Buxom beauty Rihanna was spotted shopping in a creme colored mini skirt after catching a flick at The Grove in Los Angeles with friends this afternoon. Photos: Fame. More under!

  • alice

    i don’t think that look suits her

  • Anonymous

    i loveeee her hairrr.
    short hairstyles are so hot on her.

    and this post is really random,
    I’ve never seen a Rhianna’s post on oceanup.

  • Faye

    She is soo beautiful.

  • sheillada

    those legs
    goddddddddd very pretty
    like flawless thin nice tan <3

  • fdddq

    Thats not the grove, thats the Americana.

  • shelley

    aren’t the americana’s train track thingies made with wood and not brick?

  • Anonymous

    i have always thought she’s pretty..
    but she looks ugly!

  • Anonymous

    She is so pretty.

  • fkngkljngljgnlkgbnlghnj

    yoooo all yahh bitches is hatersz cuss shes FLY. u all digust me u always put peeps down who is she an attetion whore she always dresses up an still lukks great all yahh iis bitches 4real get a lyf go talk bout sum1 else or matta fact dont talk bout any1 cuss all dha peeps yha be bashiin an shit on dha internet it hurts lyk 4 real. they are more successful than all ov u buhh yett u continue to bash while sittin on urr ass staring at a computer screen

  • Anonymous

    eww shes soo ugly

  • Sumi


  • Anonymous

    fugly douche

  • Anonymous

    really? why would u dress like that to go to the movies..can we sayyyy attention whore ? CAMERA whore?
    yeah i think we can…

    shes gross.
    shes so manly.

  • Anonymous

    the only decent thing about this pic is that fendi bag.

  • it’s me.

    she’s pretty :)

  • kaitlin

    dont hate on her.
    i think shes the only chick, other then ellen D
    that can pull of short hair like that.
    and i LOVE that skirt(:
    she looks good in it!

  • Jane

    she has such a cute style only she can pull off

  • Anonymous

    she is so pretty. she can rock any hairstyle.

  • Anonymous

    she’s the only girl that can pull that hair off! i would look like a parrot!

  • O

    aw! that outfit is cuuuute.

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  • yoyo


  • Josh

    she beautiful

    i love her

  • JhrPlm

    IGYMzbO cNyxxJW

  • diamond

    i loved u girl wut went wrong

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