Dakota Fanning Good Morning America

Dakota Fanning & Teri Hatcher promoting Coraline on Good Morning America.

  • Anonymous

    shes going to be jane in twiliight

  • Meghan

    The book was really good, I’m so excited for this movie and to see it in 3D.

  • anonymous

    Wow! Dakota is amazing! I love her! She is so mature!

  • whats it to you?

    ugh, she so annoying!

  • Mariiiiii1367


  • Anonymous

    check out

    Wondering how I made this bold? That doesn’t matter! Check out my site!
    If you’re a Jonas fan, it’s worth it!

  • LaLa Land

    When the hell is WINGED CREATURES coming out? grrr

  • Anonymous

    love it please post more on taylor momsen

  • aila.

    she’s so awesome ! (:
    & such a good speaker,
    i think i wanna see this movie :D

  • sara

    i couldnt figure out who dakota reminded me of, and it finally hit me like a ton of bricks: aj michalka.
    they have similar looks and really similar voices. haha glad i got that figured out.