Dakota Fanning JALOUSE Cover Girl

Dakota Fanning featured in French magazine Jalouse. Scans under! Thx Nic.

  • Anonymous

    cool photo shoot! (:

  • lundie

    god she is absolutely stunning.

  • http://google.com MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    She’s like the only legit child actor in Hollywood right now & she’s so gorgeous and poised, such a perfect role model

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty but i still think of her a little kid from like i am sam and uptown girls and cat in the hat.

  • Anonymous

    she looks really young. like she’s 11 not 14 (or however old she is, not rele sure) however, you are a great actress and i admire you for being so successful in your career as well as going to school and not being homeschooled.
    i know i admire the fact that she seems to be doing it for the actual acting not for the celebrity like many actors and singers out there nowadays.

  • Dakota forever

    This is a very sexy photoshoot, even if it was not done in color

  • Anonymous

    she looks 12. though she is only 14.
    she is very gorgeous.
    she is one of my favorite actresses.
    she is so fricken awsome.

  • Anonymous

    she’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • LiveLoveLaugh

    Very cute outfits!
    Apart from the doc martens :)

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty =) but a bit too skinny;;
    who care though she’s gonna be a big star..
    bigger than what she already is.

  • ok

    she is ugly

  • Anonymous

    yeah she really is like extrememly gorgeous. like stunning. just because shes not that “hollywood girl” look or whatever the hell you people think is “pretty” these days, doesnt mean shes not. LOVE DAKOTA

  • SARA


  • xoxo

    These outfits remind me of like an old lady version of the new Hannah haha!

  • Lacy

    shes very pretty.. my fav pic is the close up of her face.
    the 4th one.

    Lacy Anne

  • Anonymous


  • http://oceanup.com vanessalovesjonasssboys<33

    shes cute(:

  • aly

    She is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    the cover pose is a little awkward but all the other ones are really pretty

  • Anonymous


  • kat


  • sara

    the clothes are supposed to be “wow.”
    the point of edgy photoshoots is that the clothing doesn’t quite go together. it makes it all the more fashionable when the model is gorgeous in clothes that a normal person couldnt really make work.

    dakota is absolutely stunning in these pictures.

  • secretsource


  • kat

    oh i forgot to say she is so pretty and skinny!!!
    i want to be her!!

  • mel

    She’s… not the cutest, but her acting is amazing.

  • ejejeje

    she is so growny,
    she used to be uglyish and boyish,
    but she really has gotten prettier,
    i love dakotaaaaaaaaaaa:]

  • Anonymous

    the fourth picture is killing me shes so gorgeous up close

  • Jane

    she’s gorgeous…i want to be her! haha i always wonder how they know child stars are gonna be pretty when they grow up because she is stunning!

  • Anonymous

    prettyy :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    cutee hope she plays jane in new moon!!!

  • me ;)

    she looks really young. like she’s 11 not 14 (or however old she is, not rele sure) however, you are a great actress and i admire you for being so successful in your career as well as going to school and not being homeschooled.

  • Anonymous

    she is basically an extremely gorgeous girl.
    and VERY talented!

  • kamilah

    i cant get over how beautiful she is
    these pics are really good
    i love the natural and poised look a lot
    it suites her very well

  • Anonymous

    i honestly dont think she is gorgeous.
    she can definetely act though.
    but the first pic sucks.
    and the clothes are..wow.
    the only decent outfit is the last one.

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  • mojo

    She’s cool and hip and trendy and cute all at once. Can’t wait to see how she and her talents blossom as she ages.

  • Anonymous

    I love Dakota Fanning. (:
    I have her autograph because when I was in fourth grade
    I wrote her a letter because i’m just THAT cool.

  • Anonymous

    she’s an awesome actress and really pretty

  • Anonymous

    You can tell that she will be so pretty when she’s a little older. I mean she’s turning 15 soon…wait until she’s like 20. She’ll be gorgeous

  • maryy

    Jonas Brothers are gonna be on SNL
    read their myspace blog!!

  • Anonymous

    the first picture is not that good… the rest is awesome

  • mileyfan7

    That last outfit is WICKED!!!

    I really like this style!

  • Anonymous

    The close up is really nice.

  • afton

    aww, she’s beautiful!

  • Anonymous


  • fghj


  • kk


  • Anonymous

    OMG I can’t believe
    she looks sooo pretty :)