paris. PLUS, notice that ariel is only allowed to sing chorus parts
    as a solo, the other girls have whole verses.
    I love you ariel, can’t wait for you to take over the music scene!

  • Samrah.

    She looks oooo depressed!
    I feel bad.
    She has an amazing voice though.

  • Mrs. Jonas

    OMGGGGGGGG thats soooooo bad!!!!! i LOVEDDDD the clique girlz! i have all their itunes songs, a poster, and a shirt from the concert!!!! they were the whole reason i went too the cheetah girlz concert!!! she was always my fave too! omg thats so upsetting!

  • jill

    thank gosh she’s leaving.
    i mean; can you imagine being a ‘clique girl’
    *shudders* smart though.
    she gets into the business with the group
    and then breaks up and fins her own way
    smart thinking; but this is hollywood.
    team ariel

  • Anonymous

    lmao hilarious.

  • Docta

  • Anonymous

    LOL, who are the clique girlz?

  • Anonymous

    omg thats terrible!!!

    oh wait i dont care

    slow news day oceanup?

  • blahblur

    does anyone care?

  • caitlin

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!
    I knew that one day A would just crack. The sisters never let her in the spot light. Shes much prettier and shes a much better singer then both of the girls and I’m really glad that she decided to go out on her own. I’m sorry for her that it had to end in whatever way it ended but it doesn’t seem like it ended good at all. I wish her the best of luck and I will be waiting for what she does next:)

    i noticed that she never seemed to get as much screen time or solos as the other two, despite that she seemed to be the best singer of the three.

    i also recently found out that paris and destiny’s mom is actually the clique girlz manager, so she probably did everything in her power to keep ariel in the background make sure that she did not outshine her daughters. so pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    haha they arent even famous. wtf?
    haha shes probably preggo.

  • Anonymous

    who cares again?

  • sd

    wow… so much people are commenting surpirsed because no one cares about them.. ppl here only care about miley, jbm selena, demi, brenda, sprouse and miley wannabess (DEBBY RYAN, SELENA GOMEZ)

  • Anonymous

    who are they???
    yea i never paid any attention to click girls
    fyi i spelled it wrong intentionally

  • Anonymous

    Um NOT TRUEE!!! ; Soo Not True !!! trust me .

    uhmm, if it wasn’t true, then why would she be making a video telling everyone that they did breakup?

  • Anonymous

    Who cares?
    That little group blew anyways.

  • Britney

    That’s why they were having auditions for the group..

  • cindy

    are these girls any good and how do you know if this is true becuz half this shit about ocean up is a big lie

  • gab

    ur nothing without them

  • Anonymous

    well hows it not true???
    she said it in her own video!

  • Anonymous

    who are the clique girlz?

  • Feist

    Newsflash Ariel:
    (You’re what .. 12 ?)
    No one gives a flying fuck about your leaving a band that no one listens to .. so I don’t think anyone’s going to care .

  • Anonymous

    omg i’m kidding. who the eff likes the clique girlz anyway? i mean, seriously?! come on!

  • Anonymous

    haha b.s. she’s reading it off a card! and she’s too young to be a teenager. she’s like 11

  • ,shmegz

    i listened to them on youtube, like today, to hear them

    and yeah, she is waaay better

    but she never got any parts
    and that paris is a right barbie
    i feel like gettin her smug face an smackin it

    Good on Ariel For sticking in what she believes in an goin solo

    hope everything goes dead well for her

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  • Anonymous

    sucks for her?don’t be jealous cause she’s talented just stfu

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wtf, they were never huge. only little children listen to that. and btw, if you kids havent noticed, thats not their real voices. clearly, its altered

  • Anonymous

    who is she? lmao

  • Anonymous


    lol ya….but that’s to bad. But they weren’t very big, and they were pretty much posers…

  • Anonymous

    and the clique girlz are…?

  • MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    THANK GOODNESS, I’VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR THIS DAY!!!! but i still kinda feel bad for ariel, but i’m pretty sure her future is looking bright :)

  • Anonymous

    No one cares about them anyway, sry2say.

