You’ve may have already seen this video from House of Blues Sunset Strip. It’s Demi‘s new song ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ that will be included on the deluxe version of ‘Don’t Forget‘ which comes out in February. Thx Chelsea!

Demi on the new CD edition: ‘There’s like crazy new pictures, lots of bonus footage, clips of me and the Jonas Brothers behind-the-scenes on tour and in the studio.’

  • TeamDemi


  • TeamDemi

    no, i think that was nick.

  • Tyreena

    Cool! Oh my gosh, I really can’t wait for the deluxe edition now. =]

  • sam

    i love it, i keep listening to it :)

  • Anonymous

    nah, not diggin it.

  • Anonymous

    shes gt an amazing voice

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yeah, already saw it. not my fave.

  • alyssa

    Oh My gosh!
    i’m speechless
    i already love the song

    Demi rocks!

  • laurennnnn :)

    i loooove it!!
    anyone who doesn’t is seriousy messed up or just has really bad taste in music

  • brooke

    omg i love when she and joe sing im walking walking behind these lines.

  • ….

    i dont really like the song…love her though!

  • :)

    Was it joe who said ” bring it on baby”? LOL

    Great song.

  • Sarah

    I love this song!! and demi!! cant wait till it comes out :)

  • kirsty


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    is this a cover? or did demi write it?

  • :D

    she’s amazing :)

  • Anonymous

    I was there!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    def. blows them out of the water.

  • Anonymous

    It’s her song. She wrote it.

  • Jack

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

  • christine!

    LOVE HER (:

  • Anonymous

    fcking gorgeous.

  • alyssa

    i LOVE her voice and her dress !!!

  • Anonymous

    Demi’s voice never ceases to amazee me.

  • TeamDemi

    awseomess. lol

  • Anonymous

    love her and the song! hate jb!

  • Anonymous

    I love her:DDD

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  • heather

    the music is good but i dont like her voice here

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  • ontheDL

    I freaking love this song. Especially the transition between the second chorus and the last chorus with her improvisation… OMG SO FCKING GOOD. Love this girl, and her next album will be great. =]

  • Anonymous

    hmm im a bit over her

    but i see joe :P’

    she has an amazing voice though
    its kinda like christina aguilera

  • Anonymous

    that is a very good song

    haha did someone/joe say TAKE IT AWAY NICK! ?

    shes pretty amazing

    but i think shes fake

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  • Alyson


  • Roger

    shes so hot

  • veronica.

    i loveee this songg :)
    god she’s so amazingg!

  • Anonymous

    boring, not her best

  • Anonymous

    love it. I’m so glad she’s releasing it.

  • MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    Her voice is phenomenal, end of story. SO glad that her next album is more of a soulful genre, because that is what showcases her singing skills. She doesn’t need the Jonas Brothers to make it big, they should be kissing her ass

  • Chelsea

    Yay, I was the one who sent this in :D
    I love this song<3

  • Anonymous

    i liked her old style better

  • Alice

    im lovin this song.

  • michaelfaraday

    I had to give this a second listen to really appreciate it.

    I love it now, will definitely be picking up the Deluxe edition.

  • anonymous


  • Anonymous