Full figured beauty Raven-Symone flashed a cool ‘No Paparazzi‘ shirt at Bondi Blonde’s Style Mansion Event in Beverly Hills, Monday. Photos: Fame. +2 under!

  • Anonymous

    ravennnnnnnnnnn baxter

  • Anonymous

    this top is soooooo cool she looks goooooooooood

  • Anonymous

    She looks HOT!!!

  • erin h

    raven why would u wear a shirt that says no paparazzzi? i mean ur jst so beautiful…. so why wouldnt u want ur picture taken?
    if i wer u i would expose myself as much as possible,
    raven + erin 4ever

  • momo


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • heather

    y would she wear a shirt saying no paparazzi on the red carpet?
    and to the ppl saying ‘shes not famous y would paps follow her around’

    well 95% of ppl dont get stalked by paparazzi but they still wear clothes like that

    and miley looked AMAZING at the grammys

  • Anonymous

    can you say has been?? of course there’s no paparazzi for you raven

  • Anonymous

    haha shut up!
    the shirt was most likely made for regular people, not celebrities.
    why is it any different if she’s the one wearing it.
    at least people know who she is.

  • yuck

    She looks so bad its not even funny. Worse than Miley at the Grammys.

  • Lacy

    i think she looks pretty!!!
    i want the shirt too lol

    Lacy Anne

  • Anonymous

    eww is it true shes a lesbo?? (shes really ugly w/ tht afro) lol

  • jess

    what happened to her!!!
    i still think shes GORGEOUS
    just needs to fix that hair

  • sarah

    We only liked you on “that’s so raven”

  • Anonymous

    Shes such a BBB and an ugly one at that.

  • Marcela

    shes extremely ugly.

  • Anonymous

    awww i feel sorry for her! she dosnt look that bad! she looks bad! but not that bad! and miley looked GREAT at the grammys! lol!

  • Anonymous

    i feel bad for her!

  • Anonymous

    i used to think she was gorgeous.

  • Jane

    she’s got a pretty face, but her weight is up and down. i don’t mind full figured and curvy, but i’m not a fan of overweight!

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers Shania

    She needs to fix that hair.

  • Steph

    Sorry Raven, but I don’t think any paparazzi are following you around trying to get your picture.

  • Rei

    She’s really pretty when she actually puts forth the effort. I think she has pretty features, but her style is a hot mess.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone leave her alone.

    She never did anything to you, and shes not “ugly”.

    One can only be ugly on the inside. I think shes beautiful on the inside and outside.

    Shes a normal person, anyone who says otherwise…stop acting immature.

  • Anonymous

    2003 vs. 2009

    Back then she was in TCG, now…

    Adriennes a porn star in training, and Raven is…not so famous.

    I think TCG was only good with the 4 of them together, even if I didn’t really like them that much at all.

  • Anonymous


  • sss

    ok, she’s not ugly, but she’s definently not pretty

  • jat

    hey! Whats up?

  • Anonymous

    her mouth reminds me of a clown

  • YEAHHH !!!

    her eyebrows look funny.
    she’s not an ugly person or anything.. her eyebrows
    just look funny.

  • Anonymous

    she looks so good!

  • Tamera

    she has a bad shape she needs to lose weight and get a stylist and do sum wit her hair

  • paulina

    what happened to her ??

  • PTB

    I think she is awesome :D

  • Sam

    i love raven, but i gotta admit she looks like a
    train wreck :|

  • cathy

    she isnt ugly she just needs a stylist.. if she has one then her stylist must hate her for putting her in this.. hey Raven if you read this i can be your new stylist call me…

  • Anonymous

    ugly thing

  • allie

    i do love her.

    just fix the hair..
    and clothes?

    but she IS beautiful!

  • cookiemonster

    She isn’t ugly but I think her style is kind of ugly in my opinion. But since when do the paps follow her around?

  • mojo

    The definition of a hypocrite is having the attitude of “no papparazi” but then wanting your picture out there when it helps promote your latest song or movie.

    Maybe if she was more open to paparazzi her name would be out there more and she wouldn’t be as much of a nobody.

    The job of paparazzi is to provide photographs and information of noteworthy people for the public record and for those interested in them. For those people interested in you, Raven; fans and potential fans, people willing to give their money for your products.

    Instead of dissing the paparazzi and media, celebrities should embrace it.

  • cookiemonster

    I am in no way making fun of her weight but when you are a bigger build you are not supposed to wear sheer leggings…its like common sense…

  • Anonymous

    her hair looks kind of…….

    i think that’s the word for it.

  • Kai

    1. Why must everyone bring Miley into this? The post is about RAVEN not Miley. Sheesh. Who gives a fuck how she looked at the Grammy’s?

    2. Why did oceanUP have to say ‘full-figured’? It’s just one physical feature. It’s not even worth pointing out.

    3. Raven is beautiful and I agree with the person who said “One can only be ugly on the inside”. There’s really no standard look that we can call pretty. There are a bunch of different looks.

    4. Her style is BOLD. She’s being different. The world needs a little bit of creativity. Maybe it’s not the best look for her but she’s brave for mixing up the boring little fashion-y world.

  • Anonymous

    wow how can everyone be so low. it seems like being “full figured” is the worst thing ever. how are teenagers, like myself, supposed to feel about ourselves. i swear, who gives a fuck if she is thin or big! she is still a super nice person with FEELINGS. whoever has sat here and called her ugly and fat really has no life.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like she got a breast reduction

  • ****

    raven is soo pretty
    love her

  • xxJadexx

    Thats freakin MESSED UP!! I LOVE RAVEN!! I have met her a few times and took pictures with her. I have proof. And she is SO NICE!! Totally genuine, shes not one of those fake/rude celebrities!! So you guys can just shut up. She is a great actress, singer, and actually has talent!! So stop hating on her. OK, its SO MESSED UP that you guys are so shallow to start talking trash on her that shes “overweight”. I think that she looks fine, and shows that not everybody has to be ANOREXIC, and thin to be famous. I would hate it if somebody made fun of me if i was overweight. You would too. So stop she does NOT deserve to be treated like that. At least she has the confidence to be comfortable with herself, and ignore all of the negative things you jerks are saying about her. Get a life, and stop being rude. Jerks…

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha not that the paparazzi would want to follow her anyway
    she’s not really famous anymore,
    they crave attention from miley and the jonas brother’s now
    and occasionally selena
    i dont think ive ever seen paparazzi shots of demi?

  • camille

    ain’t nobody even wanna take no pictures of you. =)

  • Yeah

    I don’t know what she’s trying to pull here.
    It’s not like the paparazzi takes pictures of her anyway.

  • Anonymous

    That’s sooooo true.
    There’s a whole bunch of shirts with similar quotes you can find at regular stores.

  • Anonymous

    shes not even that famous. nobody cares about her. bahahaha! somebody needs to wake up from THAT dream.

  • Gossip Girl

    Lose some of the ell bee’s girl.

    Gossip Girl

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s pretty,
    but that fro needs to go.

    wooooohoo I’m a poet!

  • Anonymousss

    I love her show.
    Thats so Raven, it was mad funny.
    But she is ugly now