• Anonymous

    Im not too into any of them

  • Anonymous

    i wish keke would date nickj

  • Anonymous



    i like victoria justice she is really pretty and is a good actress

  • ash

    whooooooooooooo go canada robbie amell is canadian and HOT!!!!

    i really like keke its about time she gets some shine she’s been doing her thing for a while.

    victoria has such a bubbly personality. i like her.

  • Alexandra

    omg!! i cant wait to watch this episode!!! when will it be on? <333333333333

  • lkjhldf

    bahah maybe keke should have said “like” a little bit MORE while she was talking. ;P

    ahaha but, no they seem like fun people :)

  • JO

    Keke and Victoria are so pretty!!

  • rachhhh:D

    victoria justice is really pretty

    im jealous :)

  • first