  • Marta1428

    good! and she’s right! MORE SPOTLIGHT FOR ARIEL!
    love her <33

  • Lacy

    Uhm… Nobody cares.

  • Anonymous


  • anne.

    who cares ?
    i dont even know them..
    they look like bleach blonde wannabees.

  • Nicole


  • Anonymous

    omg? and how long have they actually been togetheR?

  • Anonymous

    woah, POSERS!!!!

  • anon

    God, Sunday mornings are sooooo boring around here!

  • Janelle

    You know whats funny
    The “Clique” girls aren’t even famous
    I could ask anyone, and they would’ve never heard of them.
    Plus this girl is weird, and I think she only wants fame.
    But she wont get it :)

  • Anonymous


    the mom of the other two girls was the manager, so she was probably left out.

    also, if you watch their music vid THEN I WOKE UP, Ariel is BARELY in it.

    and she only sang like, ONE line by herself while the other two got a bunch of verses.

    so, good for her.

  • Anonymous

    man, she seems so sad.
    i feel sorry for her.

  • Alyssa

    Wow. I don’t like them but something bad must have happened. I always noticed that they didn’t give her that many parts to sing.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, people actually care about them..?

  • Anonymous

    I know!

  • Mandiee

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!
    I knew that one day A would just crack. The sisters never let her in the spot light. Shes much prettier and shes a much better singer then both of the girls and I’m really glad that she decided to go out on her own. I’m sorry for her that it had to end in whatever way it ended but it doesn’t seem like it ended good at all. I wish her the best of luck and I will be waiting for what she does next:)

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a rumor, it’s the truth. She’s leaving because the sisters Destinee and Paris never treated her equally, they always got more attention. More everything. And after they got “famous” they sort of stopped being best friends. Like they were NOT nice to Ariel at all, and she knows she’s talented so I think it’s good she’s going out on her own.


  • vicky

    this makes no sence lol.
    if she wanted spotlight she would be going out on her own
    like by now. i dont even know who they are. o.O
    but she looks kinda depressed -______-

  • anniee

    i’m glad they broke up. She’s the only really talented and real not fake one!

  • Forever Ariel

    I think ariel is choosing the mature thing to do, she said its what’s best for her and I think you all should support her. Seriously. Shes a really nice girl and shes my friend so please be nice, she really is amazing.. like really.

  • hannah

    oceanup or someone, can you post her new myspace.?

  • gabby

    yea, shes reading off of something. notice how her eyes were always going to the side. but obviously something mustve happened that they broke up. i dont really like the clique girlz. never really wanted to listen to them or anything cause they seemed so full of it for such young girls. now they are like the hannah, miley, demi, whoever else wannabees. i agree, paris or whoever the little one annoyed the crap out of me trying to act like shes all that. they werent even that popular yet they acted like they ruled the freakin world. i seriously hope they dont make it in hollywood, cause then the world will seriously be coming to an end. hopefully ariel does find something on her ow. i found her the least annoying out of the whole group.

  • Anonymous

    this was bound to happen she barely had any solos. but she was my favorite even though i didnt even really like the clique girlz

  • Anonymous

    i loved herrr!
    i saw them this summer and met them all and they were really cool.
    i hope everything works out for all of them in their futures :)

  • me

    HAHAHAHA LMAO. who are they anyway?
    The Clique Girlz? wow. NO TALENT WHATSOEVER. Whoever thought they were gonna go far were COMPLETELY idiotic. haha. woow. they SUCK. a bunch of hannah motanas in one. UGH. *shudder* what Hannah Montana is bad ENOUGH.

  • me

    whoa. oops. ONE hannah montana is bad ENOUGH ****
    don’t freak on me hannah slutana fans!

  • Anonymous

    Hahahah, who the hell is this girl? and why does she thing people care…

  • Jayda


    The Clique Girlz are looking for another singer. The post went up on craig’slist a few weeks ago. If you think you have what it takes to be a Clique Girl, go to this website:

    The auditions were yesterday, but I would suggest filming a clip of yourself singing, putting it on youtube, and e-mailing them the link.

