Dakota Fanning Tonight Show With Jay

Dakota Fanning promotes new film Coraline on Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

  • Dumm Blonnd

    Dakota is awesome.
    But she looks EXACTLY like my cousin…

  • Anonymous

    she’s promoting Push.
    oceanup idiots

  • hailie

    dude. my best friend looks EXACTLY like her, except she’s a brunette. a lot of people look like this chick though.
    she’s very generic looking.

  • claire

    she’s so lovely and poised.

    you don’t see her sqirming around in the chair like miley.

  • Ella

    She seem really nice, and she’s a great actress :)

  • aila.

    omg everyone has to bring miley into everything.
    that’s who miley is she’s an outgoing loud hyper person, leave her the fuck alone.

    on another note, i love this girl!
    were the same age and she’s a bit more matture then me lmao
    she has been even when she was younger
    such a great girl :)

  • =)

    Awwww, she was sooo adorable when she was younger! Hahaha, can’t wait for the movies.

  • chidera ota

    seriously look how old she is and how successful she is… its amazing

  • Anonymous

    post about Logan Noh

  • Anonymous

    cant believe shes almost 15

  • LaLa Land

    Aww kotaa
    cant wait for WINGED CREATURES!

  • roseeeeee


  • Anonymous

    Shut up about Logan Noh, who the fuck is he???
    And Dakota is so mature. I’m older than her, but i wish i could be as poised as she is

  • paige

    awhh i love her

  • http://google.com MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    she’s perfect

  • Anonymous

    i hate her.
    please stop posting on her.

  • Anonymous

    she was even mature when she was 7. O_O.

  • fosheezy


  • http://oceanup.com Diaaaaaaaana.

    aww she’s cute

  • carrie

    she’s amazing

  • Anonymous

    i have always loved this girl.
    i got her autograph 3 times.(:

    she’s so amazing sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Love her! Can’t wait to see push! Beautiful.