Michael Phelps POT SMOKER

Record breaking gold medal Olympian Michael Phelps is a pot smoker. A source revealed to News Of The World: ‘You could tell Michael had smoked before. He grabbed the bong and a lighter and knew exactly what to do. He looked just as natural with a bong in his hands..

..as he does swimming in the pool. He was the gold medal winner of bong hits. Michael ended up getting a little paranoid, though, because before too long he looked like he was nervous and ran out of the place.’

Michael released an apologetic statement: ‘I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment. I’m 23 years old and despite the successes I’ve had in the pool, I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way, not in a manner people have come to expect from me. For this, I am sorry. I promise my fans and the public it will not happen again.’

Do YOU think Michael should be stripped of his endorsement deals?

  • Anonymous

    Well after his DUI back after the 2004 olympics, I’m not at all surprised at this new development in his behavior. Disappointed, yes, but not surprised.

    I wish he was smart enough to see that he has way too much going for him to risk such controversy.

  • Lisa Lisa

    No, he shouldn’t be stripped from his endorsement deals! What is with you guys being brainwashed? It’s already been proven marijuana doesn’t take you to harder drugs.

    He may be an idol to kids, but he should be allowed to live his life like other people his age. I’m wondering who took his picture and why they would want to hurt him like that, what a loser. I believe this was a private party.

  • who gives a shit

    how do we even know this picture is actually him????

  • Shannon

    I’m 18 and I have never smoked pot.
    If he wants to, then whatever. He is an adult.
    Yeah, he is an idol, but people looked up to Britney when she was going crazy.

    Would you rather have him get high, or kill someone?

  • Anonymous

    He Looks Like Miley’s Boyfriend Justin, From The Side

  • kateeee


  • kip

    who, honestly really gives a flying fuck?

  • laaa

    oh god. Pot is just gross..well all drugs are. Everyone i know who does it are dirtbags and lowlifes. I hope he doesn’t make this mistake again. Especially if he is such a huge athlete. Doing drugs when your as athletic as he is ruins everything. He obviously was not thinking about his career while doing this. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

  • Anonymous

    he’s an idiot if he’s smoking any type of drug.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Ya but that pic doesn’t look like him AT ALL!

  • Anonymous

    since when was it a surprise that an athlete did drugs?
    and really.. he’s old enough to take care of himself.

    unfortunately he willingly chose to do pot. but it doesnt make me like him any less. it just makes me question his judgement.

    but whatever.
    i really dont think he should be stripped of his endorsements.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously it shouldn’t matter because he smokes and that kills yer breathing but yet he is a really good swimmer so it shouldn’t matter.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Drugs are all bad! But I’m not mad at Michael cuz this
    stroy is NOT legit enough for me to believe!

  • Anonymous

    you guys act like killing yourself isnt a big deal.

  • Anonymous

    i’d spark one up with him and k steward lol

  • mojo

    He should lose his endorsement deals and surrender his Olympic medals. This behavior is not in line with the olympic standards of sportmanship, healthy living, and inspiration to others.
    Some of you will say “it’s just pot” or “he’s an adult and can do what he wants.” Sorry. Thats beyond the point. He knew the rules and broke them, he should suffer the consequences.

  • Anonymous

    stewart**** fuck lol
    i messed that up

  • Anonymous

    He’s a grown man. He’s old enough to know that it’s not good for him. He doesn’t need us telling him. Let him do what he wants.

  • Mileyy

    ok so i know pot is really bad and all…but this kind of really turns me on.

  • Anonymous

    You people who are saying it’s just weed and everyone does it… that’s just horrible. I mean he’s someone that little kids look up to, but then again celebrities are too expose to the light and do things that should make them go to an isolated place or something. Fame gets to people. It’s a shame that it got to Michael Phelps. I was a fan, but man… that’s horrible. he’s the one who said I will do as many drug tests as he can and such because he wants to prove to people that he’s drug free… MY BUTT

  • tori

    there goes his career.

  • Natalya

    Ok so this guy was in trouble with the law before and like he got caught with DUI a few years back and he said the same thing, “This will never happen again.” Well look at it now, getting in trouble with the law again. U know, yes he is an amazing swimmer, but he is not exactly the best person to look up to. I mean look at ryan lochte, aaron peirsol, and dara torres, they r amazing swimmers 2 with no history of doing any of that.

  • Claire

    ughh I hate how people are like “he’s old enough” you shouldn’t do pot at any age!!! I mean really! He’s old enough to know not to do it. He seems like a smart guy. This will upset MANY children who look up to him. Although if it was just once, I think he shouldn’t be penalized. Everyone makes mistakes

  • josie(:

    that looks delicious.