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    shes a much better singer than those other girls anyways

  • megan

    lol i wanna know why she lefttttt

  • Emma

    Aww. I’m not really a fan of the clique girlz but they had a few songs that were fun to listen to. And it was very obvious that Ariel never got to sing anything! I feel bad for her! I hope she has some good luck with her own music in the future!

  • kayla

    ..uh who the fuck are the clique girls?

  • Anonymous

    Wait, isn’t Ariel sisters with Paris? Or Destinee? One of them?

  • ali

    if u didnt see this comming
    ur on shrroms and must be seeing her shine in that ‘then i woke up :D!” god forsaken group.

    go ariel!

  • Anonymous

    who gives a shittt
    they suck

  • Jane

    haha they weren’t even together really long. i don’t know any of their songs but she is definitely prettier and the sisters seemed mean and annoying

  • Anonymous

    OMG I hated them anyway but I kinda feel bad! Those other two are brats!!!

  • Anonymous

    wait…does anyone care?
    who are they anyways…obviously nobodys trying to be somebodys. i mean, clique girlZ?! wtf is everyone on….?

  • Taylor

    The clique girlz are good singers and there talented their good. I think the clique girlz are better off without Ariell anyway. Who cares that she is quitting. The other two are better than her. Trust me I heard them live. Paris and Destinee are way better.

  • ash duhhhh

    yo thas crazy because i showed my friend who is 18 the clique girlz in she was like there wack but that girl Ariel is way prettier in she can sing plus sisters stick 2gether she was like watch that girl is gonna drop the group in go SOLO WOW!!!! LOOK WAT HAPPEN SMH LMAOOO THAS CRAZY

  • andrea

    you are right, she was propably always left out because the sisters’ mother was the manager.

  • MiMi

    Um NOT TRUEE!!! ; Soo Not True !!! trust me .

  • tori

    dont care.

  • marissa

    well if they need a replacement
    they can always have me ! except
    i’m not blonde. i have brown hair.

  • Ashley

    I would’ve left if i was her too.
    they were so rude to her, and she totally deserved more spotlight. The sisters took it all.

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  • Anonymous

    I got this from the website!

    As for future goals, Destinee admits: “We want to break the record of staying together as long as the Rolling Stones. Maybe we’ll stay together even longer.”

    How’s that going for y’all?

  • ari

    i know people dont know.
    but this is actually really huge!
    these girlz were going on to be HUGE!
    they were touring with the cheetah girls and everything.
    but i think she handled it very maturely.
    and good for her!
    she was my favorite.
    and i thought the other two were full of them selves and obnoxious.

  • Kim

    why did the break up?

  • Anonymous

    someone needs a tampon…

  • daelynn

    I always hoped she would. That little Paris girl annoys the hell out of me. Ariel has actual talent, Destinee and Paris want to steal the spotlight.

  • Anonymous


    She just posted a video to the WHOLE world telling them she was leaving, and she expects us not to ask ‘why’??

    That’s not fair.

  • Shannon

    And she is going to be a nobody.

    The Clique Girls were NOBODIES!
    And now she wants to be bigger.
    Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    Well, im glad that she left. Shes better and preetier than those other 2 brats and she deserved more spotlight than she was getting. She’ll do great on her own!

  • Smiley

    Gosh, Sunday’s are so boring on oceanup!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gross. I hated the Clique Girlz. First of all, it annoyed the hell out of me that they spelled Girls with a Z. Their songs sucked, and they seemed too.. “Princess-y” for me… haha, that’s the best word I can use to describe it. Sure, they had good voices, but Paris was sooo effin’ annoying. Ugh. They were like plastic barbie girls with computerized voices! I’m glad Ariel is going her own way. She seems much more genuine than the other two.

  • Stephanie

    whooooo caressssss!!

