• Anonymous



    The REAL one has Jackson in between them. This manip = crap.

  • veronika


  • aww


  • veronika


  • Anonymous




    there are waaaaaaaaaaaay more moliver fans.

  • 4real.

    this is..interesting.

  • Anonymous

    im disgusted by him ever since i saw those pictures of him smoking
    get over it. grow up. alot of teens smoke, its at all the parties, doesnt mean anything, atleast to the ppl in los angeles.

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  • Anonymous

    that lookss soo fake! FIRST

  • Anonymous

    go cry then.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    fiirst :D haha, mitchel is kinda funny!

  • anonymous

    woww. that lookss soo fake!

  • Krysty


  • Anonymous

    It’s a photoshoot you dumb ass.

  • Anonymous

    actually it is fake…its promotinal…but cute!

  • Manny

    Well sorry to disappoint all of the Moliver fans, but Loliver is dating and in I honestly Love you (no not you) he said he loved Lilly so all of you Moliver fans GET OVER IT build a bridge and get over it go cry in a corner!!!!

  • http://google.com MILEY > OCEANfuckingUP

    It’s a promotional photo for Hannah Montana 3; btw if you haven’t heard the new songs (they’re on youtube) then you’re missing out!

  • Anonymous

    omg emily is just so pretty! why doesnt nobody talk about her? oh, i know.. cuz everybodys always talking about the effing Selena and Miley omg.. every single day I open OceanUp there are like a million stupid news about Miley and Selena.. and guess what? Im so sick of both of them.. (at least me. And theres more people to talk about omg..

    all u talk about is Miley on pajamas, Miley eating Yogurt, Miley breathing at the street….. OMG stop it.


    hahaahahahaha like 30 yr old jackson ahem JASON EARLES or whatever

  • Anonymous

    aw i love lilly & oliver & miley <333

  • Anonymous

    jesus, oceanup dont you know ur readers are all tweens? u need to go into details, because obviously “promo shoot” just doesnt comprehend with them

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    Wondering how I made this bold? That doesn’t matter! Check out my site!
    If you’re a Jonas fan, it’s worth it!

  • Anonymous

    im disgusted by him ever since i saw those pictures of him smoking

  • katie

    woah…emily osment looks so pretty there..

  • cristal

    they look cute on the photos miley looks awesome emily is very pretty they should promote her more and oliver sings really good but he needs to change that style if he wants to gain more fans like part the hair in the middle going to the back in layers because the reason he not getting girls is because that hair is killing his looks oliver please tream the hair if you want more girls fans!

  • Anonymous

    oh and Mitchells so cute and hot too! and u always post things about Zac or the JB.. i mean theyre cute too but stop talkin about -just- them.. please.

  • Anonymous

    im sure he cares so much…get over it, teenagers do alot of crap, doesnt mean they are a bad person

  • rachel rae

    i like lily’s longer wig. it looks a lot better.

  • Sadiezz

    Moises, Jason, and Miley= My favorite (and funniest!) HM characters.

    Emily and Mitchell annoy me.

  • Anonymous

    she looks so pretty!!

  • TM10*

    those pics look soo fake!!
    why does everyone say first all the time??
    whats the point of it??

  • Anonymous

    i actually like emily’s outfit. usually i think her hair is annoying, but i guess its growing on me

  • laur

    This is going to create chaos. O_O

  • Anonymous

    dude, lola’s outfit is off the chain!

  • Anonymous

    lol @ rico’s wave in the 2nd pic

  • sweetness

    whoa… I never said Emily and Mitchel didn’t look cute together. I’m just talkin bout the characters they portray. I mean, their personalities are too similar. And seriously. Have you ever sat back and thought about Moliver for once? It makes more sense. Oliver acts totally different between his two best girl friends. To Lilly, he acts like an older bro. He bickers with her aqll the time. Its cute at times, but really no romantic chemistry. As for Miley… he acts so… different. Think about it. He never fought with her in a hurtful way. He knows so much about her that he can tell when she’s not truthful. I mean, look at Lilly! She can’t even do that! He seems to want to impress her. There are so many eye-to-eye moments between the two that it makes you think twice before nyou even blink. Most importantly, even though Miley is pretty much always aggravated with everything, Oliver is there to balance her out. He’s her voice of reason. Remember the epi where Lilly like Jackson and vice versa? It was Miley’s dream. Her dream, meaning she thought of everything in it. She dreamnt that Oliver would steer her back in the right direction. Voice of reason. You see where I’m getting all of this?

    Sorry about what I said to you about the whole Loliver business. I just got so frustrated that you thought i was someone who doesn’t know squat about the show. Trust me. Its my fav show. I know what happens in it. You just gotta believe me. Again, sorry about everything. I just hate it when so many don’t see what’s right in front of them xD.

