Taylor Swift KATIE COURIC Interview

Taylor Swift‘s full CBS interview with Katie Couric about her career.

  • Anonymous

    she isn’t the world’s best singer i agree but her songwriting is incredible. best of her age group in that arena. and she’s so humble.

  • tonya

    she is amazing,
    she isn’t the best singer,
    but she CAN sing good,
    and she can write a hell of a song. <3
    I will always love this girll.
    can’t wait for her concert. :D

  • afton

    AHAHAHA my mom doesn’t like her at all.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha aww that was so cute.
    she made her mom cry. im so pumped to see her no csi. good stuff right there.

  • Anonymous

    yeess katie couric

    love herr

  • it’s me.

    taaaaaay s2
    love her :)

  • clem

    this made my evening :)
    she is the most beautiful and amazing person in the whole world, just look at her playing that song for her mom
    you can just see that she how sweet and friendly and lovable she is
    btw her mom is awesome
    this interview was good
    i loved the bit of her singing her first song!
    and then the bit where she randomly runs away haha ohh i love that girl
    CSI March 5th! Im SO excited its insane, it looks amazingggg
    this girl can sing beautifully and she can write songs like nobodys business. She is the best EVER
    taylor swift = love

  • liv

    i love her
    i cant wait to see CSI
    i hope i can meet her one day

  • Anonymous

    oh c’mon!
    how can you like miley and not like taylor?
    taylor is fierce too (not as fierce as miley but yeah)
    give the girl a chance :)
    and her hair is gorgeous, and so is her.

  • vee-roh

    i hope that one day i get to meet her, she has amazing songwriting skills and i just love her music its a breathe of fresh air

  • aja


  • happy


  • Miley is the queen.


  • Maria

    I Love Taylor Swift.
    I think she’s so cool, because she’s so honest,
    and sweet to all of her fans. Which is why I love
    I Think other ‘celebrities’ should be like her (:

  • TaylorSwiftIsAwesome!

    Go Taylor!!

  • Anonymous

    HATE HER!!

  • Anonymous

    she is amazing love her so much
    go taylor

  • rachel

    she is amazing love her so much
    cant wait for csi
    hopefully i can meet her

  • Anonymous

    aww, i love taylor! :)

  • Anonymous

    Love her!!!!

  • ilovemileycyrus

    ew i dont really like her. her fucking hair is so annoying. and she sucks at singing.

  • aila

    I love Taylor, she’s honest, real, down to earth, and just plaaaaain amazing.