Emma Watson COZY With Alex Pettyfer

Emma Watson got cozy with Stormbreaker star Alex Pettyfer at the BAFTAs
on Sunday night. According to The London Paper, Emma spent the evening amongst British boy actors at the Soho House Grey Goose after-party at the Grosvenor House Hotel.

The insider revealed:

‘Emma was mingling and chatting to friends, but there was a constant stream of guys swamping her as she moved between the 15 party suites. First, with Robert Pattinson, then she was cornered by Keira Knightley’s ex, Jamie Dornan, before her attentions were taken by Nicholas Hoult.

She enjoyed the attention, but deflected all their advances and headed off
early. Emma was finally spotted getting very cozy with Alex Pettyfer at media mogul Weinstein’s after-after party at the Double Club in Angel. After dancing for a bit, they sat away from their pals to swap numbers and seemed keen to get to know each other a little better. They were still animatedly chatting at 4 AM.’

  • momo


  • chidera ota

    yes yes make us all jelous lol

  • jenn

    i love her because she is beautiful but cute at the same time.
    shes so clever! but doesnt show off about it all the time.
    she always is classy.

  • erica

    whoa she’s got success

  • ariadne

    OOOOO: robert!! omg! lucky girl .. she knows how to seduce … XDD LOL come on RPATZZ wannted her.. at least that night xdddd

  • dancerocks217

    awh..she’s awesome!
    i think she’s pretty too!
    i wouldn’t be surprised if they got together.
    but i’m not jumping to conclusions

  • Jane

    i love emma…they would be cute together

  • :]

    Alex Pettyfer + Emma Watsom = probably the most attractive couple ever. Haha just saying.

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  • Kat

    wooohooo ?

  • Diana

    I really like this girl, she is amazing and looks amazing always

  • anonymous

    Em is so lucky! Too bad for Joe

  • =]

    nooooo what happenedd to her boyfriend from australiaa!!!!
    i know where he lives!! haha

  • Anonymous

    nicholas hoult. lol, hes cute.
    alex is really cute too.
    lucky girl

  • Chloe

    that guy is really hot alex pettyfer. i looked him up hahaha hes soooo hot!

  • Anonymous

    omg first

  • holly

    i love her :)
    she is so pretty

  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeous i would totally be like all those guys

  • mel

    Alex Pettyfer hot! :)

  • anna

    you guys are unbelievable. rpatz wasn’t seducing her (or vice versa). they were friends, remember? they’ve known each other since like, 2004.

    but OMGGGG. i’d die to see a pic of emma & alex together. that photo will be full of hotness.

  • ME

    GO EMMA!!!

  • Anonymous

    you do know that robert and emma went out after harry potter for a bit right…. although she sucks at acting, she has style and she’s pretty… she should model instead