  • den

    so nobody seems to be so mad that
    michael phelps is the one smoking,
    but when its kristen stewart,
    everybody completely despises her.
    i get that there both old eneough’

    I was reading the comments and i’m like ‘omg, these people are unbelievable. When Michael Phelps does pot it’s ok, it’s great! It’s not a big deal!’

    I wonder if they remembered their reactions when those pics were posted of Kristen smoking from a pipe.. seriously.

    Nice u f#cking hypocrits…

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me?
    All you guys are saying: “Oh, it’s alright, everyone does it blah blah blah” And that makes everything okay? Just because EVERYONE does it does not make it all of a sudden A-okay and a done deal with it being safe. God, I swear whoever said that is an IDIOT. Just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t make it an acception. That’s like the saying “If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you?” God, some people are stupid …

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    YA but just sayin if u were such a fan wudn’t
    u look past the title and at the pic? Like that
    does NOT look like Michael Phelps at all!

  • Anonymous

    i do not care many people smoke and drink now a days. he will eventually that he is a hero. he will mature, and he realize drugs are stupid. he might just do it recreationally.

  • Anonymous

    honestly he shouldnt lose his endorsement deals
    like come one hes 23 of course hes gonna do stupid shit
    let it go hes still young its not like hes a burnout
    hes a olympic winning athlete
    so leave him alone

  • Yo

    ehh i didnt like him b4 anyway

  • Anonymous

    I’d totally take a hit with him.

  • kamilah

    this is a fucking joke. how are you going to strip medals from an olympian who smokes weed. its not like weed enhances muscle growth. this is ridiculous. the man wasnt taking steriods so its really not a big deal. ill be fucking pissed if his medals get taken away. his performances in the 08’olympic was incredible and that took a shit ton of hard work and dedication. they shouldnt even be discussing this, its fucking stupid

  • Amari

    … Weed or pain killers… which would be worst?

    And still weed is used for medical reasons nowadays more and more so i don’t see why we still have a stickup our bums about someone smoking it…

    Though i do realize w/o a doctor’s prescription it’s illegal…

  • http://www.adultjonasfans.com Crys

    Oh come on. We learned last Olympic go round that Mike’s no angel. And that’s fine.

  • Anonymous

    i didnt like him b4 anyway

  • Feist

    Haha ,
    no shit !
    It’s just like yeah , ‘everyone thinks we’re all virginal and shit- let’s smoke a joint!’ No one would ever know .. bahahaha .

  • Feist

    YES !

  • Ashley

    Hell no,
    he earned all of it.
    I even more amazed he
    did all that while
    smoking pot. He should
    have been physically
    drained. That shit really
    makes you tired.

  • sophiestokes

    get ittttttt

  • jamie

    seriously, this guy won fucking 8 gold medals! when i think michael phelps, i think 8 gold medals in the olympics, not pot smoker! so hes trying to have a little fun-get over it!

  • steph

    hahaaha yeah really fuckers, just cause everyone else does it doesnt make it okayyy

  • Anonymous

    He’s setting a bad example to all the athletes who have dreams. He believes that he’ll quit now that its out in the open, he’s a fool to believe it.

  • potlover

    This disgusts me. What idiot is going to smoke pot whenever their living their dream?! It’s retared. Who smokes pot anyway? It’s disgusting. Why do you wanna smoke pot?! Eww. & the fact that he has enough nerve to apologize to his fans. I don’t get it. I never even liked Michael Phelps anyway. He was always a monkey looking man to me.


    HAHAHAHA YOU’RE THE RETARDED ONE. pot is so common. and if you’ve never smoked pot then you can’t judge him. I honestly think this makes him more of an idol to me. He’s not one of those goody-too-shoes. Michael Phelps is amazing. He earned everything he’s got. I’m honestly more amazed by the guy who admitted the picture in the first place…idiot.

  • Anonymous

    it doesn’t matter that he’s a man. smoking pot is against Olympic rules.
    i’m not saying i’m disappointed or any of that shit..i’m just saying, just because he’s in his 20s doesn’t make smoking pot right.

  • http://mernagh.ca Mernahuana

    imagine his bong hit lung power. phelps could hit like a champ. an olympic champion.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    That does NOT look like him AT ALL!

  • Anonymous

    people should just get over it

  • Anonymous

    go steelers!

  • connie


  • Jamie

    He’s not smoking during swimming season. So no, I don’t think he should.

  • Bitches

    Wow omg people relax I,m 14 and me and my friends smoke pot like everyday pretty much calm down. And don’t judge me cause I am the smartest kid in my class with a 97.6% avarge.

  • Anonymous

    i for one do not care about michael phelps. sorry.

  • Anonymous

    i guess he’s old enough to know what he wants to do with his life

  • Gossip Girl

    Common, he’s not a kid. He’s a man. And this man should do whatever he pleases in my book. I’m not surprised considering with his past run in with the law.

