Dakota Fanning VM FABULOUS

Dakota Fanning looking fabulous featured in VM magazine. ‘I’ve always wanted to work with Jodie Foster. She’s been such a role model for me. Acting is definitely what I want to do for the rest of my life..’ Full scan under!

  • itsme

    in the first pic she looks a bit like hayden panitterire(spelt it wrong)

  • active
  • DrakeTammy20

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  • lina

    its V magazine – not “VM”. shes gorgeous and a much better actress than all these disney teeny boppers running around — miley, demi, selena, vanessa, the whole bunch.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She’s an amazing actress but I can’t fully take her seriously because she’s so small and she looks like she’s 12. Not trying to bash her but that’s just my opinion.

  • it’s me.

    cool :)

  • Anonymous

    who is she?! jb rooooooocks!

  • Anonymous

    you’ve got to be kidding!

  • Jane

    damn she’s beautiful

  • marianaa

    who is she?! jb rooooooocks
    haha you´ve got to be kidding! but in “jb rooocks” totally agree:D I cant belive people think that if you get older you are not going to like them, but Im not under 15 and I steel like them, you ve just got to hear JB CD´s.. ;)

  • :D

    dakota fanning..uhh… next post…

  • PD

    i like her, but she isn’t beatiful. she looks like 10 years old
    SO WHAT? im a rockstar,and Ill be.. hah just kidding,, Its so stupid you say, that if she is just 13 or 14( I dont really know her age)she is a girl!!!its like saying, uh, I look like I have 15 years old..and Im 16 or something like that,when she turns 21 and she looks like 10. thats more rasonable to say.. not when she is 13…

  • dani

    luv her!

  • ………………..

  • hallie

    she looks very pretty.

  • Anonymous

    oceanup, miley post plz.

  • warbringerx
  • AshtonVidal
  • holly

    shes amazing! a great actor and a great person. :) GO DAKOTA!!

  • Anonymous

    She was on a lot of movies.

  • Anonymous

    i agree.

  • Tru


  • Rebecca

    I’m sure that if she grows in height, she can be a new Gemma Ward. She’s so extremely beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    *opens mouth to say something* oh nevermind, jb fans…

  • Anonymous


  • BrayHollie

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  • Anonymous

    I like that picture of her.

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  • Anonymous


  • kate


  • Anonymous

    I love her. :)

  • Anonymous

    i love her, but i still think she looks like 10

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  • wow
  • Anonymous

    she is really pretty

  • kay

    i think she 2 skinny

  • http://kayles kay

    i think she 2 skinny

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  • Anonymous

    I hope she acts for the rest of her life, she is a amazing actress.

  • Brittany

    She’s not too skinny. Ever heard of being naturally thin?

  • Anonymous

    Jodie Foster…is she tryin to be like Kristen Stewart?

  • Anonymous

    i like her, but she isn’t beatiful. she looks like 10 years old

  • aaallleeexxx

    shes stunning.

  • Anonymous

    WOAH, she looks different, she looks actually… pretty.
    i’m surprised.
    but i’ll never forget this dakota:

  • itsme

    in the first pic she looks a bit like hayden panitterire(spelt it wrong)

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