  • bucky

    emily looks gorgeous!
    a lot better than miley too..
    i honestly don’t understand why miley is as famous as she is.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a PHOTO SHOOT! Dumbass!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • wowowow

    Loliver is love!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my… I think I totally mistaked you for a Loliver fan. My bad! I feel so smart xD xD xD

  • Jane


  • Prabhjot

    yeah it’s called a PHOTOSHOOT.

    emily is so pretty! so is miley duh.

  • Loliverfan

    ur such an airhead!!! there are more loliver fans than moliver!!!! miley is a stuck up sluuuut and u didnt see mitchel singing a song with miley!!!!!!!! miley is a bad role model!!!!! who takes pics of themselves half dressed!!!? if u dont want anyone to see it save it on ur computer!!! and not send it to anyone!!!!!!! miley luvers have no brains!!!!!!! Jodete!!!!!!

  • Tatiana

    Woah, Emily is so pretty. She makes Miley look really bad standing next to her, tbh.

  • TeamDemi

    what freaks.

  • anonymous

    Um, ok? Why r y’all ppl makin fake promo pics? The first two look retarted. Get a life.

  • Anonymous

    miley is ugly so is emily

    mitchel is a babe, being mike or mitchel
    he is hot either way.


  • ggh

    Miley is awesome. You’re such a freakin’ fatass whore.

  • joanne

    1st fake,photoshoped

  • Aylin

    I love Loliver!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ewww loliver???

    Liley Love!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sweetness

    This is some crap. Hannah montana is an amazing show, but Loliver? Thats a gay fag couple right there!

  • wah

    ahahaaaa mitchels jake beard.

  • Anonymous

    can’t they be oily?!?!?!
    lmao. ilove them.

  • wah

    i mean mithchels FAKE beard lol typo

  • Anonymous

    but i love the idea of LOLIVER <3

  • http://www.youtube.com/GiGisOssum GiGi

    The first two are freaking MANIPS of the second two. Can you NOT tell? They shouldn’t even freaking be on here! UGHH.

  • Anonymous

    yes I support Loliver!! moliver sucks
    miley is a bitch

  • M.

    First off, Loliver ISN’T Lola and Oliver. It’s Lilly and Oliver, and was named BEFORE Lilly even became Lola.

    And second, Loliver IS NOT Emily and Mitchel. Loliver is completely different – it’s their characters, not the actors. So, the fact that Emily and Mitchel performed a song together is completely irrelevant, as is the fact that Miley took some controversial pictures that were leaked.

  • julie.anne <3

    colliver is better. end of story.

  • Anonymous

    i never understood how lily an doliver needed disguises (lola and mike) but jackson did not!!….do ppl not notice that he is the bro of miley AND Hannah Montana!

    and whats Loliver….that means its lola and oliver when in reality its either lola and mike or lily and oliver u cant take one from each!

  • carrie

    actually, he is miley’s brother and hannah’s ex-fake-boyfriend/friend

  • SLY

    I COMPLETLY agree with Sweetness.

    I’m sorry. But I don’t like Loliver, I think they act more like a brother and a sister.

    I mean, really, look at it, Moliver is…just true love, and Loliver, maybe a crush, but nothing more.:/
    Sorry, my opinion, you lolivers can get as mad as you want, but whatevers.

    Moliver forever.

    and yeah, those pics were photoshopped.

    (PS: let me see one of you Loliver fans type a few pages on FACTS that Lily and Oliver either, A.) like each other more than friends, or B) will end up together.

    I mean it, show me right now. Give me reasons! and not just ‘cute’ reasons, I want proof baby.


    and I am not hating, I just REALLLYYYY wanna see this!

  • Anonymous

    haha omg
    the ones with just lilly and oliver are totally photoshopped
    you can see they cut jason lol

  • Anonymous

    wow.. emily looks GORGEOUS! =)

  • Anonymous

    what’s colliver?

  • Anonymous

    i actually love Loliver. but yes this pic is photoshopped.
    but i still LOVE Loliver. how could u not? they are so adorable.
    and i disagree to sweetness’ comment. they do have romantic chemistry, but since ur so involved in Moliver, ur choosing to ignore the heat between Lilly & Oliver.

  • sweetness

    Well duh. Lola and Mike are portrayed by the SAME ppl… Lilly and Oliver with disguises. LOLIVER. You get it? And by the way, Emily and Mitchel I think are awesome. The thing is, however, they just play the characters. They aren’t Loliver. They’re real ppl doing their real jobs. Get a life. Lilly and Oliver? Yeah right. And even if they do get together, most Hannah Montana fans will know what’s wrong with that picture.

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