    Gossip Girl

  • bbleh

    Ha this makes me love him even more?

  • Sonia

    r u kidding me?? so what? he is doing so great
    cant people just have some fun??

  • Anonymous

    who cares? it’s just weed. it’s not like half of the celebs with endorsements don’t already do some drugs, like weed. it’s not a big deal. people should get over it. and no he should not be stripped of anything. he worked damn hard for what he’s gotten and that would be a bitch to take it away just cuz he took a few hits of bud

  • b

    personally i think its hott. ahaaa
    its not a big deal everyone does it. he obviously doesnt do it a lot. he definately shouldnt feel bad for doing it. everyone needs to stop crying like a baby about it. hes not living your life. hes living his own. he can do what he wants

  • Anonymous


  • blahhhh

    who cares?
    hes hott
    and hes a guy
    its normal!

  • Kristen

    Micheal is an amazing swimmer, obvisouly.. i swim too, and hes basically my idol.
    im dissapointed to see him smoke, but its his life..
    and no i dont think he should be stripped of his endorsement deals, hes too good.

  • http://oceanup.com ari

    everyone makes mistakes.
    i forgive him and i think his fans should too!

  • naee.


  • Anonymous

    hey hey wanna blaze?

  • Anonymous

    he got tons of gold medals for the country and worked his ass off, and people are hating on him because he smoked a little pot? ugh.

  • Anonymous

    There was a new law added to the Olympic handbook that bans athletes from taking drugs for four years. So he could be barred from the 2012 Olympics.

  • Anonymous

    Some people are so stupid… “What’s the big deal?” The big deal is that its DRUGS! Drugs are bad for you, duh. And it doesn’t matter how old he is, its still bad for you.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Not tryin to bash u, but that is NOT good.
    Smoking pot is BAD for you, no matter
    what people say. Its destroys ur lungs, and
    can psychologically effect u by making u want
    more hardcore drugs like heroin or meth. Its
    one thing when u use marijuana if its
    prescribed to you by a physician, but
    another if u do it for a high for fun!
    U are VERY SMART school wise, but aren’t
    being very street smart. And FYI, that
    grade can slip if u continue to use

  • mileyfan7

    I still support you, Michael! And I’m still a fan!

    I’m happy that he confessed and apologized.

  • aiyana

    so nobody seems to be so mad that
    michael phelps is the one smoking,
    but when its kristen stewart,
    everybody completely despises her.
    i get that there both old eneough

  • Feist

    FML ,
    This makes him 100 000 times hotter- no joke .

  • Anonymous


  • Feist

    Sorry, but it is.
    He even admitted to it- he called it, “regrettable”.


    ^ Tis the link to the article.

  • Angela

    This disgusts me. What idiot is going to smoke pot whenever their living their dream?! It’s retared. Who smokes pot anyway? It’s disgusting. Why do you wanna smoke pot?! Eww. & the fact that he has enough nerve to apologize to his fans. I don’t get it. I never even liked Michael Phelps anyway. He was always a monkey looking man to me.

  • Anonymous


    wat r you 12?
    comeon people smoke pot who gives a shit
    im pretty sure almost all the big celebs have smoked pot
    its not that big of a deal

    me kristen stewart and him should all smoke it up some
    time ;]

  • Anonymous


  • aiyana

    but still i think its wrong,
    that people hate her when
    shes doing the same thing
    he is*

  • Jane

    this is not good…i’m pretty disappointed

  • Sarah

    haha well u maybe book smart…but hun i can see u have no common sense there….

  • Kat

    big fucking deal!
    the only reason these tweeners are alarmed is because theyve probly never been to an actual party.

  • Anonymous

    damn he’s sexy

  • cookiemonster

    Although I don’t approve of his actions, I don’t think he should be stripped of his endorsement deals. He is a grown man…not a child. It was a stupid decision and I will never see him quite the same way again but he is still an amazing swimmer and earned what he got. One mistake should not take away all he has earned.

  • Savannah

    sooooo…. its not like everyone isnt doing it, i bet the jonas brothers smoke pot all the time lol

  • Anonymous

    he’s not a fucking 2-year old.

    leave him alone.

  • deanna

    its his life.. he made his decision and that was that. i mean, shit happens. seriously, half the stars on this website that they post about im sure have smoked weed before, its way more common than people think. especially in the hollywood scene.

  • nonamed

    ew, just cause everyone else does it, doesnt make it okay.

  • Anonymous

    how come when micheal phelps smokes nothing is wrong
    But when its kristen stewert everybody hates her?
    I think that really bad what micheal phelps did
    there might of been little kids who looked up to him
    all the celebs know of days…
    there goes his career is right

  • ….Daisy…..

