Jake T. Austin UNDERAGE

New series ‘Underage‘ starring Jake T. Austin, Christian Fortune & Ryan Ochoa.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    epic fail!

  • Anonymous

    He needs a haircut.

  • Anonymous

    this is so stupid

  • Dumm Blonnd

    I thought it said underage porno. XD

    P.S. I’m not weird! I just thought it said that!

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    Hes cute lol he looks so much older now!

  • Anonymous

    i went on his youtube page and it says he lives in new york but how can he do wowp if hes there

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does his head look big compared to the rest of his body?

  • Rachel

    this makes me think of the show Entourage.

  • O

    i don’t get what this is supposed to be but jake t. austin is hot..

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  • Anonymous

    lol pointless vid. but jakes a cutie.

  • Melissa

    wow…..that was AMAZING!!!!!


    Thanks for wasteing

    6 Minutes and 15 seconds of my time

    time i will never get back..

  • Monica

    You of course don’t get the purpose of this! It’s a short, and it’s not the first one they do.

    I think it’s awesome that Jake is doing this, he’s starting to write his own scripts, and though they might not be as deep and great structure for now, but you’ve gotta start from somewhere.

  • asklfj

    I thought it said underage porno. XD

    P.S. I’m not weird! I just thought it said that!
    ^^^HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA ^^ that was the greatest thing ever.
    but the show. yeah…not sure about it. lovee jake ttttt. tho :)

  • Anonymous

    man shit up
    u should not have watched this then
    nd that is so old
    u just wasted 6 mins nd 15 secs of my life the a will never get back
    so shit up nd does say anythings if it is not nice

  • cherry cherry boom boom

    I thought it said that too!!
    I am a little weird though…who isn’t?

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • nice girl12

    good video
    see people that is how to post a comment

  • Anonymous

    jake is cute so is christian, and the short rocks so whoever thinks it doesn’t is a loser…!!!