Demi Lovato Describes Sonny Costars

Demi Lovato describes her Sonny With A Chance costars.

  • Anonymous

    i love demi, she looks cute in this video, but she doesnt look cute in her show… lol..

  • makemebad35

    My opinion on this show is that its awesome. Its really annoying seeing some of you make fun of Demi. There has only been 3 episodes!
    My baby cousin loves this show. Shes 5 but still it makes her pee herself atleast. If she saw these comments she probably couldnt get over it, soooooo OMG HATERZZZ!

  • stace

    Love Demi, and to everyone else; some comments are just opinions, nothing meant to hurt. Everyone is entitled to one, you don’t have to be a ‘hater’. But some comments are also inappropriate, and are uncalled for. People just need to be considerate of the other person’s feelings…sorry, just needed to say this.

    Love you Demi

  • Anonymous

    that little weird freak girl on her show is soo annoying.

  • Tiffani

    Awe I love Demi! :D
    That little speech she said for Tiffany was so sweet!

  • evelyn

    have you ever noticed that YOU are the fugly one? sterling knight is so fucking hot!

  • Anonymous

    She must have really good control over her emotions regarding boys. She can resist Joe Jonas’s charm and Sterling Knight’s hotness without even trying.

    thats cus demi like emo/scene guys haha thats why shes not attracted to those and joe started dressing like that for a while but demi didnt care poor him…NOT! haha yay for demi joe sucks!

    This is all to you haters that make comments go way out of line. Screw you haters. Praise the lovers.
    You haters can go burn in hell for all we care

  • Anonymous


    we get it demi

  • Anonymous

    shes going for the miley hair doo.
    _ _ _

    demi nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the “heartthrob” dude is so fug, they could’ve at least found someone attractive.

  • talkwithyourhipsx3

    Love her!!
    Demi soo pretty.

  • laurennnnn :)

    aww the stuff she said about tiffany was soooo sweet!!
    demi is sooo sweet and nice!!
    lol and she’s so cute too!
    btw did anybody notice how amazingly soft and shiny her hair is?

  • Anonymous

    I love demi she is my rolemodel but on sonny with a chance
    her character is so fake
    you can see right through it
    like demi in real life isnt like
    all peppy and stuff, it was just weird to watch
    the show wasnt good either and the little girl
    zora is scary/ and has an annoying voice


  • Anonymous

    this show is soooo painful. i saw the fourth episode yesterday before disney took it down and it was just… x.x

  • Anonymous

    shes going for the miley hair doo.

  • <3

    love herrrrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    new post please

  • heather

    those are some of the lamest fakest sentnces ive evr heard they all consisted of relly really sweet and awesome was thrown in there as well. BORIIIING!!

  • Anoymous

    She must have really good control over her emotions regarding boys. She can resist Joe Jonas’s charm and Sterling Knight’s hotness without even trying.

  • Lilly

    I just saw the two first eps. of Sonny today and I really liked them alot! Other than Hannah Disney’s shows are pretty lackluster but I thought this one was both funny, and cute. It wasn’t knock-down-drag-out halarious but I laughed both eps. Demi was very sweet and she didn’t seem fake to me it seemed like that was really her personality!

  • love demi

    I LOVE DEMI (:
    pshh & miley
    &&& taylor :D

  • Anonymous

    I saw this on JustJaredJr like hours ago… you’re late oceanup!

    Demi Rocks, though :] I lovee herrr.

  • Anonymous

    she says really a lot

  • anna

    Demi has an amazing voice, and is incredibly talented, but this show isn’t. The concept is great, but the writing could use a little improvement, like mentioned before, the characters are way over exaggerated, its hard to relate to them (personality wise), that’s what gets people in; also; the comedy needs some improvement. This is just my opinion on the show.