Danielle Panabaker FRIDAY THE 13TH

Danielle Panabaker looked sleek and sexy in blue the Mann’s Chinese Theater premiere of her Friday The 13th in Hollywood. Photos: Fame. +5 under the cut!

  • Anonymous

    i think she’d be a great vampire in the rest of the twilight series.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not black, it’s like dark red

  • Jane

    pretty girl, but bad makeup and hair

  • Anonymous

    she use to be so pretty maybe its the lipstick and that powder on her face, looking like a geisha, btw memoirs of a geisha is my movie!!!

  • Me

    “Oh well, maybe it was supposed to be like that for Friday the 13th…”
    LOL i agree

  • Cristina

    I want to see pics of her Friday the 13th costar Jared Padelecki!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Alyson


  • Anonymous

    uh w/e shes pretty and all but where jared padalecki the hot guy in the movie that makes me sad about not seeing him

  • anon

    her eyes are scaary..

  • b

    when did she get so nasty looking?

  • Anonymous

    holy fuck, get a tan

  • Anonymous

    yikes!! tht looks bad

    her lipstick is blindning.. whoever did her makeup should be sued.. !!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a elf/goblin

  • ash

    its comments like these that make a girl feel self conscious.

    you wonder why so many young girls struggle with self esteem? because people like you are so quick to tear someone down based on appearence.

    i mean the comment “HOLY FUCK GET A TAN” was a little crude. so the girl is pale. leave her alone. maybe she’s okay with her pale skin. maybe she likes it.

    and the whole “when did she get so nasty looking?” comment was also rude as hell.

    dont judge anyone because you cant make anyone. unless you’re god and you have the power to change someone’s appearance. i suggest you look in the mirror.

    you damn 14 year olds are so freaking vicious. thank god im out of highschool.

  • Beatriz

    black toes, red nail?!?! uh wtf?

  • Dumm Blonnd

    Wtf is with the lipstick?!?
    Oh well, maybe it was supposed to be like that for Friday the 13th…

  • NIAMH.

    gross haha she is so ugly
    i remember her when she was in that disney movie like a million years ago, she is still ugly with awful makeup.

  • Anonymous

    her eyes just look scary
    her lashes look like they’re pulling at her eyes
    i dont know how to explain it

  • Anonymous

    whats happened to her ?!

    she loooks like shes 40.

    so different !

  • Anonymous

    lemme guess… u must be ugly too ash

  • kelsey

    omg i wanna see Friday the 13th!!!
    it looks sooo scary! :)
    is she in the movie?
    i know that cute jared guy is in it

  • Anonymous