Emma Watson LIVE Cover Girl

Emma Watson scans from Live. Daily Mail excerpts: ‘I wasn’t one of those girls who always dreamed of being an actress. I went to a normal school and then these film auditioners turned up when I was nine. Then I just fell into this whirlwind.  I had lots of times when I thought:

‘Woah, woah, hang on, I’m not completely sure about this. I didn’t come from a background of films. I didn’t even really ever watch films. The fact is, my parents weren’t into that stuff, and neither was I.’

On dating: ‘I’ve had the same group of friends since junior school and it has saved me. People I’ve dated have been friends of friends. I’d be unlikely to go out with anyone famous. I just wouldn’t.‘ On acting: ‘There was always uncertainty about me having a future in acting at all.

It wasn’t like this was something I thought of as my future. After Hermione, I didn’t know whether there was anything else. You don’t know if you can exist outside of that or whether you even want that, because it was something you never really pursued in the first place.’ Credit: Emma-Watson.

  • Anonymous

    emma is gorgeous and amazing

  • beee

    just because she didn’t want it in the first place
    doesn’t mean shes prbly not grateful that
    she has so much money and all her sucsess.
    i mean some people just get discovered
    and sometimes thats not REALLY their dream
    but they have a hidden talent. she doesn’t
    NEED millions like miley or jonas brothers
    while they are off spending money on tons of
    clothes and new shoes and being under the
    radar and drama, emma is just hanging out with
    her friends, going to school and being NORMAL.
    and shes a REAL person we should look up too

  • Natasha

    Love her! she looks amazing!

  • Kim

    She looks so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv that 1st pic.

  • Saaaami


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hot and first

  • Anonymous

    what’s annoying is she didn’t even want it. there are millions of girls who would kill to be a successful actress.

  • Anonymous

    love her

  • Zuwee

    The male in the last pic is delish! Emma looks gorgeous as usual though!

  • HarryPotter4Life

    LOVE HER!! She is so pretty!!! I am sooo glad that she is Hermione! I can’t picture anyone else for the role!! Plus Emma is very smart and so down to earth!! Cabt wait to see her in Half-Blood Prince.

  • Anonymous

    ugly ass beyotch, who the hell does she think she is showing off her “Goods” when she has none?

  • Jane

    she makes me so jealous! she’s beautiful! and the guy in the last pic is smokin’

  • Anonymous

    she did want the role, she just never dreamed of being an actress before the role came along. watch the interview when shes on regis and kelly…she explains how it happen


  • kristy

    She is beautiful. She seems like a genuinely wonderful person. I’m glad there are some celebrities that girls can look up to.

  • Anonymous

    the last pic is my fav. i love the outfit
    emma watson has become a young actress that girls can look up to and thats really rare to come by now a days. she seems like a geniune person! i would love to meet her

  • Anonymous

    Emma Watson should have been bella.

  • Samrah.

    she’s amazing!