Lady Gaga EH EH New Music Video

Lady Gaga brand new music video for ‘Eh Eh’. Thx keapst!

  • corrine =]

    i kinda dont like the song, but then again im sick and can;t hear like anything out of my ears lol

  • Anonymous

    this is like
    the ONLY song i hate by her.
    it’s so annoying

  • Anonymous

    Love it.
    Her music is different, thats what I love about it.

  • sara

    less is more!



  • Anonymous

    what is she wearing?
    eh eh eww.

  • Anonymous

    not her best,
    I dont think anything will beat just dance

  • ash duhhhh

    i love this song i was waiting 4 her 2 do his video cherry cherry boom boom

  • Anonymous

    WTF is wrong with her hair when she has the blue jumpsuit on??

  • olivia

    aw i really like this, it reminds me of gwen stefani kinda.
    and the 90’s.

  • Anonymous

    the song is ok but love the video i dont know y
    but i do. eh eh cherry boom boom lol

  • Anonymous

    I love her & this song. She’s wonderful

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    AHH i dont like this song =[[
    i LOVE just dance, poker face, and paprazzi but this
    one isnt working for me…
    But i love her other than that

  • laurenn

    she makes the sweetest videos!

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  • nicky

    I’m italian, and Italy is so not like that! I don’t like her, the song was so…eh eh…ok…nothing special..

  • bbleh

    She needs to make a video for love games

  • Jess Jealousy

    I Love this Song,, Great Vid For Gaga. :]
    Next Song Either Boys Boys Boys, Or Love Game. :]

    – JEss

  • Anonymous

    i ADORE the video. the song is still catchin on for me, but i like it. but i love the video; well done.

  • Emily

    Yeah that’s how I iron my clothes.

  • LiveLoveLaugh

    Wasn’t sure at first…
    but i like it :)

  • sophieeee

    she wears so much makeup, but i like her vid styles