Bleached blond Taylor Momsen filming Gossip Girl in NYC, Friday. Fame. 7+

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks okay on her. I think it would look better in the pictures if she wasn’t wearing those stupid sunglasses.

  • remy

    omg wow
    love her
    but no
    not her hair

  • axel

    i love the new look on her its really pretty

  • naee

    Yeahh we already knew that a longg time ago..

    And who, I always forget that Taylor is 15.. hm..

  • sara

    close up it looks kinda weird.
    but like from farther away i tlooks

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    who is she?

  • maddie

    she looks like a 50-year-old woman!

  • Anonymous

    what has this girl done?!
    I don’t know why someone would want to do this on purpose.
    Her hair looked perfect when it was long and more natural… and as brunette but this/ no.

  • kayla

    ugh i swear to god.

    her hair will fall out by the time shes 18



  • ROTK1


  • Emi

    What did she do to her hair? I don’t like it at all!

  • Anonymous

    uglier version of julianne hough from dwts. oh and she also kinda reminds me of lady gaga. hahaha

  • Anonymous

    There is not one good comment on here, leave her the fuck alone.
    I love her hair, I personally find it amazing.
    Don’t be jealous because she rocks whatever she wears, and hahaha you on the other hand.
    While your all ugly chubby chodes that obsess over celebritys, go eat some ‘jonas’ lard cookies, and shove it.

    Hahaha losers. TEAAAM TAYLOR MOMSEN <33

  • Anonymous

    1st! She kinda looks like lady gaga

    i don’t like it

  • gfd


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she just gets uglier and uglier
    she was sooo cute in spy kids

  • catherine

    Oohh first. I like the style but it’s too bright she should try going brunette

  • Claire

    EWWWW go back to season 1 hair!

  • Olivia

    It looks awesome on her. She can pull it off.

  • Diane

    poop on her

  • Becca

    Looks like a really poorly made wig… the bangs is so ugly…

  • catherine

    ooh first. I like the style, but not the colour. She should try going darker.. brunette maybe?

  • miley

    she’s so so pretty
    i love her

  • Jazmine

    looks good on her.

  • emmie

    she looks much older
    i mean like i thought she was in her 30s for a sec.
    i liked her hair better before.

  • http://oceanup.com Diane

    poop on her

  • NIAMH.

    what the fuck has she done to it?
    she looked so pretty with normal blonde hair
    oh dear, -___-

  • ewwww.

    Im sorry, but she looks really weird. she looks like an old granny. wtf.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Steph

    It fits her

  • Anonymous

    come on man, get rid of the hideous bangs, ugh!

  • http://JRR Jennifer

    Bleached Blonde? More like Bleached WHITE. She’s cool though.

  • mel

    Ew, she’s gross now. I used to love her on the first Gossip Girl episodes.

  • marie

    wow, no no.i like her old hair better

  • tonya.

    her hair will eventually fall out,
    it looks horrible..

  • Anonymous

    the bangs are a no. but the colour looks kinda cute on her.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t like it

  • jess

    i think she looks like lady ga ga aswell.

    she pulls it off… although i prefer her natural colour

  • vicki

    omg, i love it.

  • Anonymous

    she’s gross now.

  • katie

    its okeyy…kinda drastic though

  • Anonymous

    can no one spell color? theres no u in it.

  • ashanty

    she looks so pretty!!!!
    her and dakota a good example of talent combined with style and both are pretty!!

  • chey

    i love it:)

  • Ti-Elle

    it looks like shit

  • Anonymous

    She was Cindy Lou in The Grinch

  • Anonymous

    No Tay, :(

  • Anonymous

    she wasn’t in spy kids. she was in the grinch though.

  • Anonymous

    no. just no.

  • Lisa Lisa

    She looks like a grandma in the first pic! White hair, pearl earring, the beige collar of the dress…the only exception is the leather jacket, trade it for a wrap and she’s a grandma! Bleh, terrible choice Taylor, your hair looks like a wig now (I hope that’s a wig).

  • blah blah

    she was actually in the 2nd one she was the president’s
    daughter…she got stuck in that big juggling ride

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    she looks even hideous now. i can see why she’s so famous :)

  • Quyen

    she looks old in the close pictures, but looks okay far away.

  • Melissa C

    i freakin love her style

  • Anonymous

    I actually like it.

  • Anonymous

    ok, lady gaga…i like taylor though, i never really thought she was a good actress, but in the 2nd season she’s really come a long way

  • Anonymous

    she should realise that if she doesn’t stop fucking around with the colour, her hair is going to fall out. she looked so much better season 1, just really natural and pretty; now she looks like a dirty tramp.

    i feel sorry for whoever her hairstylist is for having do create such a shit look.

  • bridget

    i love that color on her!
    she looks like christina aguilera a bit now.

  • ^_^

    uh… No. I dont “like” it.

  • ^_^

    OMG it does remind me of Lady GaGa!
    All she needs is a dang Bow!

  • ash duhhhh

    yeah im from new york uptown though its kool we like it lol shes oing for that fashion edge style she be chilin in Soho

  • olivia

    her hair looked FRIED! yikes!

    does anyone else think her hair would look better darker? like a reddish brown?

  • eva

    i think she looks so adorable! i just always like her clothes, except for her shoes this time. love her so much’.

  • thais

    1st! She kinda looks like lady gaga

    i don’t like it
    ahgahahaha i thought it was lady gaga!

  • Anonymous

    love her outfit

  • monika

    she’s my age but seirously she looks way older & now after dieying her hair, she looks like a milf :)

  • Tyreena

    Why is everyone going blonde all of a sudden?

  • davedays rox

    Well I was thinking how her hair was really ugly but now she has a new hairstyle and it still is ugly! I don’t thnk it’s the colo that bothers me as much as how it’s cut and how it looks on her. Ewww! Sorry lol.

  • aa

    it looks fried, she need to go back to platinum or her natural beige blonde, white blonde is too eckky for her. she looks gross in brown.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe this girl is 15. She looks about 25.
    Pretty girl, though.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck has she done to her self?

    she should go darker she looks like a gran with the white hai so ugly

  • Chelsea

    WOW! her hair is SO kick ass! i love it!

  • lolly

    love tay

  • Anonymous

    in the 2nd pic she looks like an old lady.

  • Anonymous

    her hair is lighter than her teeth!

  • Anonymous

    that’s not blonde that looks white..
    she looks like an old lady in the close up pics..