  • stephanie

    I feel really bad for her. I mean, you can see that she’s really sorry, but I don’t think she’s gonna make it very far on her own. The whole thing was how well they complimented eachothers voices….

  • Anonymous


  • Kayla

    Ugh, that bitch.
    Just when I was starting to like them, they break up?
    God I hate her now!

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  • Anonymous

    I hate them. LOLOL. But when I saw that music video, I was like, oh my god, these girls suck. But the one who got the bridge was much much prettier and a better singer. It’s true, she has more talent but they never let her sing. Why? I fail to know. But anyways, I’m glad she’s off to pursue another career. The Clique Girlz wasn’t a good place for her.

  • Anonymous


    She just posted a video to the WHOLE world telling them she was leaving, and she expects us not to ask ‘why’??

    That’s not fair.


    I completely agree! I was just thinking that!!
    and it was pretty nasty, too, it was really obvious that they were fighting.
    ick. I liked them before but it’s like, you guys aren’t celebrities, you’re not popular enough to be that mean haha

  • Anonymous
  • Anna

    You’re welcome.

    Yes she is leaving the clique girlz
    But no the group not breaking up – they are just replacing her. Bitch much?

    So I wish them all the best

    Visit :

    For more info and more celeb gossip.

  • hi

    Yeah I knew she wasnt happy with the 2 sisters

    If you watch Clique Girls Tv you can totally tell she didn’t get any spotlight

  • Anonymous

    awww even though I never really liked them, she seems the nicest out of all of them. I only liked one song
    But the other two seems rude

  • jonaslovee

    wow Clique Girlz was really good. I’m sorry that she’s gone, but I’ll be lookin gofrward to her career!

  • Anonymous

    Wow they never even had gotten famous.
    Oh well.
    I thought they sucked, but she was my favorite if I had to choose. That little one, Paris??, was so full of herself and obnixous.
    They never really gave this girl that many solos, so maybe she is really good. I wish her luck.

  • Anonymous

    im not a fan of those girls….they seem kinda fake to me…maybe it will be better that they r going solo

  • Anonymous

    this is why bands don’t work out
    if you start off best friends, i doubt your gonna finish best friends
    not like i even care about the clique girls haha but just saying

  • Anonymous

    what a short career

  • raehann

    i hope everything is ok with her,
    i loved them,
    i saw them in concert with the cheetah girls,
    she seemed left out,
    everything happens for a reason’

  • Sadiezz

    Well THAT lasted long…

  • jonas4ever


  • ashlee

    Um NOT TRUEE!!! ; Soo Not True !!! trust me .

    Yeah..its not true…i mean shes just made a video saying shes left them….she MUST be lying then (shes having a joke with us huh?? shes just doing this for the
    fun of it??)

    WAKE UP DUDE!!! there OVER so NO we dont trust you

    idiotic girl…honestly can you HEAR what shes saying

  • Jamie

    I actually think that was very smart of her. She had a much more amazing voice than the other girls and now people will take her more seriously than when she was is a band called the “Clique Girlz”!

  • Anonymous

    paris and destnee might as well say thier goodbyes to the other girl cause how many groups replace a orig. member and stay together after thier first album with the new girl/boy

  • None of your Beeswax

    Are you kidding me I don’t blame them. I mean Ariel doesn’t belong there anyways Paris and Destinee are way too pretty for Ariel. But Destinee is my favorite I looooooooooove her knee high shoes their awesome.And she just looks so much prettier than all the other Clique Girlz . Sorry Paris and Ariel But I can’t help it Destinee you rock.

  • gggg

    Some of my friends actually stopped listening to the Clique Girlz after Ariel left. So did I. It’s not the same without Ariel. But it would be a lie to say that I didn’t see this coming. Best of luck to Ariel Moore!

  • Paris Monroe

    Hey guys.Its Paris.I just wanted to tell you guys if you wanna become a clique girl,The auditions will be held in Richmond,Virginia at a super cool modeling agency place called “CAMEO modeling agency”.I hope you guys can enter.Bye!