Varsity Fanclub FAN PARTY

Varsity Fanclub talks to Popstar! about their new show in Hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    love them

  • Anonymous

    i’ goin gi’m going !!! i’m so excited i cant even type!! hahahaha their chat tonight was so much fun. i hope they at least do it monthly =)

  • karen[crasian]

    awwwww these guys are amazing.
    only if i lived in LA, i’d be there bright and early

  • Anonymous

    they have fans?

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  • gail

    something about this band just doesnt seem right… especially that sketchbagg in the middle

  • Anonymous

    varsity??? ewwww soooo gay!! haha!

  • ash

    thomas and david have my heart <3. i used to think these guys were stupid. i still do but damn thomas and david are too sexy for me to ignore.

  • Anonymous


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