David Lambert AARON STONE Secret

David Lambert from the new Disney XD series Aaron Stone talks to Popstar!

  • Nicole

    he’s pretty cute :)
    and he looks like adam lambert from American Idol.
    Adam is like my favorite!!!
    I want him to win!
    and i wass watch disney xd
    does anyone know what channel that is???

  • LaurenBaybee[x

    first yoo,
    hes sexy:)

  • Kayla

    He kinda reminds me of Cody Linely…

  • Cassi

    thirdddd…i think
    he seems really sweet.
    i like him i might actually watch aaron stone now.

  • anonymous

    wait does this david lambert guy have a brother named adam lambert? (adam is one of the best contestant on american idol season 8 [current season] and super good looking, that’s why i notice him alot lol) because david kinda looks like adam alot and have same last names.

  • Anonymous

    WHO ?

  • Anonymous

    dude… he’s my boyfriend. be jealous ;)

  • Anonymous


  • jeeyan

    Oh, god! I only watch the show because of him!!! He is sooo cute!!! Cuter than anyone!Don’t blame me cuz i’m just commenting….

  • Erin

    David Lambert is the only reason why I watch ‘Aaron
    Stone’. He is actually a good actor. He’s pretty cute

  • Anonymous

    dude… this is my best friend… no joke. I love david lambert. and no. he isnt related to adam lambert on idol.

    love you david :)

  • Estefi

    -David Lambert is the only reason why I watch ‘Aaron
    Stone’.- me too xD

  • anix

    ooooooooo he iss sooooooo hot i have a crush on him..
    you know i onli watch the show becaouse of him i yell when i watch him haha

  • Anonymous

    Bitch this is my 2nd cousin… be jealous :)

  • Anonymous

    bitches, this is my girls 2nd cousin!
    HOLLA, guh :)
    love you david <3

  • anon

    is this adam lamberts little brother?

  • Anonymous

    dudee, this kid is my sisters friend.. be jealous(:
    haha jk. but he really is. and she went to camp with
    him and he went to her acting studio and all that junk(:
    hes pretty cooool.

  • afton

    he is tooooooo cute! i’m only watching the show for his sexiness :)

  • Anonymous

    Aaron Stone premieres on Friday. I saw the pre-air episode of iTunes, but I don’t know if it’s still there. I didn’t see it a few days ago. Cool show, definitely.

  • natalie

    who is he?? hes cute haha…and i was wondering the same thing about adam lambert

  • alice

    i love david lambert! hes so CUTE.. hes the only freaking reason that i watch Aaron Stone.. ha ha.. but i just love him.. hes the BEST.. david.. i love you.. XD

  • Anonymous

    What Disney XD?

  • DUTCHAnonymous


  • Iris

    David Lambert is really very cute. I love his lips ,smile and specially his eyes . That’s are awesome .

  • WhitneylovesDavid

    just started watching aaron stone and im in LOVE with david lambert x) hes sooo fitt

  • Estefi

    yo piensoo qe es muy lindoo! y habla español! :D

    i?u Daviid! :D

  • Kopal

    I luv him more than my life but trust me,anyone can’t understand that.

  • Anonymous

    David is very Cool. He is very beautifull. I love his very much!!!! David Lambert is the only reason why I watch ‘Aaron