Miranda Cosgrove FYI, NEW SONG

Miranda Cosgrove‘s brand new song FYI from her EP ‘About You Now‘.

  • Anonymous

    who is she???

  • i<3taylor

    meh, i dont really like it..
    dont really like her that much either though, dont know why its just something about her

  • i<3taylor

    ou. and fourthh! :D:D:D:D

  • Anonymous

    Whhy Wont she ever sing live??????hint hint..

    idk im not much of a fan sorry…

  • joanne


  • hannah

    this girl sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she cant sing for crap
    she is a retard and ihate her she should go die

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  • Anonymous

    to the person who told her to go die… uhmm don’t you think that’s a little harsh??

    normal people don’t tell people to “go die” just because you dont like their singing…..

  • Nancy

    okay, miranda is definately an amazing singer
    and actress, but this song just….. sucks! i
    dont like it, she can do better

  • anti-miranda


  • Anonymous

    because she doesn’t have enough songs to actually go on tour.

  • Anonymous

    this is absoulty horrible. She can do sooooooooooooo much better than this

  • Anonymous

    ii don’t like her in icarly, all her other acting jobs: PERFECT

    this song: she needs material that will actually prove she can sing

  • Anonymous

    im guessing you heard miranda’s version first

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She isn’t an amazing singer. She talks through half of a all the songs she covers. And for the person who
    called everyone commenting on this “retards” congratulations on being an idiot. You really sound
    like you know what you’re talking about when you say
    “some of the parts she sings on here is pretty hard to sing!” and ” the about you now song
    she hit the high notes perfectly!
    and that song is even harder to sing!” wow you sound
    like you have some knowledge about having an actual
    tone, correct pitch and vibrato. Why don’t you go through the song
    and pick out what she does right instead of saying
    “the high notes are hit perfectly” did you write the
    song? do you know how the song is exactly suppose
    to go? I don’t think so. Also where in iCarly has
    she sang live? Oh Macy’s day parade? Yeah youtube the video and you can clearly see that she is lip-syncing. Her voice isn’t raw like other live performers voices would be if were actually honestly singing live. I would also love to hear how bad she is singing A Cappella. Since that is the true test of a great singer. Having her voice digitized so that she can hit all those “perfect high notes!” Is not the true test. Good job trying to say that though!

  • bri

    she sings pretty good!
    and if you retards talking on here
    understand anything about music you would
    know that some of the parts she sings on here
    is pretty hard to sing! and the about you now song
    even though its not her song she sings it betten then sugarbabes and she hit the high notes perfectly!
    and that song is even harder to sing!

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  • Anonymous

    i didnt understand the chorus lyrics but whatever…she actually can sing live, she did it on one of her episodes…

  • Anonymous

    aw, i like miranda cosgrove, she is a really good actress! she was funny in school of rock

  • Anonymous

    hell no!!!! this song is so gay!

  • :D

    her voice and the beat to this some reminds me of
    avril lavigne.


  • deanna

    woah. i was first XD
    being sick does pay off! lol

  • Anonymous

    i dont hate her, but this is a very bad song lol

  • Anonymous

    the only good song of hers was about you now… and THATS NOT EVEN HER SONG! it was written by sugababes.

    So i think that she SUCKS! and she NEVER sings live, which means to me that nickeldodian is like throwing her on us, but if u have ANY taste in GOOD music then you should reject this piece of CRAP!

  • stephanie

    I love her, but seriously, singing is not for her. This song is an epic fail.

  • Anonymous

    The song is so cheesy, and shet she ain’t even singing…so I don’t even know why its called a song.

  • Anonymous

    she actually can sing. but you know how big rich companies are.they put stupid ass songs out that they ththink kids will like. by the way this song does suck.
    but hate the song not the player.

  • Me

    She can sing but this song sucks…

  • Anonymous

    She sounds a lot like avril lavigne in some parts…

  • Anonymous

    She needs to just stop.

    iCarly is a retarded show where she’s always the one getting everything and her costars are treated like

    She needs to get a hold of herself because she’s not good at acting; she’s being herself: a sarcastic bitch who thinks she’s better than everyone.


    This song sucked too. Or at least her voice did.

  • deanna

    ehh. its okayy

  • Anonymous


  • luisa


  • Me

    Shes So Ugly and Fake.None Of her co stars get fame but she does.Her Face and Voice is annoying,
    Let Me tell you guys about the time i was watching i carly my dad came in eating a hot dog and was like….her voice is annoying.Well its true there you have it and i listened to Jennette Mccurdy aka sam’s songs HER VOICE IS AWESOME I LOVE HER SHE ROCKS.and no homo but…she has a nice body.Miranda Is stiff and is flat shested I HATE HER

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