Ashley Tisdale SHOPS FOR AIR

Shopaholic Ashley Tisdale
was spotted at a gas station with her father, where he filled up her sports car tires with air, in Los Angeles this afternoon. Photos: INF. More beauty under!

  • kelsey

    & i luv ashley and everything
    but her face is starting to look a lil fake
    i mean, she looks WAYY better brunette
    but im talking about her face’
    shes starting to look like a smoker
    [if u look at her face closely]
    i hate smokers
    but she said she didnt smoke!
    idk maybe its just all the plastic surgeries.

  • Gina

    Her style, her face and Ashley herself got really weird after she started getting her nose surgeries… Don’t like her that much anymore.

  • Anonymous

    i actually dont think her shorts are too short. i have definitely seen a lot worse. the shorts and boots could go though. celebs need to stop trying to make trends happen that just shouldnt happen.

  • Anonymous

    California has been pretty cold the past few weeks, but now it’s getting really warm.

  • Anonymous

    she looks much better with brown hair. she looked kinda like a fake wannabe when she was blond. but now she actually looks really pretty and real.

  • xoxokaStori@xoxo

    nice car

  • Anonymous

    seriously? they aren’t even that short.

  • Anonymous

    she looks so pretty! love her.

  • christine!

    a loottaa people in cali wear shorts and boots?
    i do it allot too, thats the good thing about cali,

  • Anonymous

    she will NEVER be pretty no matter how many times she changes her look!

  • lol :D

    she looks pissed,like she was thinking
    “Why the fuck they follow me to the gas station”
    she will be happy the day they dont recognize her

  • mj

    what is the prob with boots and shorts? i like it. i’d rather wear flip flops but i’ll ear flip flops with anything.

    luv ya ashley

  • srew you

    hahaha her nose looks so fugly the nosejob was the
    biggest mistake i used to like her but now she
    became like all those other bitches in hollywood
    i miss the old ashley

  • lol

    its called having ur choice of style if she wants to wear boots w/ shorts well thats all her
    n i luv her hair

  • t

    bahhahah i get gas at that gas station all the time!
    the mobil on riverside and cahuenga across the street from 7-11, baskin robins and a dry cleaners lol.

  • Anonymous

    Her shorts are way too short. Why would she go out in public like that?

    her shorts aren’t that short. i mean,they are called shorts. lol

  • Jane

    ew ew ew ew ew i hate her she seems like the biggest bitch. and she isn’t even pretty!!!

  • Krystal

    Her shorts are way too short. Why would she go out in public like that?


    Ashley isn’t 14 years old, she can wear whatever the fuck she wants to wear. She goes out in public like that because there is NOTHING wrong with it.

  • Anonymous

    hahah thats funny! sorry but her shorts are not that
    bad, trust me ive seen worst! and everyone wears boots
    with shorts, its not just celebrities. I actually like
    her outfit

  • Anonymous

    umm did she get another nose job because it looks different??

  • aila.


  • creepin gal


    shes not that pretty…

  • Anonymous

    her hair looks REALLY cute i love herrr

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i love her

  • :D

    her nose looks ginormous

  • Anonymous

    this really stimulated my brain

  • http://DFAFAS SALLY


  • Anonymous

    her lips are weird.

  • Anonymous

    nice car

  • Natsh

    Ashy ?

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  • afton

    THEY’RE CANCELLING KYLE XY! :((((((((((((((

  • jonaslover

    I LOVE HER!!!

  • teteu

    she are really hot, i love her!

  • Anonymous

    another fashion never from the hsm crew. shorts and boots need to die a slow death. love her hair though.

  • Anonymous

    why is she wearing boots with a tank top and shorts??
    it doesn’t get cold in California

  • Beth

    Her shorts are way too short. Why would she go out in public like that?

  • Anonymous

    Her shorts are way too short. Why would she go out in public like that?
    i don’t really mind her, but it would be better if it were longer though. she’s turning 24, so who cares.

  • gi

    i love her

  • LOLA

    Pic 2: SHE LOOKS HORRIBLE!!!! Look at her (fake) NOSE!
    She is not even close to pretty

  • nic

    aww her daddy does the air in her tires just like mine
    haha that’s so
    sweet…she’s adorable

  • Beth

    Yes but children look up to her, you wouldn’t like your kids to go out like that?

  • Anonymous

    i love ashley shes pretty and a great actress

  • kelsey

    the boots and shorts trend neeeds
    to DIE
    i never see anyone in my state wearing shorts and boots!
    i only see celebs in cali, wearing it
    its FUGLY
    Uhh, thats why, Flip-Flops were invented!
    was to wear with SHORTS!
    i like flip-flops way betta then boots anyday
    too bad its FREEZING cold where i live!

  • edi

    i love you you are sou sexy.
    i wil fuck you.

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