Dakota Fanning Talks High School

Dakota Fanning talks high school on David Letterman, February 6.

  • Anonymous

    she seems like a very sweet and cool person
    but i didnt know that her voice was that high pitched…

  • naee

    isn’t she suppose to be a freshman?
    ’cause i’m older than her and i’m a sophomore..

  • Anonymous

    she’s so rich, like you have no idea.
    &+ she’s the same age as me.


  • Debbieee

    OMGOSH! she wears clothes so much older for her.
    her shorts are REALLY short and her heels are like heaps
    too high for her. but other than that she seems cool!

  • Anonymous

    she grew up so much! i always thought she was like a year younger than me.
    but shes like almost 2 years older than me.
    i’m 13 right now and im in 8th grade.
    i cant believe that shes in 10th grade too, because i have a couple people in my grade and their already 15.
    i just cant believe her age, and her grade period.

  • soulie

    You have to remember that when she is on set she has to do homeschooling. And when you home school you can easily be ahead of a normal High School education. Majorty of people who home school normally graduate at least 1 year than usual.

  • Dakota lover

    I am a guy and I am so in love with Dakota!

  • Anonymous

    She cool girl

    i saw push too

  • aila

    I LOVE HER (: !!!!

  • bored

    i like her but the interrview was so boring..i had 2 stop watching it

    loves<3 ..oceanup

  • Anonymous

    Shes 14! Shes supposed to be a freshman (9th grade!) but she said she’s in 10th grade!! whatt. Im 16 and in 10th grade. bleh..


    I know all the actors are always like a grade higher than they should be, but it doesn’t matter because shes behind in math. I’m in the 10th grade and most of my friends are in Algebra 2 already (which for those of you who don’t know is the year after Geometry). Only a couple friends and I aren’t in Algebra 2 because we are in Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry (the math class after Algebra 2). I only have one friend in 10th thats barely in Geometry and it’s only because they messed up his schedule in the first year of High School.

  • Andrea

    Why not?

  • Anonymous


  • Kat

    i dontt like her one bit

  • Anonymous

    cool i guess

  • Anonymous


  • melissa

    for some reason…i just don’t like her

  • A

    LMAO! Letterman’s hilarious!!

  • Kiki

    She seems like she tries so hard

  • Anonymous

    i saw push
    it was good

  • Anonymous

    hate her…don’t know why

  • tina

    she is just SO annoying…the only movie she acted good in was the secret life of bees and now she is going to RUIN TWILIGHT!!! =(

  • girlygirl

    I agree with the person who said if she was Miley or a Disney person they’d be all over her.

    I mean she’s wearing shorts up her butt and five inch heels and extentions and she’s 14. But no one cares. She’s so “well adjusted” please. Gag me.

  • Anonymous

    Shes 14! Shes supposed to be a freshman (9th grade!) but she said she’s in 10th grade!! whatt. Im 16 and in 10th grade. bleh..

  • Anonymous

    Her outfit too SHORT!! gawd!!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG her voice is annoying

  • Lola

    wow after watching this i like her much more
    she’s so sweet and so bright.
    love her outfit <3

  • Anonymous

    she seems drunk

  • Anonymous

    i have a snoodle too!

  • Anonymous

    i like her,
    but she kinda seem like

    hey guys love you!

  • abby jonas :)

    david letterman is so fucking funny.
    I was dieing of laughter through this whole thing. And Dakota is awesome. Shes so sweet.

  • ?

    whats up with their voices???

  • Anonymous

    She’s my role model,
    I’m the same age as her, but she handles everything so well,
    she’s really pretty, and it’s amazing how successful she is.
    &+ she’s so mature, but she still acts her age.
    I’m hoping to do the same things she does,
    Keep rockin’

  • Anonymous

    You seems to not like a lot of people on this site.

  • Anonymous

    i like her a lot
    she shes a smart girl
    who has a very bright future
    haters can step off

  • Anonymous

    i like her!
    she seems cool
    i didnt know her name was hannah!

  • Anonymous

    love her

  • Anonymous

    i love dakota fannign but thoseheels seemed a bit too high for some1 her age and she looked really pretty but shouldve put a anktop underneath that cause its kinda low
    i mean i dontlike miley but if it was miley or selena or demi yall wouldve trashed them. but she wears it in a vewry grown up wya which makes it look so much better

  • maddie

    she is SO cute! its refreshing to see a child star that still lives a somewhat normal life and she seems to be humble. she’s very talented.

  • Samrah.

    I love her!!
    She got so big!

  • Anonymous

    how is it possible that her voice got higher?

  • aly

    I’m about a year younger than her and I think she is one of the coolest people.
    I’m taking Algebra right now:D

  • Anonymous

    she a rur good actress but shes seems kidnna fake.
    liek da person on top of me,
    she seem
    like ‘ oh golly gee thank you!

  • Anonymous

    haha, im 14 too, just got MY exams scores and got all As except my geometry one too