Fred On iCarly February 16

  • Libby


  • alexis

    i like fred but i have a huge crush on lucus he is cute

  • Anonymous

    shut uppp

  • Anonymous

    I’m scared to say “first”…
    There are no comments though sooo…

    Use an empty coffee can?
    I like Lucas better than Fred…

  • Anonymous

    What is sooo great about Fred?
    He is annoying.

  • stalker..


  • heather

    lol to the person who said they were gonna be first but they didn’t want to say it and now ur first:)

    but in his vids fred talks about his mom being a ho and going to rehab and little kids watch Carly soo..o well.

    and oceanup post the new rihanna/chris info

    for any1 who doesn’t know shes left the hospital and there are pics but they haven’t been leaked (i have no idea how she hsan’t been seen yet-good 4 her)

    there were bite marks on her arm and bruises on her face and chris was choking her and apparently she pased out

  • Anonymous

    OMG!! he looks just like me brother! hahaa i love Fred! he’s amazing!! i usually dont watch icarly or Nick. but im totally gona watch it on monday haha

  • Anonymous

    wow this random kid is getting a good deal out of making stupid/funny YouTube videos.

    Good for him, haha. If you got it, go with it!

  • Anonymous


  • sexybitch123

    OMG I LOVE thatt kidd.
    hess myy idoll

    jkkk. hes realllyy funny though
    lmffaaoo “usee a coffee cann”


  • melissa

    that kid is funny..haha

  • Anonymous

    i agree.