Dadnapped VS Spectacular BATTLE

There will be Nickelodeon versus Disney Channel television battle on Monday, February 16 @ 8 PM ET/PT. Dadnapped & Spectacular air on the same day at same time. David Henrie & Emily Osment VS Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia.

  • Anonymous

    Dadnapped i can watch ondemand. Actually i already did! so i’ll be watching Spectacular! I jazz handed as i said that.

    Spectacular is gonna be a sure laugh. I mean its supposed to be about a rockstar wannabe who ends up joining a choir. It SHALL BE HILARIOIS

  • gaby

    i dont know

  • Anonymous

    i agree. spectacular seems so lame and dumb

  • Anonymous

    spectacular.. ahhhhh sorry i got a few friends in there, so im devoted<3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    how about neither

  • Anonymous

    DH wins in the end, bb.

  • Mrs. David Henrie

    Spectacular!!! I love david henrie but I can watch dadnapped anytime on demand. I already have like 10 times :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    AHA…. ^^^^^ I got first comment up there.. Woo. Sry

  • Anonymous

    idgaf about either of them
    dcoms suck now, the last good one was hsm 2

  • Nicole

    SPECTACULER! All the way! Dadnapped looks lame.
    And anyways for all you people out there who think Spectaculer is copying HSM there not. There not even close. Spectaculer isnt even a musical.
    And if it was why dont u just say every other musical is copying HSM? MTV did one and MTV owns Nick.

  • Anonymous

    Princess Protection Program!

    oh, wait…

  • Ashley

    Dadnapped! But I’ll watch them both, I’ll record them.

  • Anonymous

    as always…disney conquers.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you.

  • sara

    lol i have no idea why but the last choice in the vote made me laugh sooo much!

  • Anonymous

    What’s “Spectacular”? I’ve never even heard of it before. Nickelodean movies suck. I can’t remember the last good one.

  • Anonymous

    isnt Logan Noh in dadnapped????

  • mileyfan4ever

    Dadnapped 4 sure!
    the other is like a bad version of HSM…
    & im team disney! lol

  • somebodycool

    what fucking homo would see Spectacular
    everyone knows that we are all going to watch Dadnapped
    no question

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