    FYI….You’re not Perez Hilton:)

  • juju beez

    I just smoked out Nick Jonas. He took it like a bitch.

  • lisa

    haha i was gonna say that too lmfaooo

  • Krystal

    1. He doesn’t smoke pot when he swims because he would be to tired to swim, so it shouldn’t effect his endorsement deals …
    2. POT is THE FUCKING BEST, I love it.
    3. Calm the fuck down people, what he does in HIS life are HIS choices & they have fuck all to do with you …

    4. Go smoke a bowl or a joint, it’s all good bitches …

    Peace ; Love ; Weed <3

  • Alex

    I love him, but I think this might hurt his endorsment deals. He is like an idol to kids and no mother is going to want him on her kids frosted flakes box. Also you would think he would be a bit more careful after his DUI at like 19, its doesn’t help his reputation.

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck.
    so what he won some medals, give him a break.
    he’s 23, he might as well do it while he can.
    it’s not that big of a deal. shit.

  • Alexandra

    I know he’s not suppose to be doing this because he is representing the USA but cut him a freakin break will you.

  • Anonymous

    it IS a big deal. not everyone smokes pot…i am 18 and i have certainly never tried it, even if i have been offered many times. this reflects his lack of judgement i thought he was better than this, and as an athlete he should have known better.

  • lisa

    see now thats a big deal cuz everyfucking day ?
    i mean comeon thats a bit much dont you think ?
    now you are wat i call a pot head
    jeeeeeez cut it down

  • Isabella.

    Wow, I thought he would be taking care of his body since you know he is a olympic swimmer. You would think that he would be smarter than that, but whateverrr.
    People look up to him, he should be ashamed

    but ughhh steelers won! the cardinals fucking had them at the end dammint! haha

  • Krystal

    Not tryin to bash u, but that is NOT good.
    Smoking pot is BAD for you, no matter
    what people say. Its destroys ur lungs, and
    can psychologically effect u by making u want
    more hardcore drugs like heroin or meth. Its
    one thing when u use marijuana if its
    prescribed to you by a physician, but
    another if u do it for a high for fun!
    U are VERY SMART school wise, but aren’t
    being very street smart. And FYI, that
    grade can slip if u continue to use


    Your almost right but not exactly. Smoking pot is only bad for you because it reduces lung capacity. I personally know from experience it doesn’t make you want to do other drugs, I have smoked enough of it to know that. Pot only gets you high & it doesn’t hurt you, it actually makes people more enjoyable to be around because everyone is in a much happier mood when they are high.

    Peace ; Love ; Weed <3 …

  • lallalala

    boohoo retard. no one cares, honestly big deal.
    he can do whatever he likes to do.

  • Anonymous

    smoking pot IS a big deal. whoever says it isn’t is just killing themself. literally. i looked up to michael phelps since i’m a swimmer. this is a disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    Him doing this makes him THIS much hotter.

    I love Michael Phelps.
    No matter what. :)
    Everyone should just get over it.

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    I ear this in News Of The World earlier on today
    But even better then that a free Chris Brown booklet and poster came free with it LOL

  • Anonymous

    Everyone who is saying that pot leads to meth and coke…have never smoked pot.
    he’s so rich i bet he got some gooooood kush.

  • Anonymous

    its not a good thing to smoke pot your so stupid!

  • Anonymous

    well that’s just a shame. I know some of you think pot is not a big deal,but it can ruin your life. Trust me i have seen it happen and it’s not pretty. You should never take anything like drugs lightly. Well Michael is old enough to know what is wrong and what’s right. Hopefully he does not do it again.

  • Anonymous

    weed is seriously not a big deal at all
    shit, cigarettes are 100x more harmful than weed
    have you ever heard of someone dieing from weed or overdosing on weed…..no
    thats because its a fucking herb not chemicals
    weed is a type of prescription for some medical conditions so its not a big deal
    i dont smoke weed but i have tryed it a couple of times
    im not saying “yah everyone go smoke weed” but im not going to judge someone if they do. i have plenty of friends who smoke weed and their not bad ppl.
    id rather you smoke weed than cigarettes

  • ZZZzzz

    No way! Hes a great swimmer and won the usa so many metals!
    We all make bad decisions every oncce and every, its just too bad the some famous people have to have their mistakes published in magizines and talked about on the internet :[[

    Go Phelps!!!!
    (and Steelers!)

  • still <3 you cards!

    fuck the steelers
    fuck the refs
    the game was bogus

    the cardinals deserved that superbowl
    fitzgerald and warner played their asses off
    during the playoffs
    im just sad and pissed off for the who team

    roethlisberger can suck it!

  • Anonymous

    no he should NOT be stripped of his endorsement deals
    It’s not like he was taking steroids, it’s completely different.
    He’s still young and everyone makes mistakes.